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November 08, 2010



Oooh, secrets are yummy! But I also love sharing my story for the first time with someone. It's such a relief, but also nerve-racking at the same time! D:

I am so excited for Midnight! XD And Daisy. But I have to wait. :( I hate waiting. *sigh*


Your stories are worth the wait!

Kara .H.

Waiting for your stories isn't not that bad. I do love sharing my story with someone for the first time. Seeing their face when they laugh, or when they get mad because one of their favorite characters almost died. I think the reaction of the readers is like opening a Christmas present. But Christmas is a while away still, so I guess they are just going to have to wait for it. Its just like waiting for your books to come out.


I'm curious how you approach a problem like Daisy where you have to basically rewrite the whole story to make it flow well. Do you just start from scratch and pull in bits and pieces from the original or do you keep editing and polishing the original until you can't stand looking at it any more? I'm sure that there are many aspiring authors out there that don't know how to go from a first draft with major problems to a finished product that people would enjoy enough to read and rave about.


I'm with Jena! I'd wait for one of your books for years because it's completely worth it. :D

Je Reve

This post is extremely encouraging to me. As a perspective writer, most of my stuff is, well, let's just say it's less than it should be. You're my author hero all over again!


Extremly Encouraging.

Emnia Elf

Science fiction (I do believe that's what you said it would be?) seems hard to transition into--you're books all seem so.... Grim! So fairy-tale-ish, and amazing... Not everyone can write sci-fi. But we have total faith in you! One day, you'll sit a say, "I know how to clean up this mess!" and start from block one and make it epic. Like always! :)


A secret? Quick...whisper it to me.....

Abby Minard

Sounds like one of those things where you needed a break. I bet you'll pick it up someday and make it awesome. You always do!

Alexandra Wood

Can I wait?


You are amazing. YOu can do anything.


I wonder if I will ever get to read the DDB.
Just do what you need to do at the time, and we'll be there to support you when we read your books.


Are you ever going to write another BOB (Book Of Bayern)?

Anna De Banana, Ya!

YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER!!! I also would love another book of Bayern!


This has happened to me alot before, and don't worry, for my favorite quote motivates any busy mind:
"These things will pass away!"

Anna P

as an avid reader of your books, i fully support your decision to wait until its right before you write.
just so you know. :)


Hi Shannon. I haven't visited your blog in a long time. I'm sorry for the discouragement you received on this. Criticism is demoralizing. When you do revise it, bear in mind something that all artists need to remember: please yourself first. Don't write to please others. Paradoxically, when you create what you like, others will like it too. More than if you wrote simply to make them happy. Don't let anyone tell you it's not good when you know it is. Take care. -Nita

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