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July 12, 2011


Rachel Coleman

i am loving all your updates (and reading them with your british accent in mind). hope your hair recovers! if anything, it can always grow back.


Your babies sound like loveable little snuggle bugs. You could wear a hat to set if you can't find someone to chop your hair off for you... based on the TV coverage of the Royal Wedding, I'd say hats as in vogue in jolly old England. ;)


*are in vogue.


you remind me of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. the same ability to captivate me with just simple words.


Shannon, any chance for some England photos?

Enna Isilee

On the plus side, I've always thought you look REALLY cute with short hair. :)

Crystal Memmott

I love your movie updates and the stories about your twins. I had a similar episode with a GPS last week on the Oregon coast. Google maps saved me too!


Ditto Ennalee.


Eh, you would look beautiful with long, short, or frizzy hair.

This is the first time since their birth that you talk about each of the twins separately (Wren did this, Dinah did that). They seem more like separate people now than one entity called "the twins."

I know I'm going to sound really ignorant, but who's Kayla? And do you pronounce Dinah "Deena" or "Dine-a"?


Or you could hide your hair under one of those cool hats that seem to be so popular in Great Britain. And keep it out of the reach of the babies.


This is my favorite post of yours. Ever. Have fun over there!


You are so funny. I would give your hair a break for a few days, and then maybe try again? I'm no hair expert, though, so don't pay any attention to my advice if you don't feel like! It's too bad my younger sister is still in FL on her mission - she's a hair stylist and could probably tell you what to do!


They don't warn you that the converter merely transforms your hair implements into OoGT (Objects of Great Temperature) and that damage results to any hair that comes in contact with said objects. So sorry-at least hair usually grows back!

I love it when my children are happy to see me back whether I've been at work or school.

Ashley R.

I have always wanted to be on set to see how they do it. I almost feel like I am through you. Thank you.
I am sorry about your hair, but you always look so pretty how ever your hair is.


I can completely understand your hair troubles! I have very long, thick, curly hair that frizzes up a whole lot whether or not I flat iron it!
I hope you have a fun time filming your movie!


Long hair is overrated! :)


Oops. Wish I'd thought of the hair thing. That's one thing my stylist warned me about before we came here... You have such great eyes, I'll bet a cute, short, razored cut would be great on you. And hey! It'll be a bit of memorabilia from the trip...

Glad the girls have settled in!

Laura Cristiano

Be warned, the same thing happens with hair dryers! It does convert the current, but they run hotter. I've frequently had them overheat abroad.

Since you're going to be there awhile, it's well worth getting a UK made hair dryer and flat iron.


Love your updates. Helps me to feel there. Your updates are as fun as your books!


"Hermione" has also cut her hair quite short...AND she's from England...AND she's been known to be on movie sets. It's written in the stars. You and Emma Watson are long-lost sisters about to be reunited. Watch for it.


I wanna see pics of
-your babies
-your hair before and after
-your 1/3 of a trailer
and you standing next to something WONDROUS in England!

I love your updates! TOO much fun!


Your frizzy Hermione hair sounds like what my hair always looks like! It's pretty interesting. Ha ha.


Best of luck overseas and with the babes and with the movie. And all future voltage adapters!


haha - are you sure you don't have witch powers? You have at least Mom powers! (all us moms do!)
Love reading about your adventures in England and on set!

Je Reve

Yayayayayayayayayayaay!!!!! I've been without access to the web for a few days, so this is news... Oh my word! I can't wait!

Alexis Ericksen

Hi Shannon you don't know me but me and my sister love you! My sisters name is Makayla and mine Alexis. I love all you're books that I've read so far. Although I haven't read your adult books. It's probibly a good thing because I am only fourteen. My favorite books of yours is 'The goose girl' When I was little I use to beleive that if i sang to the wind then it would tell me secrets. I told this to my Aunt and she told me of your books. I wanted to come to one of you're book signings but was not able to. I soon heard that you came to my home town Logan but we had already moved to Flagstaff Arizona. All the girls call me Rapunzle because supposibly I look like her. Did they use you're story in Disney's 'Tangled?' I once wanted the director of 'Lord in the rings' to turn you're books into movies. But to convince myself that they would never do it I told myself that if they did do it that they would ruin you're books like they always do. I love your two baby girls they are so adorable I have 5 younger sibilings myself. I've been telling all my friends of your amazing books and have lent them many times. Are you writing a new book I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, you have got you're hands full. Thank you for your gift of inspiring books. Our world needs good books for the youth today. I know they have inspired my life. Thank you. Alexis Ericksen


More movie news! Hope no news is because your busy making it awesome.


I have to ask- if your hair's normally flat, why were you using a flat iron? But I'm very familiar with the Hermione effect. Save that it comes to me naturally. I hope it remedies itself!

Amber Argyle

We want pictures!


Hear, hear. Pictures!


I'm assuming that the flat iron was used because of the humidity difference between England and Utah. Here (in Utah), the air is so dry that my hair rarely frizzes, and I don't need my flat iron much. Anywhere with a modicum of humidity? Fuzz-ball head like crazy. I always thought I had straight hair, until I lived in the Wisconsin/Illinois arear for 18 months.


Sorry, I apparently can't type my own website correctly the first time.


Or the second...

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