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September 27, 2011



oh.my.goodness. SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Amber Argyle

This isn't there 1 yr birthday is it? They can't be one yet!

Amber Argyle

This isn't they're 1 year birthday is it? They can't be 1 yet!


So CUTE! :D I am filled with baby love!


Happy Birthday to your babes!


Oh, WOW. Happy Birthday to your adorable babies!


Precious! Precious! Happy Birthday^2!


They're one now? Wow, time sure flies by! Happy birthday to the two adorable Hale twins!


Aaak! They are so cute! I can't believe they're one, but my boys turn one next month, so I guess it must be true. Happy birthday adorable girls!


Aah, the faces!! They look so happy and beautiful. The whole Hale family warms my heart.


They got older all of a sudden. That's what babies do best, I suppose.


OMG!!! I COULD EAT THEM UP! I'm sure you feel the same way! What little dolls they are. My 16 year old son (a twin), came home from football the other day and said he feet were sore and asked if I would massage them for him (16year old boy feet are REALLY GROSS!!). Awesome mother that I am, I told him I would do it after his shower. While I was massaging those giant feet, I was remembering how he once had feet that I used to love to kiss...Enjoy those kissable feet and faces while they are so kissable! Happy Birthday to them!
Thank you so much for sharing.


AWESOME! I hope you ate one as well.

Karen Adair

No way. It's been a year????? They are totally adorable!


I want some of the cake! It was clearly lovely before those adorable hands/faces smashed it to bits. :)


I'd forgotten that their birthday was so close to my Little Guy's (his major sugar rush was on Sunday). Happy birthday to the twins!


Loooove it!! What sweet sweeties!=o)


AWWWWW! :) Happy birthday babies! This is so cute!!! :D


I can't believe your babies are a year old already! Amazing. They have blond hair and pretty smiles. You are a lucky lady.


My twins just turned 5 and they have informed me that I can't call them Babies anymore. It breaks my heart! Enjoy them while they're little! Time really flies!


Adorable! What beautiful babies you have.


This made me so happy!

Ashley R.

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that they are one already! They are so amazingly beautiful and cute! Hug them for me. Happy Birthday to them. :)

Lisa Y

Today just happens to be my birthday, and I was really hoping that you would post today. What a happy surprise! Gorgeous girls you have!


how cute!!!!!!!!!


Adorable! And um YUM! Those cakes look delicious :)


Oh my goodness. Those two look like they're about to explode with joy.

Alexandra Wood

They are sososo cute!!!!! The cake looks good too... :D.

Kelly C.

They are so adorable! I can almost hear their happy giggles!

Kelly K


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