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April 11, 2011



Since my kids have read about half of these books and loved them, I'm sure they will like the rest since you seem to have the same tastes. Thanks for the recommendations!

Bonnie Childress

Sadly, I have read most of those, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Gregor!!


I have read a lot of these and they are good books!


This list makes me so happy. It's so great to hear about a 13-year-old boy who loves reading. My favorite part: "I stayed up ‘till midnight reading secretly in bed, and I only slept because my eyes couldn’t stay open long enough to get half a page." Best feeling in the world!


Kudos to your nephew for loving books enough to review them! Maybe reading isn't a dying pastime...


When I was at ALA last summer, there was a herd of teen reviewers being given the gold-glove treatment, and let me tell you, anytime publishers hear of a READING BOY, they are deeply interested. Good luck, Gabe; we look forward to reading your reviews!


Thanks! I've read half of those and loved them, so the other half should be good. Must suggest Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson, as well. Totally random yet incredibly witty, with little gems of true insight hidden here and there.


That is awesome. I also appreciate that he enjoyed 2 books which seemingly have female protagonists. Many boys just aren't interested in that--to their disadvantage. ;)


So awesome. Great list! And I love Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Amber Argyle

I'll pass this list onto my 9 year old. Thanks!

Myrna Foster

If he loved Slathbog's Gold, he should really read The Hobbit.

Thanks for the great reviews!

Linda W

I'm glad to read your nephew's list. It shows that boys *do* read books, despite polls that say otherwise. It's great to know what someone his age is interested in.

A.J. Dub

Thanks for the great list! We loved the Artemis Fowl books (except the last one which seemed a little rushed and tried too hard to be... something...?) We are reading the Guardians of Ga'Hoole right now and loving those too.


I saw The Girl Who Could Fly at a library but didn't know what to think of it...I'll have to find it now! Thanks, Gabe!


Thanks Gabe. My boys love The Last Airbender and Minecraft as well. Every computer in our home now has Minecraft on it. My oldest, 12, is also now addicted to Game Maker. You can create your own 2d video games. You can google it.

G Ford

Gabe does have great taste. Ask him if he's read all of the Prydain chronicles or just The Book of Three.

Ms. Book Nerd

Oh my gosh! I loved The Girl Who Could Fly! I'm so surprised to have found someone else who has read it- I've never seen it mentioned anywhere else. If he liked that, I'd recommend reading The Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy by Trenton Lee Stewart. In short, it is about a group of talented kids who have to save the world from an evil genius. (alot better then it sounds!)


(To Shannon Hale): Ahhhh i love your books! Especially Book of a Thousand Days. As well as Enna Burning. And all the rest! <3

(To your nephew):
AAH! I love the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, as does my entire family. It so much fun to watch, and so different from all the rubbish that comes on T.V. nowadays. (Zevo 3 is fun too ^_^ )

I love all the recommendations you gave, and the ones I haven't read, I'm SO GOING TO! (Yay, more to read!! <3 ) I'm a little annoyed about THG getting a 3 though- it's an awesome book, that reflects the state of the world today. Yes, there's violence, but that isn't grounds for giving it a 3 rating. I think S. Collins was trying to make a point about human nature and power and things. The world of Panem has wars, and torture, child labor and dictatorship, all of which is found in today's world. I mean, a lot of classics have all this in their stories, yet people absolutely love and admire them, so why is that not acceptable in Collin's book? I'm not saying I support war OR torture OR child labor OR dictatorship- I don't, at all- but that is what THG is ABOUT so you can't rate it as a not-as-good book, because that's what the book is about, because it's an awesome book. Like, rating 2 or 1 awesome. (*sigh* now I'm rambling, aren't I?)
But I suppose people are entitled to their opinion.

Alexandra Wood

Wow, I'll have to check out those books. All I've read are part of the Maximum Ride series, the Book of Three, and Hatchet. I was running out of books, but now I have new ones to read!


Wow, great list! Fablehaven and Artemis Fowl are some of my all-time favorites. And I love the Far Side! There were a few I hadn't heard of-I'll have to check those out!


Gabe, bless you! I have an almost-11 year old son, and he's PICKY. I just read Hatchet to him, and he loved Gregor the Overlander (and Percy Jackson). Thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming!


I agree with all the books above (those that I've read, anyway - I haven't read Maximum Ride and don't remember much about Artemis Fowl), but The Book of Three isn't a retelling - it's the original story, and the first of five books.

Alexander Key's books are awesome, by the way! Escape to Witch Mountain (the original story), Return From Witch Mountain (written after the movie was made), and lots of other fun books (including The Forgotten Door and The Case of the Vanishing Boy).


I LOVE the Hunger Games.
And I also happen to LOVE Avatar: the Last Airbender. Not exactly something you'd expect a sixteen year old girl to watch, but it's FANTASTIC.


This is such a great list, and there's so much I haven't read, dang it!!!! Fablehaven, The Girl that could Fly, Maximum Ride...I have to get started. The Hunger Games is major amazing, (but it's true, the violence is NOT for the faint of heart.) I have a huge amount of love for Avatar the Last Airbender...it's not very often you find a TV show with such well rounded plot and characters. So good!!!!

Heather S.

Actually this is my daughter talking she is 11: I have read most of these books and LOVE them Fable haven was one of my favorites. I also learned that the Hunger game were based on a greek myth about how every week or something like that and eleven girls and eleven boys are taken to the minotour to be eaten. Another really great book you might want to read isTHew invention of Hugo Cabret,And the City of Ember, And of course I hope you have read the harry potter series!!!!
Thnx for the great reviews
Brie S.


