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April 25, 2012


Enna Isilee

Of course Q would win! That girl is a GENIUS. And my favorite is the Spain EB, too. That's why I just had to track one down! One of these days I'm gonna have to head to Korea, China, and Japan so I can grab all those other editions. I'm addicted!!

This was such a great contest idea!


WHOA! I did not expect that! :D


:D I did, congratulations, Q! See, I checked after I posted my answer, and saw that you were the first person with the exact same one as mine. And I became pretty confident in my answers, the more I thought about them (and after checking amazon's UK site, later).

Anyway, congratulations winners, and thanks for the contest, Shannon! I'm excited I was so close, I'm eagerly awaiting this next contest. It's going on my calendar with an alarm. :D


Congrats, lucky winners!! :) And sweet skills, Q. Man, I'm impressed.


The Korean Forest Born cover is very pretty and purpley. :)


I love the Spanish Enna Burning. . .makes me wish I spoke Spanish so I'd have an excuse to buy it :) Congrats to those who won!


I love the Korean Forest Born.

Ashley R.

So next Tuesday, right?


谢谢 Shannon!That's thanks in Mandarin/Chinese. :D Congratulations to the winners! And I'm happy; I think I got them all right!

(p.s. I never doubted that you listen, though, just for the record!)


Aw - I'm disappointed that we seem to be saying goodbye to painted covers, because that's one of the reasons I fell in love with Princess Academy in the first place.

Lousiana Kid

I can't wait to see the goose girl covers. I bet they are beautiful.

Lee Jee young

I'm so happy that I can see my favorite author's Korean covers in her blog!
That's because I'm a Korean, tee hee:)


Oh, I missed the contest! Must check Tuesday! How totally fun!

Makes me wish I still lived in Germany, so I could collect all the Shannon Hale books in German, as I have with the Harry Potters. (Well, except the last one, which came out after we left.)

Rachel F.

Ha ha. Thanks for taking students in mind. We are the future of America, after all! :)


The Korean Forest Born is gorgeous!

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