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July 17, 2011



How fun! I can't imagine how hard it must be to not absolutely GUSH over everything you're doing right now! And how much fun it is to be out doing something as exciting as that. I have two little ones that keep me home pretty much all the time, so I am green with envy. :)


I'm so excited to hear more news about the movie! I get a magical, bubbly feeling when I think about what it must be like on set! Enjoy this opportunity to the fullest.

Christy Grigg

I haven't been able to read your blog in about 10 weeks...because my baby girl was born 10 weeks ago and I've been in "babyland" ever since. This was quite the post to return to, I've missed SO much!! Can't wait to catch up with all that's been going on. And I'm soooo jealous that you're in England on the set of Austenland...wish I was a talented writer!! :)


Glad you're enjoying England! I can't imagine how exciting it must be to see your words, your characters, coming to life!

It's a little ironic, though, that the one time in 7 years that I'm actually on the West Coast, you're in Europe. ;)


Sounds like you're having a fantastic time! Do you have much imput when it comes to filimg, like in how someone says something or anything like that?
I love that you spend so much time with your babies when you're not on set. That's awesome.
Still so jealous of you and the experience you're having! I'll take whatever teensy little bits of stuff you can give us and just wait with baited breath until it comes out!


Grin away, Shannon! :)

Mary@My Life in Scotland

I live in Scotland, and every time I leave the house I actually look for you. HA HA! I keep thinking you'll be just around the corner and I can go say hi! I've had my copy of The Goose Girl packed my my bag for just in case! Hello?! So glad you're here in the UK! You should make a trip to Scotland, or the Preston Temple. Meet ya there?!


You could always write things down that you might not be able to reveal now so you don't forget them and reveal them once the movie is out...


Haha as a twin I laughed when you said 'The Twins' sounds creepy, cuz everyone calls me and my sister that and I kinda like it, but it's also annoying to just be called 'The Twins'. It's good that they are seen as separate people cuz that helps... I'm not sure how, but it's nicer to he called by your name than 'twins'. But I understand about the privacy part--I'm sure your daughters will appreciate it when they get older, and who knows, maybe they'll want you to say their individual names, but better safe than sorry

Hope you're havin a great time over there and I can't wait to hear more!! Enjoy your free time when ya get it haha


I asked my husband and he says "I walk into a room and think I can beat everyone in the room in Halo."

So much fun I would love to work on a movie set and having it be your story?? thats so awesome!


I don't understand why you can't share your positive interactions with the cast and crew--would the cute actor really care if the story of him sharing chocolate with you be printed online? That's not exactly tabloid fodder. You don't ever post anything negative, inappropriate, or invasive about individuals on your blog under non-filming circumstances, so I'm sure nobody's expecting that now. But, surely you can share some nuggets about the filming. I'm just really interested in the process, how the contributions of individuals come together to create a complete film, and what the atmosphere is like on set.


I am officially jealous. Not only is there no (eating allowed) chocolate in my house, I'm not in England! :) I'm glad you're having a great time.

Are there a lot of re-takes? What's the craziness like when there are?


So, how does the European chocolate stand up to American chocolate? I actually like both in different ways. Just remember, European Bridge Mix is not the same as Utah Bridge Mix.

Karen Smith

How fantastic! And trust me, I understand about what to share online, I think each blogger has to think it through his/herself and figure out their "happy place."

Laughing at your explanation of men and how they size up the other guys in a room, every single time. My husband not only figures out who he could beat up (50-60% as he reports it) but also who he could outrun (99% as it turns out. Wiry and fast.) Cracks me up! And he'd say the same about brits ("I could take 'em.)

Enjoy your time! I'm really really really interested in what an author can do/contribute on set (I presume you're there as a "consultant" or some such, as I don't believe you write the screenplay.) How long will you be over there? Did you get help from the studio in getting the right kind of visa and the like?


Shannon, you are the unrivaled queen of secret-keeping (SSP, anyone?) As far as I know, you've never called them "the twins", just "the babies," (sorry for the slip-up), and I totally agree - giving out information on the Web is a fine balance, which, as with everything else, you personally manage with grace.

Keep smiling and enjoying both the filmmaking process and your beautiful Dinah and Wren.

Ashley R.

Thsi is so exciting! I am always excited when there is a new post. And hey, whatever needs to be private needs to be private. I totally understand. Do you know of an estimated day when the movie will be realeased? :) Love ya! Really. I do.


I too make a huge effort not to call my boys "the twins." It seems to diminish them as individuals somehow. Except I do call them "the babies" (even though they're almost 5!) or "the boys" which isn't much different than calling them "the Twins." Mostly I just try to call them by their names, which is more of a mouthful but worth the effort.
Also, so jealous that you're in England. My husband tells me all the time that I was born in the wrong country during the wrong century!

Jackie Loertscher

Shannon if the Potters had used you instead on Pettigrew as their secret keeper they would still be alive. I enjoy hearing the excitement in your writing voice. Enjoy every moment! There will only be one first movie but I hope there will be many others in the future.


I sure hope you are taking photos! ... just 'cause I'm a photographer, I had to say that. Love reading about your experiences! Cheerio!


People who aren't close to my brother and I, (or people who are just too lazy to call us by name)tend to call us "The Twins". I think it's good that you don't refer to them as just "The Twins", my mom made sure me and my brother weren't incredibly independent on one another. Wait until they're older (If they aren't identical), when people find out about my twin they freak out and call me a liar.


So excited for you, what an adventure!! We here in Utah are so thrilled! I think it is so great you can have the babies with you and you get to do all the fun parts of contributing to the filming. When its all done and going into theaters we want to do a big premiere party for you!! www.eventsbyalice.com!!


I'm sorry that what I wrote was misleading. I didn't mean that you called them "the twins" and as much as I would love to know every detail about your adorable daughters, I understand and applaud your decision not to share information about them.

Marcus Aurelius

I walk into a room certain I could beat any man there in self-deprication, but then after a few minutes, I begin to realize I probably couldn't even get that right.

BTW, I only ever refer to your kids as "The Twins".

Even your oldest, by himself.


I'd love it if you could just describe, without names or detailed facts, what a filming day feels like--what it's like to be sitting there watching actors be other people, be in a totally different world, just a few yards away from you; what kinds of things the director says to shape the scene; what kinds of different people are there doing different things... you know? What it feels like to be there. That'd be awesome.


On twins - I grew up with older twin brothers who hated being called "The Twins" so when I had twins of my own I was very careful not to refer to them that way. Somewhere along the way, however, they tagged themselves with the moniker and started announcing themselves as "The Twins." I am baffled by it, I thought I was so careful!


Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers" garden.


A good many vaualbles you've given me.

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