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April 16, 2012


Celeste Lim

ENGLISH-UK HARCOVER!!! But sadly I can only find the paperback one (but my school library has the hardcover one! Swear I just want to steal it, but I won't because who am I to deny more people from going into the fantasy world that is Shannon Hale's bks!!) The german one is not bad too.


I really like the simplicity of the green UK version, but the Korean one might be my favorite! And I love how metaphysical the Israeli one is.


I'm a sucker for the German one too. Love the Korean, and I think I do prefer the English hardcover!! Never seen it before actually. What's the Norwegian one like?? :P


I really like all the covers! I like seeing the different aspects of the story the publisher wanted to focus on in the cover, and I think they all did a good job portraying what the story was about.


I love the German one. The name also translates into almost the exact same title (I can't be 1000^% sure, but I am like 99.99% sure, so...)

Ashley R.

These are so cool! It took me a moment to figure out which book these covers were for. Hebrew, Korean, and German were my favorites. :)

Enna isilee

I love ALL of them! I've GOT to get my hands on that Korean one! And the Japanese one!


i love the Hebrew one, but I think that that's just because I live in Israel.


I would love a copy of all of them! I love how the countries have their culture in each cover.

Stacy Whitman

I love the Korean one, too! If I'm reading it right, it say "Princess's Thousand Day Book." If I ever make it to Korea tgis year or next (which is my plan), I have to find these!

Rebecca F.

I really like the Korean cover... but I'm also partial to the Hebrew one because thats the one I won at the Midnight in Austenland launch party.


As another Israeli fan, I'm also going to have to go with the Hebrew one. I've never seen any of your books translated except for Princess Academy, though, so I think a trip to the bookstore to see it for myself should be in order.

Connie Onnie

I seem to always love the UK version of books, next time I go I will have to buy books.

Julie Daines

As you know, this is my favorite of your books. I can't decide between the Korean and the German. The German one is so beautiful... I might just have to buy one for my collection.

Alysa (Ruby Diamond)

i love the german one, too!

Linda W

Wow. The German cover is very striking.


I can't wait to see some of the Goose Girl covers. I read The Goose Girl 6 years ago in 5th grade, & got completely caught up in it. It was the first of your books I read, & even though I've read your other books sense then & loved them, it's still my favorite S.H. book. It's one of those books I just have to get out every few months & read again.


Love the German one most, then Hebrew; Korean is good too.
Don't really like either UK cover--sorry.
Disappointed that the Japanese title translates as "The Two Princesses"


My favourites are the Korean cover and the UK hardcover. So beautiful. Though, I definitely love the cover on my copy the best :D

Miss Erin

The UK paperback and the Hebrew are my favorites....but honestly my favorite is the US.


Oh. That German cover is just so pretty. It makes me wish I'd taken German in school instead of French.

Kat Fisher

The German cover is absolutely gorgeous!


I really like the German one!


I love the German one so much... although part of that may be that I know German well. UK's is nice, but too fancy and nicey-nice for the story. More looks like a princess diaries sort of thing. Hebrew is so cool


The German cover is my favorite. The Spanish one is good too, though it seems a little too European. So does the Korean. The Hebrew one is eye catching and would make me wonder what the book was about, if I hadn't read it. And both of the UK ones are great. The Japanese one is pretty, though I do wonder if the artist read the book....


I personally like the German and English UK ones, they r my favs!


German is pretty! I actually found a copy of the hardcover British version in a local used bookstore and got ridiculously excited. And bought it, naturally. :)


I love the Japanese one.


The German one is pretty but her haircut is too modern...

I like the Korean one the most. Well, tbh, I like the American cover best :)))

Most of them just seemed to whitewash the characters :(


Hebrew! But the UK hardcover, German, and American are also very nice.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Man, I love that German one. The expression on her face matches what I picture her looking and feeling like. I also think that the Korean one is beautiful... very fairy tale-esque. I also like the Hebrew, although it is a little too modern for the story, I think. Both the UK ones are unique and lovely, in their own way. I think I like the paperback, because of the focus on the tower, though both have beautiful elements in them. Love these posts!


