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October 21, 2009



I like secret projects! (Especially when those secrets are revealed!)

Je Reve

Can't wait to hear you on the radio. Can't wait for the reveal!!!
Thanks for the post, Shannon.

Shannon M.

Wow--no typos. I'm impressed. :)

Three weeks is SUCH a long time to wait! (and I am NOT a patient person)

Seriously, will you consider bribery? My imaginary first born child is up for grabs!


I just finished reading Book of a Thousand days fifteen minutes ago. Wow.


Random, but I had to say, every night before bed when my pick up my copy of Forest Born to read, I get a little sad when I look at the cover. I miss the Alison Jay cover jacket that it might have been. And up next to my other Bayern books, it just looks out of place. However, the inside of the book doesn't disappoint. So that's good.


Hey, this is about off the subject of your post Shannon, but I was wondering, is Finn a major character in Forest Born?


I can't wait to hear about your super secret project!


I really really really really want to hear the secret project. I can keep a secret. But I can't help not knowing one! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! NOT Fair.


if the radio show does an mp3 we'd love a link!


Heh heh, when I saw Book of A Thousand Days in my Waldenbooks, I did a little happy dance and bought it straightaway. It's keeping me company during flu season! :)


PLS, PLS! I wanna know!!!!

Meredith B.

Here's the link to the interview. Just click on the round, shiny silver button on the left-hand side of the screen to play it.


Anne Holman

You were on with Diana Gabaldon? I love her!!!


Is Finn a major FB character?


Someone please reply...


He's in there, for sure. I'd say he's somewhat major.


Thank you so much! Finally my question is answered:).


I am so thrilled that there's a girl's face on Thousand Days now, and that she's not white! There are way too many books that avoid having people of color on the cover for no good reason.

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