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February 08, 2010



Wow, these are all great! :D


Oops! Need to fix the video for Alex Roger's trailer! I looked it up and watched it already, though. ^_^

They were all so good! And so cute. It's hard to decide. Man...

shannon hale

Thanks, Katie-wa. fixed now.

Shannon Morris

So much fun! I wish I knew how to do things like that!

Je Reve

It's actually pretty easy if you have the right software. George Ingram seems to have used a photoshop, or final cut for a mac (too advanced and cool for iMovie).

I used iMovie for both of mine. THe poem was fun to write, and I hoe you all enjoy a high school students attempt at a trailer!

Shannon Morris

Thanks Je Reve! I'll have to give it a try! I have to admit that technology is very intimidating for me. I didn't learn how to use power point, or even know what it was until grad school, whereas my daughter learned it in 7th grade! At least I learned if before her. I should ask her if she knows how to one of these- she probably does and I just haven't asked!!! Yay for smart kids!

Ruby Diamond

Wowee! Stiff competition! These are very fun. Mine's the 2nd, and it's actually got my maiden name on it -- my married name is Stewart. But I've always liked Smith, too. :)

Amanda Norr

Every did so good, it wasn't fun just picking one. I can see why Shannon left it up to us.

Je Reve

I know, so many are really good!

And Shannon Morris, my mom is the same way. I just tell her that you play with it, like a game, and apologize if you get something wrong. You can usually undo whatever you need to.


as a redhead I love the 'Redheads v. Blondes'!

Princess Loucida

WOW! A crazy amount of talent went into those vidios. I had a hard time just choosing ONE!


hahha wow these are all really good! I was stuck between Alyssa Smith's and George Ingram's- a lot of talent was put into all of them though! :)


I think George did the best job of making a trailer--very cinematic and dramatic feel!


Love, love, love Alysa's! Way to go, Awesome One!!

Nathan Hale

As far as I'm concerned, EVERYBODY wins! These are dynamite! DYNAMITE!


I think alex did very good even though everbody else did a wonderful job


These were all great :) Alysa though, yours made me laugh. I loved it :D

Lynn Weide

I love your blog, Shannon. I check it everyday. Keep posting as often as possible, it makes my day brighter!

Katie Hill

George I watched all of them and honestly yours is the best you did a great job on it!


these are all great!


I loved them all, but I had to go with George Ingram's. It was a close call, though.

Jared Smith

I vote for alysa stewarts trailer so all my dreams will come ture. Signed, the proud father.

Hannah,  your #1 fan!!!

Alysa's and Heather's were really cool! Hard choice!


They are all so good!!


It was a tie between the last three....but George's won in the end to get my vote. Wow. Repunzel is awesome.


I vote for Alysa Smith!


Cool. My first is Heather Zundel, and my second is George Ingram... but I liked them both, so I don't really know that one was better...

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I think George did the best job of making a trailer--very cinematic and dramatic feel!

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