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September 12, 2011


Amanda Copulos (Coranne)

I can't wait to read this book! Woohoo!

Teresa Raines

Oh yes! I would love to read the book!


I would want to go so bad! But honestly I think my married-with-children state might make me feel a little silly if I did... It's fun to imagine, though!

Susan Phelan

Of COURSE I would go...if I had any money.

Emily M.

If it were all expenses paid, I might go. Except I'd like an Austenland family style, a place not for romance (I'm happily married) but for going with my kids and having them see what it was like to live back then. Also, I'd love an ARC!


*Squeee* Such a beautiful cover. So, nice. So, nice.

Also, Austenland would be a great holiday place.
I mean, really, a chance to experience life in 1700/1800? That would be fascinating.
But this is coming from a major history fanatic who thinks anything in the past is fascinating :D


Love the final cover! I'm so excited to read Midnight in Austenland!

I would definitely go to a real Austenland(if I could afford it). I love to travel and visit other cultures so the chance to submerse myself in another culture and time would be fabulous!

Mrs. Mordecai

I don't know if I would actually go to a real Austenland: I'm too practical and I would just spend the whole time laughing at myself. But I think it would be great if there was such a place. That's why your books are fun, I guess.


While reading Austenland I kept asking myself, would I go. I don't think I could do it alone but if I could go with my sister or best friend, someone who could laugh at myself with then I might go for a day or weekend.

Melina from Reading Vacation

I would go so I could wear all the fancy dresses. The cover is breathtaking.


LOVE the cover! I would definitely go to an immersive Austenland, if only for the chance to wear flowy empire-waist dresses everyday. (Though of course I do love the books as well.)


I really really really really really really want this. And I can't wait for the movie. So many exciting things!

Rebecca Whipple

I'm so excited!! And if I could go on an "Austenland" vacation, I'd take my daughter to Ireland. She's been dreaming about it her whole life.

Naomi Hancock

You bet I would go!! My husband may not be too happy with it, so that would be an obstacle, but that's why there are books to live vicariously through, right?


I would totally go to Austenland!

Jenny Williams

I would definitely go on an Austenland vacation. To get to experience firsthand what life was like back then (except hopefully we'd get indoor plumbing, like in Austenland) would be amazing.


Oh, man. My friend just posted a picture of "Pemberly" and my daydreams yesterday were fierce. Yes! I would go!


Can't wait to read this!

I would definitely go to Austenland. The problem would be getting me to leave.


If my husband could come with me, I'd jump at the chance.

Charity Williams

I'm excited for the new book, and for the new movie! I would go to Austenland just to have a break. That's why I read....to have a little break from reality. Anyway, who would turn down an all expenses paid vacation to England. I definitely wouldn't.

Angie Workman

Without hesitation, of course I would jump at the chance to go to Austenland! Sometimes I feel like I've already been there in my mind, so the real thing would be phenomenal! Congratulations to you and all the success you've received with this book!

Julie Petersen Seavey

I would definitely go! My husband might not think it was a grand idea, but then again, if I could talk him into going with it would be even better!


Yep, count me in. Although even if I do win I will still buy one. I need a perfect hardback after all :)


Somewhat apprehensive about a a sequel, but looking forward to it. Not sure about attending a real Austenland to be honest (but if it had zombies or moon men ...) :)

Charlotte Burrows

I would live to go on an Austenland vacation. I have worn out my Lost in Austen DVD. But I just hope there would be air conditioning. I can't handle the heat.

Tommie @ Ilene Books

So exciting! Would love to win!

Annie Walker

I just watched the PBS series "Regency House Party" where 5 single men and women go to a Regency manor for 6 weeks or so to find love, and it reminded me so much of Austenland. I wouldn't want to visit that kind of Austenland with rules about when women could or couldn't talk to each other and no showers or deoderant! but I do love the idea of Austenland, but with some modern conveniences.


I enjoyed Austenland so am looking forward to this one.


I wouldn't go, I could never stay in character. But I like reading about it!


I think it might be fun to go to a place like Austenland as sort of an immersion history/literary experience, and any excuse to see England would be awesome, but the idea of people being payed to pretend to be in love with you is a little creepy, so I'd definitely want to opt out of that. Especially since I'm married to a better-than-Darcy kind of guy.


The only way you could get me to LARP would be if it was Austenland :) I think it would be amazing if it was more than just one house, but maybe a village as well. That would make it more interesting. Also, more men!

Janeil Jones

I'm pretty frugal, but if I had a rich aunt who sent me there, I'd go and have a blast!


I would LOVE an ARC! I don't know if I would ever go to Austenland because I don't think I'd ever want to come back!


At this moment, Austenland sounds just about perfect. Leaving my husband for a week to go would be perfectly innocent, right?


Seeing how I am Jane's non-fictional twin (and thought I was crazy until an entire book was based upon my life :) I would LOVE to see the story continue!!!!

jen bryner

hmmm...it would be fun to go but only if i went with my husband...and he soooo wouldn't go to a place like that!! if i was single, then sure i'd go alone!! i think just to go for a day and dress up and have a ball...that would be awesome :)

Kimberly Davidson

I can't wait to read it!


Austenland sounds like a great place to visit with out my kids.

Mel Fowler

How very lucky you are to get such a great cover!

Tiffany Peterson

I would totally go. I would love the clothes, the absurd (to me) formality, the talent showcasing, but not the food unless it was like what you were describing on set!! Oh ya, and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy to Midnight in Austenland!


I would definitely go to Austenland, and I'm a little embarrassed by how much of my reasoning is the costumes.

Lady J

I love the book! I don't think I would go to Austenland because I couldn't spend the money or stay in character.


Um, I would love to go, but somehow I don't think I could justify the expense.

So, I'll have to settle for reading about it! :)


Oh my gosh! So exciting! I hope I win! I can't wait to read this!

OF COURSE I would go to Austenland if it really existed. I am a super obsessed Austen fan and actually have my own entire wardrobe already since I do historic costuming. The idea of three weeks in the actual "period" just sounds like heaven!

Sara C.

Love the cover!! I'm am so excited for this book! I loved the first one (I gave all my sister-in-laws copies of it because I loved it so much!) ... and I'm excited for the movie.

I'm not sure if I would go on the vacation though. I'm kind of a shy, quiet person, so I think I would have a hard time with it. But I love reading about OTHER people going!! :)


I would love to win this book!


So gorgeous. Can NOT wait!

I would love to go somewhere like Austenland. Sure, I'd have some geez-this-is-sort-of-creepy-can-I-even-trust-the-gardener?-type reservations like Jane did, but I also think I'd be over them pretty quickly. Why? Because it's the greatest, most bizarre vacation opportunity ever: to literally step into a book. And even though we know novels are fiction, that doesn't stop us from getting lost in them. (At least, it doesn't stop me!)


I would definitely go, and know many friends who would go also! The book looks great!


It would be wonderful to be in Austenland! The clothes, manners and tea! Don't forget the tea... I will have to settle to simply read about it. *sigh* And use my imagination.

Gina R.

I would love to go, if I could talk my husband into coming with me. Somehow, I have my doubts. I would have LOVED it when I was single! So fun. And yes, I would love to win the ARC! Good Luck to me!

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