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September 16, 2011



Man, I'm surrounded by awesome, creative moms!

I try to help my own mother be able to do pursue her goals, outside of the family circle. She works so hard every day. It feels nice to give her a hand and let her do something for herself for a change.


Dawn is one brave woman! I think the scariest aspect is the high school environment. That's worse than sleeping on a bed of twigs and eating stuff that's still moving.


Your bit about balancing things made me want to cheer! I had that kind of Mom -- she was always there when we came home, but one night a week, we hung out with Dad so she could pursue music. I think of her example a lot as I'm now trying to balance writing and my little family.


Tennis with a Blanc-Mange! Monty-Python for the win!


Wow! Good for her, she had my crying several times. I think it's so great to see these amazing mothers go after their dreams.

I think that taking time for ourselves, makes us better mothers. I LOVE this! Thank you. I'll definitely pay attention to survivor this season.


Okay, that's just the kindest post ever, Shannon. And coming from YOU that really does mean a lot. Thank you, chica! 8)

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No! Not tennis with a Blancmange! Everyone knows he'll just try to turn you into a Scotsman!


Wow, what a cool lady! I love her attitude--that she and her whole family have already won. I'll be rooting for her!

Amber Argyle

Will you do a post on how you juggle writing and kids? My creative energy is completely sapped.

Marcus Aurelius

For a second I read that as playing tennis with Blancmange, and I thought "What's Shannon got against Neil Arthur?"

But then I considered you might just be thinking of using a custard instead of a tennis ball? Messy, but *flan*-tastic fun.

HAH! Flan-tastic... I should write copy, seriously.

"He is nae so much a man, as a giant blanc mange!"


Cool! I love that show and now I'll definitely be rooting for Dawn.


I JUST realized that Austenland is being made into a film. I am so excited to see the book on film -- and uber-duber-excited that Keri Russell is playing Jane. I hope you are happy with how the filming is going!

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