The photo illustration on "Das Buch" is das vinner in my book. Simply schon!

It must be an incredibly indescribable kind of feeling to know that your story is impacting people all over the globe. Seriously Shannon, how do you relax enough to fall asleep at night? Really, you should be giddy knowing that your thoughts and stories and themes are all over out there! :) What a wonderful world. (Imagine Louis singing that...)

Have you read the book "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller? (And no I don't expect you to answer that, obviously--I just like to pretend that you're actually reading my comments.)

I'm loving Mr. Miller's references to creating "the story" in writing, and becoming a great character in our real lives by choosing to be strong protagonists in the story that is life.

If you haven't read the aforementioned AMMiaTY, you'd slurp it right up like a slick noodle. I had to use the "editorial" check though. (Sometimes if I'm not into a book within the first chapter, I'll open it up half way through to see if I find merit.)

Boy, howdy, did I?! I couldn't stop reading, and kind of jumped around with the story because I'd already read a third of the book from the middle on before I could tear myself away enough to start back at the beginning. :) Anyway, I think you'd dig Donald Miller's most likable self.

Isn't spring luscious outside here in the Salt Lake valley? Even when it rains, the smell of earthy sidewalk mixed with damp vegetation is lovely and intoxicating.

Hope your W.I.P. is going well. I'm still working on what you recommended at Writing for Charity--to move the story along with plot.

And, I've created a daily log in Excel where I can type in my hours and words per day--just being accountable has been hugely successful for me!

So, thank you for all of your encouragement at the WfC workshop last month. You'll never know what a dream that was for A. and me to hear you say, "Writing is like filling a sand box with sand--you have to have something to make sandcastles out of later." I'm getting the words out! Hooray!


All of the covers are so beautiful and interesting but one thing about all of them has bothered me. I don't see My Lord the cat anywhere! :(


Love the Korean one. I don't get the Hebrew one at all! They're all pretty cool. I own the hardcover UK one, and I think I prefer it. Love the German cover too.


I've never actually read the book (shame on me) but I have to say I love the German and Korean covers.

Burgandy Ice

I love Book of a Thousand Days... this just makes me want it in every language!!!


My mom actually has a copy of the UK hardback. I'm unclear on how we scored that, seeing as we bought it in a bookstore in Utah . . .but, still, I feel really cool knowing there is a copy in my house. :)


I LOVE the Hebrew book cover! It is my favorite out of all of them.

The Korean one is really neat too, and I think it captures the back half of the story nicely.

I like the green English cover. It's seems true to the style, whereas, the blue one seems to be selling a different type of fantasy.

I don't like the German cover. What do people see in this? It wouldn't make me pick it up and read about the story.

I like the Spainish cover, but I don't think it's true to the story.

Japanese-blonde? Pretty though.


Ooh, these are fun! But I still love my good old US hardcover best (the one with the girl holding the book behind her back). I've always loved that one.


Love the Korean one!

Also, totally off the subject, but my daughter LOVES, loves, LOVES Rapunzel's Revenge! She's in first grade and thinks she is pretty hot stuff to be reading a "comic book" (as she calls it). I think she's gone through R.R. twenty times this past week. Sometimes she'll re-read the story, other times she says that she just wants to look at the pictures. When I told her there was another one (Calamity Jack) she got pretty excited.


I love the German one! And, because I'm Italian, I love the Italian one too!! Beautiful covers!


i love foreign languages and that's where i plan to spend my majors in college, (currently in high school). I find this series of posts on the foreign publications fascinating! Thanks so much for sharing! :D

my favorites for BOTD are definitely the first two <3 just beautiful!

Amber Argyle, author

German is by far my favorite.


My favorite is the German one, with the blue UK one as runner-up.

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