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December 14, 2009



I just read Forest Born and loved it. Thank you for such an inspiring book. It was as wonderful as Goose Girl.

It's funny to hear that you had such a hard time writing it (funny odd, not funny ha, ha). It flows so well and really pushed me toward introspection. Was it harder because it was required, rather than something you originally wanted to write?

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Was it required? Huh. Could have fooled me. I loved Forest Born. It was beautiful. In fact I couldn't part with it. It's been by my bed for months, and only two nights ago could I bear to put it up on the bookshelf with ever so much care.

Shannon M.

As much as I'd love another Bayern book, I'm mostly just excited for another Shannon Hale book--I can never get enough. So as long as you keep writing (I'm sorry, you're not allowed to retire--ever--because I said so!) I'll be more than happy to buy and read. :)

Je Reve

Thanks for answering so quickly, Shannon! I'm working on trailer # two right now...
Yeah, I am vid-making nerd.

Ruby Diamond

If the contest is decided by popular vote (which was my impression) one might not want two entries. If you get 1,500 votes on one and 2,000 on the other; well, maybe the winning one that got 2,001 votes could have been you without the other entry. In some ways two would increase your chances of winning, but it might be best to withdraw one entry. Just some thoughts.

Katie @ cakes, tea and dreams

I loved Forest Born and I love Bayern - but like Shannon M., I'm always just excited to read whatever you write.


I carried Forest Born around for like a month after I read it. I even took it to North Carolina with a group of other books that deserved to get off the bookshelf...hehee.
I hope so much you write another Bayern Book in the future. I NEED more Bayern to keep my life sane. (I also need to see some more Razo and Enna and Conrad... :] )

Shannon Morris

I received the sweetest little letter from Faith Hochhalter the other day. Thank you for sending my message to her last spring. Any news on Project Book Babe becoming non-profit, and to Salt Lake?


Ahh yes, Chelsea ^ said it!!!! I want a Conrad book! Finn too, but more Conrad!!!!! Just something to keep in mind. :)

Aryn P.

I loved Forest Born, it was great. I read the books of Bayern every year. They are so beautiful each time is like I am reading them for the first time.


I just finished reading Forest Born yesterday!! It took me a whole day to read. It was so amazing and yes it was just as good as Goose Girls is. I would like to see more of the Bayern. I agree, Conrad and Finn would be amazing. I love their characters. thank you for all that you do.


Oh, you've got to write another Bayern book! I wouldn't mind waiting a few years so long as I could get back to Bayern! No pressure... just a book about Finn might be nice...:D


I love Forest Born, and I love all the Books of Bayern. I read a ton, and the Books of Bayern are some of the few books that I love reading over and over again and never tire of. It's so nice to be able to read clean, wholesome books that contain all the feeling, adventure, romance and danger that make a great story. Thank you for writing these stories and sharing them with us.


I agree whole-heartedly with Rochelle! Couldn't have said it better. I read the Books of Bayern over and over and never tire of them!


Just finished Forest Born myself... and I really enjoyed it. I love Rin and loved visiting all my other favorites again (which is just about every character!). I agree that it bookends The Goose Girl nicely, tying the plot of all four books together as well (clever!).

I've read all your books now, and enjoyed every one. Thanks for all your hard work!


Forest Born may have been one of your hardest books to write, but it was definitely one of your best. Forest Born and Actor and the Housewife are my current favorites.


loved this book! Cant wait (if) for another book! Rin reminds me of.. me! I have my signed copy of it on my side table with my Enna Burning.


I loved Forest Born. My friend is having problems and Rin helped me understand a little of how she might be feeling. Thanks.


Ho. Lee. Cow.

Shannon, I think Forest Born might be your best yet. Well, at least this one moved me the most. There was something about the way Rin struggled with the good vs. bad in herself that was so powerful, I was crying by the end. Thank you for writing it.

(Oh, and I almost forgot...I love how you neatly tied all four of the books together. Some things I had figured out early in the book, but you blindsided me with that one twist in the middle. Loved it!)

Esther Allen

Just finished Forest Born...about fifteen minutes ago. I loved it. Well done.

I love Rin. She reminds me of one of my roommates. She's a great character, and I hope we do get more Bayern books eventually (I'm keeping my fingers crossed here), because I want to see more of Rin. And Conrad. I always loved Conrad too.

Also, I love that you're continually developing Isi. She is my other favorite character that you've written.


I finished forest born the day I got it. I dearly wish for a next book, because Shannon's amazing fairytales keep me wanting to write and finish my book. So far 35 pages and I am poohed. It's amazing how u write more then 300. I really like this cover...but my other bayern books don't match it and it looks a bit werid haha. I adore your writting and have read all of your books. I love the jane Austen book espically since I have always loved her books. I loved sense and sensibilty and pride and preduice as well as emma. I would be first in line if goose girl or any of your books became a movie! I would love a post on who you or your fans think should play the characters in the movie!


