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December 27, 2010



I want to give these girls major high fives. What a great Christmas moment!

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Excellent! Always exciting to see children engrossed in books!

Karen Adair

That's just awesome. And as an aspiring author I totally got the title. :) You deserve to stop Christmas present opening. The books were wonderful reads for us too. :)


What age would you say your target is for this book?


rather... these books?


Ha, ha. When I brought these books home after the Huntington Beach signing, my 10-year-old picked up Rapunzel's Revenge. She devoured it in two sittings. I love when a book does that. I can imagine if it were MY book how happy that would make me. Totally understandable. :D

Kristie Palfreyman

I have much the same story...I gave my 14 year old daughter "Forest Born" and I haven't seen her since. She has been sequestered in her bedroom reading since Christmas afternoon. In fact, just a few hours ago, I had to wrestle the book away from her (literally) so she would clean her room. She shouted at me as I was leaving, "Book-napper! You are a book-napper!"


No worries Shannon, we knew what you meant. And besides, your books really are some of the best Christmas gifts people can get!

Alexandra Wood

They'll probably grow up as authors!!! Go books!!!!!!!!! (I got a lot for Christmas. I already have your books, and have read them loads of times=)

Princess Luna

Who wouldn't be surprised....HELLO!! We are talking about Shannon Hale's books here!! That possibly could be the best Christmas present ever.


I got Rapunzel's Revenge and Calamity Jack for Christmas too! I have been wanting them for so very long!


I have to say the experience I had when I gave Rapunzel's Revenge to my little brother was not quite the same. "Books are boring!" But the next morning, there he was on the couch, reading away. :)

Anna P

i know how those girls feel! that's how i feel when i'm reading your books!

that would be a lovely christmas present! (both of them.)


I knew what you meant by the title, too. I gave Calamity Jack to my 15-year old for Christmas. She is so excited! She pulled out Rapunzel's Revenge to re-read before she starts it.


I'm 19 and I found Calamity Jack at Deseret Bookstore (The FIRST place I've seen it!!) and I was freaking out, I tell you! I bought it with glee and took it home so so eager to read it. Let's just say I devoured it in record time. I'm surprised those parents were able to pry those gals away! It was so good!


@ LaurieMoore:

I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I am a fairly mature 19 year old. I think it's just a matter of taste, not age.


For me, it was a double-take moment; I thought for a second the girls were twins, which would have been MAGNIFICENT.

But hey: BOOKS - yours or anyone's - are an awesome gift any year.

Princess Enna

I bought my best friend Book of a Thousand Days for her birthday/Hannukah. :)

Anna Elliott

I bought Calamity Jack for myself, but my 4 year old is FASCINATED by the pictures and will pore over them for hours. She's a bit young to hear the actual story (too scary for her, maybe when she's 6 or 7) but I explain that the pictures are make-believe and she loves them! She's especially entranced by the Brownies! :)


All your books are amazing, Shannon. Who wouldn't love them? My 84- year old grandmother who hates today's ''modernized, shallow, deplorable excuses for books'' (her words, not mine) is completely ruthless when it comes to getting her hands on one of your books!!! When I got Rapunzel's Revenge we had to read it together because neither one of us would give it up!!!


That is EXACTLY what happened in our house LAST year when we gave our daughter Rapunzel's Revenge. She stopped opening presents altogether and read the book. We take turns opening presents and each time her turn rolled around we had to remind her it was her turn!!It is one of her favorites now, along with Calamity Jack and we even were able to get one of Nathan Hale's Avatars of her as Rapunzel.


I live in Australia. My three girls attend a private girls school. The library did not have Rapunzel's Revenge or Calamity Jack. After my daughter brought them to school to read, they have been passed around a dozen times. The teacher finally went to the library and asked them to get a copy. Even reluctant readers become eager to read with Rapunzel. Thanks for writing an exciting story!


I would have liked those books to be MY Christmas present!

I'd feel ssssoooo happy!

It'll probably be the best Christmas ever...

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