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September 06, 2011


Amber Argyle

There really isn't anything better than coming home to your kiddos, is there.

And what a great experience!


You're so cute.


I hope we aren't BRAIN-EATING ameoba. No, really,there are really brain eating ameoba. So if you recently swam in a river/lake/pond, and all you smell is toast, go to the doctor! BEFORE ITS TO LATE:)

Ruby Diamond


Je Reve

Yay... I can't wait to see it.


I just love how it feel when you come back home after being away for a long time. Ha ha, or leaving home when you've been stuck there, sick, for a long time. It's a GREAT feeling.


Aww, that's so cute!! I bet it's nice to be home and sort of relax. :)


Absence really can make the heart grow fonder! Hope you have enough time and energy to catch up and do all the great things you do. What we need is to CLONE you!!! Someone to keep writing, and another you to do all the rest of the stuff. Or maybe borrow Hermione's time-turner?

It was fun to follow along with your Fantastic British Adventure! Glad you're home.


Awww. There's no place like home, huh? It's really awesome that you were able to have that experience though and it was really fun to read about it ^_^

Ashley R.

That's awesome! I love that your home with your family after being away for so long! I am so excited for the movie, Midnight in Austenland, and your next book. :)


Welcome home! "Less offensive disaster" is my new goal. :D


Thank you for sharing some of your adventures at home and abroad :) (And the holds at the library are off and running for your new book.) It'd be easy to just get it from the library but we're working hard to keep our Hale collection complete even if it sometimes is at a gradual pace.

Alexandra Wood

I love the feeling of coming home after being gone for a long time. I'm sure you are so glad to be home! And I can't wait to see the trailer and then the movie! Have a relaxing time.


"...trying to get it back to the less-offensive disaster that it was when I left." That's so great! So true! (for other households as well)

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