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March 15, 2012


Emily's Reading Room

Yay! Can't wait to read it!

Marcus Aurelious


Enna Isilee

YAY! This sounds fabulous! I love everything from Candlewick. :)

Enna Isilee

Oh, and everything from you. :)


Awesome! I can't wait!

Julie Daines

This sounds awesome. Congratulations and I can't wait to read them.


High fiving the internet right now!

Jaya Lakshmi

Is Dean Hale going to do the pictures??

Becky N

AWESOME!! This will totally be right up my daughter's alley. Too bad they aren't out right now - but I'm sure she'll still enjoy reading them in a year or two, anyway! Do you think they'll appeal to boys as well?

Shelly Brown

This sounds wonderful!
I meant to tell you Tuesday that you look super skinny for the mother of one-year-old twins. Hole in the butt or not, you must be working that gym just right!

Alysa (Ruby Diamond)

*gasp* I'm thrilled! Thrilled, thrilled! I've been looking for something good since we read Mercy Watson to death. :) (thanks for that recommendation by the way.)

So... will Nathan Hale illustrate? I imagine if you knew who will illustrate that would be part of the announcement.

Ooh, this is just too good.

Shelly Brown

Hole in the butt was referring to your gym pants...I just realized how strange that might sound so some people...Actually I'm not sure that I cleared much up...I think I'll just log off and pretend I wasn't here...*whistling*


This sounds amazing! I love when you reveal your secret projects!


LOVE IT! Can't wait to see it in print. Congrats Shannon!



Shawna JC Tenney

Sounds amazing!! Sounds like a series I would LOVE to illustrate! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Stephanie Perkins

Sounds fan-taaaaaastic! Congratulations, Shannon & Dean!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

So stoked! And for one glorious minute I thought "Maybe it will be out in a few weeks!" Can't wait to read it!


Hurrah! Can't wait to read them! I'm also super excited to see the illustrations! I'm sure they'll be fabulous!

melissa @ 1lbr

Hoorah for chapter books! These sound so fun.

Erin Shakespear

Congratulations! These will be so so perfect for my wee girl is only 4...in a couple more years they'll be perfect for her!

wendy toliver

Congratulations! What wonderful news.


Hey guys. Can't wait. Can't wait till Princess In Black. Peace dude.


Sweeet! I am so excited.


YAY! It sounds so cool! I can't wait!


You just made the day of me and my friend! Her daughter was born last year, and is named Magnolia.. and their last name is Black. My friend is pretty much THRILLED their will be an upcoming book written just for her daughter! ha ha! She's now anxiously waiting for the release.. good thing we have some time before little Magnolia can read!


I'm a big fan of your books and I got an e-mail from a friend today about your new book coming out. Can't wait to read it, especially because my 14 month old girl is named Magnolia Black! I can't wait to read the book to her when she's a bit older and show her that she can be a princess and fight monsters too!


Hurray hurray, callooh callay! :)


Reminds me of Nathan Hale's princess batman series a while back. Awesome.


Sounds great! I'm sure my girls will love them!


I am so excited!! Just read your new Midnight in Austenland and LOVED it. Not that I was surprised. I just love your writing style. You are truly one of my favorite authors and I recommend your books all. the. time.


YES! I'm excited to hear more from Dean (and you, of course).


Sounds AWESOME!!!!! I adore your work. (And would love to illustrate it!)


Oh, snap! That sounds like so much fun (and much like the girl I imagine myself to be!). Can't wait to read it!! You continue to amaze....


Princess Magnolia sounds quite intriguing indeed. Can't wait to read about her!


Way to be awesome and help the world of intermediate literature along! These will be my go-to birthday gift for little girl readers.

Debbie (Celes)

Oh yay! The world always needs more fun early chapter books (they always sell well at the bookstore I work out). Excited for the new series!


I'm so excited! I can't wait for it to come out >.<

Meredith B.

Perfect! We need your brand of fantasy at this reading level. Can't wait to sell these books to our young customers and their parents. :-)

Ani Brooke

The title immediately reminds me of something Awesome. I cannot wait.


Yahooooooo! Sounds fantastic, Shannon! Hooray!


Sounds absolutely lovely! And even though it's going to take awhile (hopefully not two whole years), it's going to be perfect timing. My daughter is almost six and is just starting to enjoy reading. I'm hoping that in two more years she will be like her brother (age 8 1/2)who is so voraciously reading things like Fablehaven, Eragon and Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites. I love that my kids love to read! And I'm so excited to read your new stuff(because I've enjoyed it all so far).


I am so excited about this! I have twin nieces who will be just about the right age to enjoy these books when they come out. I can't wait to read all about Princess Magnolia with them!

Ashley R.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! Yay, yay, yay. I am so excited. Can't wait for it to come out. Congrats, Shannon! :):):)
Any more news about Palace of Stone? Cover maybe? :):):)

Julianne Donaldson

What a great premise! I'm so excited to read these books, but even more excited for my kids to read them!


Woohoo! I'm so excited for it to come out! I absolutely admire your writings and stories,so I'm super ecstatic for this one to hit the stores. I'm also still counting down the days till Palace of Stone comes out. Can't wait!


Another illustrated novel! How absolutely delightful :)


AAH! Can't wait! Read Book of a Thousand Days a few days ago (my first time reading it), and it was absolutely wonderful! :D

Linda W

I can't wait to read this!


Woohoo! Also reminded me immediately of Nathan Hale's Princess Batman blog posts from a little while back. . . sure hope this is a sign that the writer/illustrator dream team is coming back together!

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