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October 22, 2009


Je Reve

Ah! I'm on 3 minutes after Shannon posted! Its like being in the same room... virtually.

I loved Story of a Girl, which I read about 2 weeks ago. So poignant. It made me wonder if we should defy emotional events in our lives to be who we want, or to rise above the sorrow in spite (or TO spite) it. I can't wait to read the other 2 books. Thank you, awesome writer ladies!

Shannon M.

What a great interview. Makes me want to read the book. Here's hoping you'll let us know how the "interviewing each other" thing goes for those of us who *sighs* cannot make it.

And darn-it--now I want casserole and Baked Alaska for dinner! Sadly those are beyond my culinary skills. :(

Andrea H.

Oh, how great! I just picked up a copy of Sweethearts from my library yesterday, not knowing much about the book or about Sara Zarr. But the cover looked so good I could eat it, so I figured that was a good sign. I'm excited to read this one as well as the other two titles.


Cool, another awesome writer to read up on! She sounds great. :)


This sounds great. I actually did a research project about religion in teen fiction a couple of years ago, and I agree, there's not much out there that is both mainstream and positive. I'm excited to read this!


I've been longing for more books about sincere Christian characters that aren't written in the constraints of the Christian book market ever since I read "Actor and the Housewife." Thanks for helping me find another!

Shannon Morris

I love it so much when brilliant authors get together and chat, what fun! I loved Sara's The Way He Lived and have the rest of her books on my very long, I'll never get it all done, books to read list. Hope so much to see you Saturday!!!! Loving, loving, loving Forest Born, by the way. Read the whole first half yesterday in every spare minute. Love that that wicked little snit is back!!!!

Meredith B.

Totally off topic-- I posted a link to the Voice of America interview audio file in the comments on Shannon's last blog entry, and it reminded me that the National Book Festival videos are online now, too! So all of us can virtually attend a Shannon Hale presentation! Yay! Here's the link to a page that has both Shannon's presentation and the Exquisite Corpse Adventure presentation:



I think the books with "Christian" characters are going to make a come-back. I'm writing one with a religious female protagonist, and the book isn't centered on any church. Just her trust in God and his loving hand. I'm sick of all the paranormal YA. It makes me groan just looking at it. There's WAY too much and it's all the same. So I'm writing my own. ^_^

Meredith B.

I like it all-- books about people of faith, books about paranormal stuff, books about people of faith who find themselves tangled up in paranormal stuff (I mean, lets face it, the Christian faith has angels and demons. How much more paranormal can you get?) and books about all other kinds of stuff. As long as it has a good plot and good character development, I'm usually in. But you're absolutely right in that if the books you want to read don't exist, then sit down and write them! That's what J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis decided to do-- really, it's documented! And we all know how well that turned out! I can't wait to read your book once it gets published, Katie.

Shannon Morris

Just gotta say that the discussion with Sara Zarr was so much fun!!! Authors and writers are such a different breed and it's awesome!!! Hope your primary program went well, they always do, glad you found your phone, and I deleted your number, but feel free to call me anytime!!!


Shannon, I picked up Forest Born from the library yesterday and read it in one loooong sitting. I LOVED it! It's right up there with Goose Girl. Thank you for sharing such an awesome story with us. I thrilled to the strong women working together theme. I have three little girls and can't wait to read this with them someday!
p.s. Can you write more about Rhinna, please? ;)


I just read Once Was Lost, and thought it did a fantastic job of portraying real faith/struggle. It felt very authentic and believable--something I rarely feel in more explicitly "Christian" fiction, strangely.


Hum . . . Shannon, you might want to post a link to your previous interview with Robin Brande (Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature) as a counterpoint with the new Zarr novel. Excellent, stuff -- keep it up!


Dear Ms. Hale,
in your blog post, Sara Zarr mentions GoodReads, a site that I'm a member on. Everyone on GoodReads would love it if you joined!

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