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January 14, 2010



Oh! I'm a teenager! (Well...on the way out sadly.) I really really wanted to go but I didn't have a ride/someone to go with me! But I'll definitely get there eventually, looks like so much fun! :0)


Because of the restraining order I didn't make it. But did you just say in print that the 2 secret projects were revealed before the talent portion of the event took over?


That picture of you both twirling your braids is fabulous!

My friends and I all had a wonderful time on Saturday. Thanks for throwing such a great party! I'm still squeeing about the super secret projects you're working on :)

Miss Erin

YOU get me to a book event. ;)
But really, I go to every book event that I can, because I LOVE authors and LOVE meeting them. Even if I haven't read any of their books yet. Sometimes it comes down to if I can get a ride, since I don't have my license yet.

Ruby Diamond

Yes, if the super secret projects can be revealed in person, Shirley, it can't be too much longer before they can be announced online?


My mom and I had a great time at the library. My little six year old not so much until I pulled out the Ipod to keep her occupied. Sammy's hand was up for most of Nathan's presentation. I tried to get her attention to put it down, alas selective hearing. My mom tried to tell me she really did have a question to ask (we'd been prepping her to ask questions on the way to the library) grandma's are so naive.
Afterwards I asked Sammy if she had a question to ask: "No I just wanted my hand to make a shadow" (thankfully she was too far away from the light and didn't get poisoned and throw up on the floor)
I also asked her if she wanted to grow up to be a writer or an illustrator she said no. She wants to be an inventor. I told her she could invent stories. She said no that's boring.
I'll try again when she's a teenager. Will you still be writing books and having parties in ten more years?

Denice Hyer

My teenager was at a babysitting job and happy to be making a little cash but sad to miss this fun event. My other 3 girls (ages 11, 9, & 8) and I had a blast. This was the first book event my girls have been to. They enjoyed it but were so distracted by having a copy of Calamity Jack in their hands it was hard to pay attention and not read. We all love the notes along with the signatures in the books. Thanks for a great afternoon!


I love going to author events, but sadly I babysit a lot on Saturdays... besides that, they're the least busy day of my week. Dang, I wish I could have been there!


what are the two projects that were revealed...Do we only get to hear about them if we go?


what are the secrets!!!!??? you're driving me crazy :D
it sounds (and looks) great, though.


I love all the pictures and your comments about each (especially the one about the little cowboy smiling on the inside) <<< that was hilarious! :-D

I wish I saw your dance though-it looks pretty awesome!


Yeah, so when is the super-secret project reveal? We're DYING to know!

Rose Green

That's it, I'm moving to SLC so I can go to all these cool events at The King's English!

Alanna Kurt

You just have to come to Canada and I'll be there in a heartbeat, haha! =]


The next Bayern Book! HaHa I know you want to take a break from Bayern! Also, what western states are you visiting?


O what I would have given to be able to see that interpretive dance!?!

Note to self: Move to Utah STAT.


Can't wait to buy Calamity Jack!!

I gave my little brother (who is more enthusiastic about video games than what goes on in the library books my mother tries to interest him in) Rapunzel's Revenge for Christmas, hoping to interest him in the visual aspect of the story. He is HOOKED, thanks to you, your husband, and Nathan Hale. Thanks a bunch! :D

Je Reve

I can't wait for the socal trip! THanks for the photos, feels like I was almost there!


It's difficult to make it to book events, as a teen, because of transportation and time constraints. There are many events I would love to go to, but I'm not able to get there on my own and there's always schoolwork I could be catching up on.


You made my kids day (and mine. AGAIN!) by posting their picture. Thanks for a great event and for sharing all your talent.

Jill Saunders

Okay, it seems as though transportation seems to be a main issue. I am a young adult living in Salt Lake City with my own car. I would be more than willing to host a King's English Carpool ANYTIME. I know you don't know me, but if there's any way we can organize a ride request system, I'd be happy to pick up any fellow fans.

Just hop on over to my blog and post a comment if you have any ideas on how to organize this. I'd just post my email, but I don't know how spambots search for things like that, etc.

Shannon, I have met you twice now and I just love you. And your husband is a hoot.


I would love to come to one of your book events, but sadly I live on the other side of the country...


I would like to go to any authors book event, but they never seem to come anywhere near Pittsburgh, PA!


I'm a teenager. Come to arizona and I'm so there. : )


I'm fourteen and My sister and I would loved to have come, but see I live in CA and I am busy on Saturdays...


I am a teenager and I love reading! I would LOVE to come to one of your book events, but I do not think they are ever close to me... :( I consume your books and they inspire me in so many ways. Thank so much Shannon!!!


i don't think ur books events r ever close to st. louis... other wise i would come and drag some friends with me (since teens usually come in bunches :) )!


*raises hand* I'm a teen! And if I lived in Utah (or happened to be in that general area at the time), I would totally go, especially if it's on a Saturday. Because of school, I'm not really allowed to go out on weekdays (except Fridays) because of homework. Fridays and weekends (unless I'm swamped with the aforementioned eight-letter h-word) are pretty good, and I would definitely try to go to a signing then!

Ahhh...but can I say how much I love that wig? So cute!! How that was ever made is beyond me.


I think most teens have the same problem - I'd love to go, but no one ever seems to come anywhere near my city. Otherwise, I would so totally be there!


Umm, the interpretive dance? Rocks!


oooh! ooooh! I'm a teen! Pick me!
well, i try to go to as many events as possible. But they always seem to be too far away- no one visits upstate New York. And I always seem to hear about them the day they happen. So basically I've never been to any. But if you come around I'd definitely go!!!!!!!! If I was going to go to an event for anyone, it would be you, of course.


So yeah, this post is a year old. Who cares?! But if you ever have a release in Oregon, believe me, I will do my frightening best to get there. And yes, I'm a teen.

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