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November 04, 2010



Blessings for the young mom are often small, but sweet. So happy for you!


absolutely precious


That is so beautiful... thank you for sharing such a precious moment with us! :)


Loving anyone intensely is exhausting to some degree, and the only nurture that love needs is the tiniest of moments. How beautiful! What lucky babies. :)




What a special moment, thanks for sharing.


awww how sweet!!!

Sharon Creech



Wow, that's amazing. :)

Miss Erin

that's beautiful.

Julia King

You totally sound like Becky from the Actor and the Housewife. Oh, yeah, you wrote that book. Must be why you cried. Glad you had such a monumentally great moment with Wren.


Aren't feelings, impressions, inspirations, etc... wonderful? So happy that more "good stuff" is happening.


Can I just say again how awesome the name Wren is? It rocks!! Your babies sound so sweet, you're a lucky mom.

Jaclyn Weist

So precious!!! There is nothing like holding and playing with your little newborns!!


I loved that moment with my daughter. And, oh, when a baby first smiles at you? Or laughs? So wonderful!




Aaaw! Aren't babies wonderful? So happy. :)


psychic baby!!!

Shannon Morris

I can't believe you share such precious moments with your public. But thanks, I love it!

Marcus Aurelius

That's weird. Wren and Dinah have always made and held eye contact with me. When they're not texting.

Little monsters love them some texting.


Those are the moments that will stay with you long after they grow out of baby-ness. What a treasure.

Crystal Cook

I love that you are sharing these moments with us. That is so beautiful. I envy you. :)

Alexandra Wood

That is so sweet. It made me teary eyed. So lovely.


awwwwwww. so sweet!


Thanks for sharing. I understand how you feel. I had one of those moments recently when I was given the most amazing smile. :)


So sweet. My experiences with crying lately have not been so poignant; but also baby-related.

I was giving my kids haircuts the other day and turned on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on our laptop in the kitchen--to help my wiggling kiddos hold still while in the hot seat.

Everything I saw brought on the tears. Lucy and Susan shooing away the mice after Aslan has died made me weepy. The cracking of the stone table at the break of dawn (when Aslan has risen) made me well-up, and the happy scene of the children reuniting gave me chills.

What is it about pregnancy inducing the tears?

Anyway, so glad you're having some transcendental moments amidst the: diapers, the late hours, the early hours, the exhaustion, and the quadrupled work load of laundry (now that their are six of you).

I always thought the difference between two and three kids was not so drastic, even with my husband in school and work fulltime. The girls hair still looked presentable, the kids were bathed every night, our routine was flawless. We were running a tight ship.

It was the jump from three to four children that suddenly seemed "huge family!"). The house started to slide. I wasn't so particular anymore about whether or not someone had cut up 300 little paper scraps all over the dining room floor. My older kids started collecting raccoon's nests of outdoor-found objects in their rooms of which I had no clue for weeks at a time. A stain or two down a shirt and a miss-match outfit no longer bothered me enough to keep us from going to the library (or anywhere in public for that matter!). Life suddenly just wasn't so orderly or perfect--but it was a lot more meaningful and I would never go back. Especially when I see my oldest three doting on their nineteen month-old brother and hear them saying, "I'm so glad we have a baby brother; he's so cute, isn't he?"

If you can make it through this first year Shannon, you'll seriously have to shave the girls' heads at the one year mark and throw a huge hooplah like the Chinese do to let everyone know you all made it!


Ooh! You make me want babies! Which is a bad thing. Because I have too much to do before I have them. This is just too awesome and lovely!


tender, precious, love! I love those sweet sweet moments! You are the most adorable mom, I love how everything they do, every noise they make, every single glimpse they take, everything about them, is so beautiful in your eyes. I love how much you love them! I want to be a good mom, just like you! :)


Don't ever let these kind of moments pass! It's a good thing that you tear up when you try to explain these unexplainable, impossible to understand kind of episodes. It means you're living the moment.
Doesn't it just melt your heart?


Three cheers for Shannon Hale!!!!! Not only is she a great mother she is an even greater writer. I just finished reading the last book of Bayren and I hope you can write more of them!

Anna P

i love precious baby moments!!
congrats on getting to have them almost daily. :)

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Who said that to grow up a baby is an easy thing? Look at you how funny moments you have. Keep up in the same way.

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