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September 21, 2011



I love it when I can make time to be Writer Woman. Things just always seem to come up. But if you can do it, as a super momma, I can too. :)


I am so impressed! I don't know if I could handle twins. I'm a twin myself and have heard all of the 'horror' stories from my mom. :) So glad I was on the other side.


You inspire me, Shannon! I was lamenting that my writing would never get anywhere, since I only get two hours a day to write (if I'm lucky). But if you can do it, I have hope for my dreams.


Is your regular babysitter the same one who went to England with you?

Emily Casey

As soon as I have a quiet moment, I wonder what I'm supposed to be doing. Fortunately, I usually remember that I'm a writer and I can get to work.


Normal Messy = awesome!!!
I needed words to describe the state of my house on a 'good' day, so thanks!


I hope I have a family like that, someday. :)

Karen Adair

Awesome. The fact that chaos can be normal and yet you've written so much is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. :)


First I stopped referring to normal messy as "normal messy" and instead cal, that clean. Someday mynlife will be calm. Second, I just checked the "supposed" release date for midnight in Austen and and it is my birthday. Wahoo. Ow did you know what I wanted this year?


Sorry for the previous spelling errors. It is hard to type on my iPad. It auto corrects whatever it wants. My name is frequently changed to tanka or Ganga. So forgive me

Amber Argyle

That makes me feel better. I've been so swamped with published author stuff (who knew there was so much stuff that came with publishing a book?) and normal family stuff (2 YO, 6 YO, and 9 YO) I don't have time to write.

What I'm missing is the babysitter--kinda hard to write amidst Dora the Explorer and "Mom, he's touching me!"

I really might have to work something out there. Any teenagers out there want to volunteer?

Jennie Bennett

I wish I could afford a sitter, but I guess 4:30 am will just have to do.
I think I speak for everyone here when I say we are all so glad you take that time to write, and I completely understand how it can be a lifesaver!

Ashley R.

I am so grateful that you write, I don't understand where I would be without you. Also, I am so grateful for your babysitter. She is amazing!
Shannon Hale, you improve my life so much!


I'm a high school junior, and I already can't find hardly any time to write.

I'm doomed.


I don't remember anything from when my sister and I were young, but apparently we got into the flour when we began to crawl. Watch out for those little mobile critters, they like to play pranks!! But they seem so innocent afterwards :) Ahh, twins.
That's pretty awesome. Writer Woman is very important, so it's great you can manage juggling your time (even if it's hard to clean)


My favorite way to describe my house when it is Normal Messy is "lived in." With kids, with or without the writing on the side, a clean room is but a blank canvas. Good luck as those two cuties get more mobile!


I try to write as much as I can, but it's pretty hard to do that with school and church going on. My friend created a blog for me to share with her, and it's also what I use to keep up with my writing. I am so in awe that you can write books and take care of your family.


I just read the profile the Deseret News ran of you today. I have to say, following your blog is INFINITELY more entertaining and "sparkly." But it was a great photo! Should have been as big as Colin's, but oh well. Can't wait for the movie!


I was just thinking the other day about Daisy Danger Brown. Any new news?


"Vermont maple." :)

Christy Grigg

I love it that you're nurturing yourself and the "Writer Woman" in you. You're a super hero!


Haha! Yup, 4:30 Am has to do for me, too.
I had to laugh at the 'big family', though, since it's just kinda normal where we are. We're just average with 6 (11,10,8,6,2,1) and some bunnies.

And I'd say my husband is about... a ten year old! Our hubbies should get together.

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