I really loved all the books and i hope that you will write more soon. these books would make a very good movie and I would definetly be there to see it. You are an amazing author and your other books are really good but Bayern draws me especially. Those girls are inspirational and magical.These books have inspired me to start my own books because the best readers make the best authors.So again, PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER BOOK!!You relize this is what you get for writing good bokks, you need to write more about bayern it's no question you just have too!


Oh! I lovvvvvvveeeeeeeee razo!!! My gosh his THE hawtest guy ever!!! (even tho his not in a movie:? Hint hint) but I absolutely adore him..even tho I'm more of an enna then a dasha hehe but still! Movie would beeeeeee awesssummmeee!!!


I agree with lilly! We need a different cover pleaseeee!! Haha but seriously!

Tessa Reynolds

When I got Forest Born from the Library I was worried because I only had one week to finish it. I needn't worry I finished it the next morning. The hard part was taking it back to the library!


Yeah, I think conrad should have a book. i want to know more about him


I love the Bayern books because of how you had such wonderful characters and enthralling plots. I especially loved "The Goose Girl" because of how you gave the story a tweak with just the right amount of fantasy (which I love) and adventures. After I picked up the book, I couldn't put it down and read the whole thing through. My mom got mad at me because I was reading in the afternoon--it started to get dark--and I forgot to turn on the light. After I finished it, I went to my library's website and requested the next two books. I read "Enna Burning" in two days because I started at about 9 PM. I usually do most of my reading at night, beginning around 10 or 11! ;) I read "River Secrets" and later found it strange that Razo was the only boy narrative in the Bayern series! "Forest Born" was fascinating to me because it tied it all together. I think that you should write another book, probably about King Geric--before he and Isi/Anidori/Goose Girl met and got married. I think that it would be riveting to hear what his life was like before. I wrote book reviews on all four books, and my friends and teachers agreed that they sounded like adventurous books. Merry Christmas! :)

Alyssa B.

I would love more Bayern! I feel like best friends with all of the characters! I enjoyed reading the books and its so sad to know that I might not get the chance to enter that world again. Honestly your books have definitely inspired me. These are four books I will most certainly read again. I agree a book on geric would be awesome or even Dasha, but have you ever thought of later adding an older Tusken into the mix? just curious Thanks for all your wonderful works of art!

Erika F.

i think a book following either Finn or Geric or Conrad would be good with Rin finding a Forest boy to marry and showin the new Rin. I think the series should continue because they give hapiness and enjoyment to the readers. For me, these books have been the mose enticing I have read in a while.


I just finished reading all of the books in the "The Books of Bayern" series and loved them all so much. Once I started to read I didn't want to put the books down. And I'm wondering if there is going to be another book in the series? Maybe about Dasha, Geric, or Finn?


I guess my letter didn't help then. Well I trust that the wonderful Books of Bayern are in the wonderful hands they have always been in and that you are making the right decision. Although I do wish Rin had a boy...oh well. I can't wait to read Calamity Jack and see all of your other masterpieces!


I loved Goose Girl and Enna Burning. I still have yet to read River Secrets. I just bought Forest Born so i'm pretty excited to read it. :D The world of Bayern just takes me away.

David Neumann

If there's going to be a sequel to something, I would love to learn of the future adventures of a certain mountain girl in the big city Lowlands.



Well, i loved Forest Born. you are an isparation to me Shannon! Its because of you i want to be a writer. your storys are enchanting! i think you should write another book, with the main charater names Monica (I wish i was named that!) and her talent is earth speaking... just want to make a segestion. hope you see this!


i love all your books about bayern they leave me wanting more. This past book Forest Born was a bit darker but i found myself really liking Rin. all your characters are so likeable! :D keep on writing, please! just wondering, so far you've written from the prespectives of Isi, Enna, Razo, and Rin would you ever write from Conrad's point of veiw. i really like his character.

Leah Thomas

I love these books. Me and a friend are in college now and we were both getting sick of the uptight literature that is constantly being crammed down our throats that we decided to revert back to the books we loved when we were younger teens. I went to the library to pick up River Secrets and to my surprise Forest Born was right there next to it, one I hadn't read or heard of. I just finished it and really enjoyed it, but I related to it a lot. I know that feeling of self-loathing that comes with not knowing who you are or where you belong and understanding that what you say can have severe consequences. Though you still have a voice that needs to be heard.

As for another book, I understand that these kind of books aren't ones you can force yourself to sit down and write, but I wouldn't mind seeing Tusken come into his own. I'm curious what trouble he could get into growing up with all the crazy women surrounding him! :D

I have just one more thing to add though, and don't take this the wrong way but you books devastate me. I just hate finishing them because now what... Now I'm plopped back into reality with homework and papers and finals just over the horizon.


I am in LOVE with the Books of Bayern. Absolutely my favorite series. Shannon Hale NEEDS to write more of these books - on her own time, BUT soon. River Secrets and Forest Born are my favorite books but my favorite characters are Isi, Enna, Finn, Geric, Rin and absolutely Dasha. I think that Shannon Hale is the best author in the world along with Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling.

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