Thank you, Thank you! I've been in need of a good book recommendation list. (And it looks like I have similar tastes as Mr. Gabe, because the books I have read that are on this list, I have liked!)


Thanks for this post. I teach middle school English, and I'm always looking for new books that will get students reading (especially the boys)! I look forward to your nephew's other recommendations.


Yay thanks Gabe! I'm 14 and LOVE to read, so I've pretty much run out of reading material at my library and am always looking for new books. I am totally requesting The Girl That Could Fly!

A. G. Posey

Absolutely great list Gabe! I'm an avid reader also so I have a long list for you of some WONDERFUL books!

Larklight series ( incredible steampunk adventure sci-fi tons of fun Philip Reeve )

Leviathan ( Steampunk take on world war one hard to describe but really good also Scott Westerfeld)

Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation ( who wouldn't want to find out they were a super hero??!! I forget who it's by)

Peter and the Star Catchers ( You've probably read these already but incase you haven't. My brother and I both really enjoyed them, Ridley Pearson and hrm someone else)

Anybodies ( GRREEAAAT book about people who can turn into other people and a curious old lady with house built out of books and well I shan't spoil it! N.E. Bode lol series continued by somebodies, and Nobodies )

Seven Sleeper Series ( grew up on these! Fantastic science fiction about the world after this huge war and just really rather super cool )

And last but certainly not least I have one for one of my favorite authors Mrs. Hale! :) It's my dad and I's favorite book. The book is Swan Lake by Chris Van Allsburg and Mark Helprin. Don't let the title deceive you it's full of action, adventure, and romance the perfect recipe for a good book ( But I can see that you already know this!) :)

thanks for writing wonderful books
your fan,

A. G. Posey ( hopeful fellow Authoress)

Becca H

He's got really good taste. I would add the Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale to that list though. I picked one up randomly for a class I was taking and loved them - all ten.


I'm 13 too, and these are all books I love :)

Can I get ur nephews number? ;)

ha that wasn't supposed to be internet-stalkerish.
Just sayin' :)


Hi! I've been enjoying and following your blog for a while now, but never dared post before! I loved the recommendations. Gabe should definitely read the rest of the Chronicles of Prydain; they get even better as the series goes on. (I'm 22 and still read them occasionally!) I'm glad he suggested Fablehaven. I saw that Shannon had posted it as a favorite book, and I got it in Spanish to keep up my skills, but couldn't get into it (which almost never happens). So, I will try again! Thanks! :)


Thanks Gabe! You have great taste in books. So does my son too, apparently - you like the same books! I like them too.


I love that Gabe did this! It's great that others will soon know about these to-die-for books. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I love all of these- and the ones I haven't yet read, I'm planning on checking them out. Just one comment though-
Disney's "The Black Cauldron" was based on Lloyd Alexander's "Chronicles of Prydain" of which "The Book of Three" is the first.


Thanks for the list. It's really hard to find good books without the whole really gory/why-would-you-publish-a-book-with-THAT-in-it kind of books and its great to see so many others have read these and liked them too.


Absolutely! I would most gladly read all those books! (If I can, that is,) But I would definitely read the #3s.


*(Other books I like are the Harry Potter Series)


Gah! Why is the Harry Potter series not on the list???

Haha, anyway, a really good book (for boys, durh) is...


yeah, that's a good series.

The Deltora Series by emily Rodda is a good series too! The books are short, but amazing.

Hmmm....what else....

ERAGON! It may seem a bit boring at the beginning, but it is SO worth it!

Fablehaven is an AMAZING book as well.

And as always, there's a shannon hale books. But I reckon that he already read them ^^

Amanda M.

Out of all those books I've read I love them all! Plus Shannon Hales too!!! I would recommend the Clockwork Three. The summary on the back sounds kinda lame but it's really awesome and I found myself secretly staying up to finish it. Gave you have to read it!

Amanda M.

Sorry! On that last line I meant Gabe!


I love reading as much as you do, I've read almost every book in my public library. I'm in sixth grade, but I'm reading at an eleventh grade level. I think you should try "The Graveyard Book," Gabe. It's about a boy who's parents get murdered, and he lives with ghosts. BTW, I love your mom's books!


Oooh, yes, the Graveyard Book is a must-read


I love reading as well, and may I suggest "The Clockwork Three" by Matthew J Kirby? It's a very good book that I think you would enjoy. And thanks for this reading list!


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Emily V.

I have read and loved about 5 of Gabe's suggestions and fully intend to read the others.
Books I would recommend:

The Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz
About a 14 year old British spy.

The Mushroom Planet Books by Eleanor Cameron
About two boys who answer an ad in the paper about building a spaceship and embark on a trip to "Basidium" a.k.a. the mushrom planet. They're pretty old, but awesome.

The Redwall Series by Brian Jacques
These are kind of different from the rest that I have recommended in that there are no human characters. They are all rats, mice, birds, etc. But they're super cool.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
(If you haven't read any of them yet, you have some serious repenting to do. ;)

and last but not least:

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke


I feel so much hpapeir now I understand all this. Thanks!


I love your books Shannon! And thanks for recommending some books, Gabe.
Have you read the fairytale Bluecrest? I LOVE IT. I really wish it could be made into a novel but even just reading it is so satisfying especially in the golden book of fairytales...


I LOVE the Hunger Games! Each time I read them I understand them a degree further. Sometimes they make me sad, but I can't help snatching one of them off the shelf and reading the whole thing in one sitting ;)


I think hed like "Howls moving castle." Good book. its a three series. Hes my age so i like he might.
I have another fav. book. WINGS OF A FALCON! all time fav!!!!!!
Its a three book series also but VERY twisty turny i guess you could call it.

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