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October 03, 2011



Hahaha! Oh, I hear you! I love my boys, but man, now that they're mobile... (they turn one at the end of the month)

I'm looking forward to getting my copy of Forest Born, I ordered it months ago!


I am tempted to order a special edition Forest Born, but I don't know whether the King's English could ship it to Canada?


Ooh, I want all of the Alison Jay covers! So beautiful...

Alisha C

Looking forward to my paperback copy of Forest Born. Have all the others in paperback and am excited to complete my set.

Missed out on the toddler stage with my daughter - adopted her at 6. Was thrown right into homework, reading, etc. That was a small nightmare! Now she's a Senior in HS and I'm wondering where all the years went. :-)

Amber Argyle

Raccoons pretty much sums it up. I'm so excited about the covers! I have to get the whole series again!


Beautiful cover.


Our twins are army crawling, and my husband calls them zombie babies. It's hilarious when something gets their attention, and they turn simultaneously and crawl together with undivided focus to cause destruction. Brains...


I am so excited to get Forest Born to match the rest of my Bayern books!


Yay! I just ordered a copy! I have the first three hardcovers from Alison Jay. It will be perfect to have the fourth as well. I feel funny ordering another when I already have a personalized copy, but I'm a cover nut. :D
Those babies are adorable!!!

Basya Karp

The students in our school are fans of the Bayern series, as is their librarian. Your adorable twins remind me of mine when they were small (they are now 28, and one got married this summer!). Time flies. Now I've got grandkids to enjoy. Treasure your little ones every minute, and don't worry about the house!


Forest Born is my favorite Bayern book. I really enjoyed seeing people-speaking portrayed in two different characters: one who uses it to her advantage and one who learns to control it for good. I loved the scene when Rin was using tree-speaking in the battle and wasn't affected by the arrows because "it's just a limb." :) My birthday's coming up. I might need to hint to my hubby to get me a signed copy!! :)

P.S. I'm glad you got to get away from the 150% job of watching your toddlers infiltrate everything. :) Pretty soon they'll hit their terrible twos at the same time and we'll be reading blog posts like "anyone want a couple of adorable babies?" :D

Anna, ze #1 fan

I. Adore. Your writing. As you may have guessed from my other comments on other things. Anyway, I can't WAIT to see if I can get this!


Wow, that would be so cool to have! :) Is this signed-book deal going to last for a while? That would be a good Christmas present...


Raccoons? I don't think so. We had a bunch of those in the attic last year and I can definitely say that one-year old twins are preferable.

Irena Smith

Wow! You have to come back to Denver sometime and have a book signing for us your faithful fans of the mile high city!
Good luck with you little squirllies!

Katie/Mundie Moms

Aw, thank you so much for the mention! I'm so flattered and a HUGE fan of yours. I LOVE this series. I can't wait to see all the books with their beautiful covers on my shelf together.

I'm calling King's English to get my copy!!! Thank you for letting me know! I've posted that info in today's Waiting on Wednesday, which features Forest Born.


I HAVE to buy this book! I was SO disappointed with the first cover, I almost didn't buy it. But my daughter said she'd paint me a cover for it, but I'd have to buy it so she could do it right. They are very close! The colors are the same, she has the castle and the moon and the dark forest it's uncanny! I have to have this for her!
(she is one of a set of twins, she's 19 now and I can't believe how much fun I had raising her and her sister - the other kids too, but like you, the best times are the ones hanging out at home with no stress to have to gather stuff and go)


I remember 2 being kinda horrifying with the twins. But basically once they're mobile you're in all kinds of trouble.

Yay for pretty covers :)

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