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July 18, 2011


Stacey (AKA Aubrey)

jealous but no, not in an unhappy way! I am glad you are enjoying this experience. I adore England and want to go back someday. Have fun Shannon!

Diana K

Sounds amazing!! :)


I am wondering if being on set is at all as you imagined it to be after doing your research for writing The Actor and the Housewife?
From what I saw on Twitter it sounds like they filmed the fight scene. Man this makes me all so incredibly happy!


I wish I could be reading MIA and watching the movie right now, as well!

Congrats on your arrival to the place we'd all rather be!


Gabrielle Carolina

Melanie Jacobson

It all sounds delicious and lovely.

Shannen Crane Camp

This sounds like utter perfection! How amazing is it that you're standing in the middle of a world you created and watching it come to life around you? That has to be so surreal and incredible. I'm very happy for you :)



Frogs!! The perfect, cherry-on-top to the whole thing.

Not jealous. Pleased for you. It sounds like such fun.

Ruby Diamond

You're in Austenland!
You caught a frog!
Can't wait to hear Charlotte's story.


Jealous, envious, or whatever, it's all happy. I think I'm just happy for you. We are not personal friends, but I adore your stories, have met you and Dean briefly in person, and I simply think you are good people. It makes me happy when good things happen to good people. :D

Enjoy and soak it all in!

One question: Are you consulted on anything, or do you sit and enjoy? I know sometimes when an author is present on set, there might be questions. Didn't know if that was the case.

Ashley R.

This is so exciting! I am not jealous, just excited for you. And yes, I would be dissappointed if you didn't enjoy your experience and wasted your time. Have a blast, soak it all up, all that great stuff. :)


Of course I'm jealous, but I am so happy for you, we all should have our dreams come true. I will in time myself, some of them already have.


That's exciting, you definitely should be enjoying every minute! I can't wait until we get a preview of MIA, if one is coming! The trailer for Austenland the Movie will be exciting to see, too :)


Yes, yes, I would. Which is why it is better that you are there instead of me. I would totally waste it. I cannot WAIT for MIA. So exciting!


I'm really enjoying your blog posts! Thank you so much for carving out the time to share…and surrounded with such distractions! (babies! frogs! accents!) The bit you told about the actors' improvisation is simply delightful. It sounds like a very fluid and creative atmosphere. What a dream!

Without divulging any specifics, can you say whether there are any significant changes to the plot of Austenland? It is most intriguing to try to imagine the flavor that Jerusha Hess might bring to your story. Is Stephanie Meyer on set and is she creatively involved at all?

I know it is terribly premature to hope that maybe some of the improvised lines that aren't used will be kept in mind for eventual DVD extras? Such delights really ought to be shared. :)

I join you and the rest of your fans in sweet and terrible impatience as we wait for the release of both the movie and your new book.

Thank you!


Yay!! I love reading about your movie-making experiences.
Is it really strange to know your book is getting turned into a movie? And what's it like to write a script? And I know Jennifer Coolidge was perfect for Miss Charming,but is everyone else? Yay! I'm so happy for you!


A lil twinge of wanting to be there too, but I think everyone's happy you're there and happy with how things are going.

And you're grounded enough not to come back with an entourage, two nannies, and screaming at some grip or gofer to bring you a danged vitamin water NOW. So no worries! :)


Of corse not! I'm jealous in an I'm-so-happy-for-you-and-wish-I-could-be-there-to-experience-it-with-you way. Take in every bit of this tremendous experience!


Aren't baby frogs tadpoles?


Wow. Thanks so much for letting us share in your joyous experience vicariously! It just sounds awesome on every level! I'm so glad it's happening to such a wonderful person!

Sarah Rager

Shannon, I fell in love with your books six years ago when I read Goose Girl for the first time. Don't ask me why but I finally got around to reading Austenland this summer and finished it this morning. As I finished it I thought, "Wow, this would make a good movie."
To my surprise, as I was looking for a link to post praise for this book on Facebook, I find that you are in fact filming as we speak.
Hope it is as magical as I have invisioned it to be.
Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with all of us.



I am absolutely thrilled for you. I hope you enjoy every moment. Just think about the fact that it is due you for the many, many hours of enjoyment that I received from reading your books. Take pleasure in all of it. This is a once in a lifetime (well, perhaps not yours) opportunity, and you SHOULD revel in it, and blog every last bit of your excitement for us to share.

Lessie Bernshouse

Just wanted to let you know the Austenland finally has a full page on the IMDb website! It is in need of content, but it is there Can't wait to see a trailer.

Miss Erin

I am just so happy for you. SO FREAKIN HAPPY FOR YOU. I cannot read one of your posts without feeling an immense swell of gladness that you are having this time. And that you are soaking up every beautiful moment.


Ok the last 4 lines of this definitely made me tear up a little bit. You are very sweet Shannon. And eloquent. :)


Thanks for the happiness you have shared with us in print, on-line and (soon to be) on the silver screen.


Wow, i am jealous, but not in a unhappy way, so you can rest easy, Shannon.

Crystal Broderick

Man! I just read how you were inspired to write Austenland. It's so funny (in a good way). it made me laugh and i just recommended it to my Mum for a second time. Lol. I've explored Stephenie Meyer's website to the limit, and now I think I'll do the same here.


I am very happy for you, Mrs. Hale. I do not consider myself old enough to read Austenland, and having never read Jane Austen's books (I'm reading a couple this year FINALLY!!) I would not be interested. But I am very very excited because it means your name will be even more "out there" and perhaps more people will read your books. Plus, Austenland sounds like a good book. Maybe the movie will motivate more people to read it...
Tell your babies they are cute and that I say hi. Hope your little "vacation" goes well!!!

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