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December 29, 2011


Rin Isilee

Divergent is on my reading list. I just read Matched, and I loved it! Plus, all of yours are always on my list.

Cannot WAIT for Princess Academy sequel or Midnight in Austenland! EEP.

You've probably already read the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices, but on the off chance you haven't...go on. Off you go.

Amber Argyle

I loved Divergent.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is on my "to buy" list, as she writes the same kind of things I do.

I also loved Before I Fall and Delirium by Lauren Oliver.


Loved Divergent, Smoke & Bone and Anna & The French Kiss and I know how happy it will make Stephanie that you listed her book because I know she loves yours! I am so excited to get my copy of Midnight in Austenland! Thanks again for hosting the twitter contest!


I always get great ideas from your year-end lists. This was my year of reading a bunch of books I'd been putting off for awhile, especially middle grade series (didn't plan it, just happened that way--loved "Mysterious Benedict Society," Percy Jackson, and Blue Balliott's series that starts with "Chasing Vermeer"). The one new book I really loved was the year's Newbery winner, "Moon Over Manifest." Love and write historical fiction, but this was even better than I anticipated. Totally deserved the medal, and I hope she gets another book out soon.

Liesl Shurtliff

I've ready many of these, but will add more to my list! I'd like to try Holly Black's White Cat series. And David Sedaris makes me laugh so hard I cry, especially the Santa Land Diaries. I listen to them every Christmas.

Emily Clawson

Thanks for so many great suggestions! I read ROOM this year, too (not audio) and I didn't sleep that night. I have to agree that she does an amazing job of pulling off such a difficult concept and POV character. Great!


Excellent list! Have you seen the movie version of The Thin Man? So good in its own right!

Ashley R.

I loved Matched!!!!!! And was extremelly pleased and honored to meet Ally, she is so cool.
If you haven't read The Alliance by Gerald N. Lund, you need to. It is so good!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for this list. Have a Happy New Year, and hope your Christmas was wonderful and non-stressful. :)

Mary-Sweet Bookshelf

Anna and the French Kiss by STephanie Perkins if probably my very favorite YA contemporary EVER. It is SOOO good!!!!

I also loved Divergent and Matched! Both amazing dystopians!

Not to mention how much I love Princess Academy and Midnight in Austenland! Superb! I can't wait to talk about MIA when it comes out!


I have Icafall (Christmas Present) but i still need to read it...I'm glad you like it

jen bryner in logan

i just added all the ones i haven't read yet to my nook book wish list!! thanks for the suggestions :) i <3 reading!!

Kelly C.

Thank you! It's not as if I need more for my long, long reading list but these sound so good I'll put them at the top!

Fleur Swenson

Any time someone asks me for a book recommendation I always tell them "anything by Shannon Hale". True story. So I wasn't surprised to see a couple of your books make the list of "2011 great reads". I figured you were just telling it how it is. You may as well face the fact that your books are awesome. :)


I've either read or am reading all those YA novels, but I need to read some of the MG and adult ones :)

A few are already on my list (including Kat, Incorrigible, which I'd almost forgotten about) . . . I really need to move them up!


Fabulous! Thanks, Shannon Girl! I just put Kat Incorrigible, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, and Palace Beautiful on my hold list in our library system.

I don't know which library you pertence (is that a word in English?), but as I take my kiddos to the South Jordan Library on occasion (we like to bounce around to all of the great little libraries in our area), it's fun to imagine that you and your brood pass through the same portals now and again.

Thanks again for the excellent recommendations--perfect for the cozy reading season of January through spring. Just what we need along with hot cocoa or a cup of honey lemon tea.

Good luck with your upcoming deadlines and the best to you and your busy little clan!


yay! I will just add those to my never ending stack of books to read although I have read a lot of those and they were really good! I also recomend The Agency: A spy in the house; I know it sounds stupid but it was amazing

Liz K

I loved Matched, Crossed, Divergent, Before I Fall, Delirium...there were so many good books this year! And I seriously love all of yours. Some of my very favorites. :-)


It would be kind of sad if you didn´t like your own books, wouldn´t it?

Ashley R.

I got Entwined for Christmas this year! I am so excited to read it! :)

Jordan Concord 11

It would be kind of sad if you didn´t like your own books, wouldn´t it?


Just by looking at this list, I know we'd be friends if we lived close by. :-) I simply adored Anna & the French Kiss! I stayed up way too late one night because I HAD to finish it. Love those nights! I read the Major over a year ago, and I still think about those characters. It left me hungry for more books like that, but I can't seem to find anything with that same tone. Grace Lin's masterpiece is on my top 10 of the past 10 years. I've rarely read such a fine example of storytelling. I second the praise for Entwined. Loved it. I wish Midnight at Austenland was already out. I'm so excited to get back into that world.

Madi H

Hello! Just discovering your blog, but I've always loved your books! Anyway, as I said, I'm new, so are you planning on an fifth book of Bayern? I heard about the upcoming sequel to the Princess Academy - ahhhh! SO EXCITED. And, of course, for Midnight in Austenland.
Also, it wasn't in your FAQ, are you planning on a sequel to Book of A Thousand Days?

About Great Reads, I would recommend the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. It takes place in the future and is AMAZING. One of his lesser know series, Leviathan, is equally, if not, (in my opinion) greater, though. They are stunning steampunk books that are the alternative past of World War I. There are three. Really. Read these books.


Thanks so much for mentioning ICEFALL, Shannon. I'm so happy that you enjoyed it.


excited to try these out! Thanks for the recommendations. Best of luck completing your own book(s) this year- we're rooting for you! :)

Christy Grigg

I just love it that you do "great reads" posts. I'm always looking for good books and this makes it soooo easy! Thank you!

PS-I love your edit, you're the cutest.

Megan Dahlgren

I came to your sight looking for more info on Austenland, the movie, but then got sucked into reading. I was about to stop but then saw your great reads and had to see if you had read "Room." I am so glad you had or I would have had to recommend it. I see that you listened to it. I am not sure if you are a "re-reader" but I would totally recommend you READ this one. The way that it is told was so neat to read. Anyway, I finished it almost a month ago and I still find myself thinking about it almost daily. Glad you enjoyed it!

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