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September 17, 2009


Amanda Norr

Nice Poem. I am so excited for your books. My daughter brought the Actor and the Housewife home for me today, I am so excited, I requested it when it was released and it has taken the bookmobile this long to get it. I'm off to read!


I just finished forest born yesterday, and i absolutely loved it! I'm fourteen and an aspiring writer and your books help me whenever I'm in a tight spot in my own book. I'll have almost given up on it, and then i read your books and remember the magic of storytelling. so thank you for writing these incredible books!


Ahhh!!!!! Everyone keeps saying how good Forest Born is but I have yet to read it!!!!! My mom refuses to take me to B&N until Friday night. I think maybe I can make it through tommorrow. Maybe. But I also might spontaneously combust during ninth period.


I got my copy of Forest Born yesterday........I can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!


I finished The Actor and the Housewife today, when I should have been studying. Without any spoilers, it did make me cry, which is weird (and cool) because books don't usually do that to me. I'm still mulling over what I think about it but excellent writing as always, I love that you always keep us on our toes as to what you will write next!

Keep up the AMAZING work!


Ooh...a secret project! I should get FB tomorrow...can't wait!


Congratulations on Forest Born coming out. It's a lovely story, and I saw it in Barnes today and did a little happy dance (that would be after ohhh ahh and oogling over it :) ). And secret project sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear more about it * crosses fingers for another fantasy novel *


Like I said before, Forest Born was an absolute gift to read, I had to stop myself from completely devouring it. It was so much fun to go on an adventure with Rin, and to share it with Isi, Enna, Dashi, and Razo. I loved how you tied in the other stuff from the Goose Girl. It was an overly awesome book and my life would be complete if I could hear some more stories on the magical world of Bayern.


Congratulations on the award winning! You deserve it.

And Forest Born was absolutely outstanding. The day I spent reading it felt like it lasted weeks--utter bliss! :D

That poem is so powerful. I'm going to have to write it down...

Je Reve

I read FB within 22 hours of getting it. I am in love with Bayern anew. This story took me away, and I am delighted that Shannon's books can always do that for me. Miri, Dashti, Jane, Ani, Enna, Razo, Rin, Becky and Felix, and every person that walks out of Shannon's laptop stays with me. They're real enough to be called my friends. I just wish Bayern had a foreign exchange student program.

I can't wait for your next posting!


Secret project! Like the true author you are you know how to keep us coming back for more :)


I can't beleive Forest Born is coming out! I also have yet to read The Actor and the Housewife, but I am hoping to get it asap. wonderful poem, by the way :)


Can I live in Bayern? Please?
I'll take Conrad if Rin doesn't want him ;)
I got Forest Born Tuesday night, but didn't get to finish it until Wednesday morning. It was so good I was practically screaming my head off about it to anyone that would listen!
There better be another one!
Looking forward to Daisy Danger Brown ;) and LOVE the poem <3


that is a beautifully simple poem. :D
what's this?! a new project?! i'm excited already! :D:D:D

Ruby Diamond

Ah, I love poems! And I just finished Forest Born. Loved it. Fantastic again! Okay so here is a poem from Kindermusik that I've been loving lately, along the nature theme.

The morning glory starts so low

Then it begins to twist and turn
And twist and turn
As it climbs high to the sky

Open your petals wide

Sun warm your face
Sun warm your face

Close your petals tight
It's the end of the day

Shannon M.

My darling husband bought Forest Born for me (I have him well trained, don't I?). It's been a crazy week so I haven't been able to start, but I'm already setting my Saturday night aside (yes, that's right, who needs a night out when there's a Shannon Hale book to read?)

And now you dangle a secret project in front of me? You're killing me! (So excited though). Can we convince you to give an obscure hint if we ask really nicely?

Jessie Carty

congrats :)


We're driving up tonight so that we can be there tomorrow - all of my sisters and two of my nieces. Thanks for giving us a reason to get together!

Congrats on the good stuff!


Loved, loved, LOVED Forest Born! Your work is definitely among my favorites and I love how cheery you seem to constantly be.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

I love secret projects. Please keep coming out with them. Hopefully I'll be able to make King's English on Saturday! Again, loved Forest Born.


I've been waiting so long for Forest Born, and I consumed it like a desert nomad would water. Bayern is one of my favorite series, or groups of books, because I guess they don't have to go in order. I really hope there will be more!! Maybe one from Finn's perspective? *hopeful looks, bats eyes*


I remmember the day i got river secrets. I READ TO CHAPTER FIVE!

Amster :)

i would give my right arm for a story from Finn's POV. His is like, my dream dude. Oh. My. Heck. Not even kidding. PLEASE: let Razo keep bugging you! i cant give up Bayern yet!


YaY good I'm not the only one who wants Finn have his own book! I agree I can't five up bayern yet so I hope taxi bugs you into another book!! XP

Laura Z M

Secret project? I love secret projects! Of all the many types of projects, secret is my favorite.


I went to buy Forest Born today, and they were SOLD OUT!!! I couldn't believe it! I thought I'd be safe to go buy it today. I guess there are a lot of Shannon Hale fans here in North Carolina!!

I've got to fit it in before next weekend, since I'll be seeing you in D.C.! Can't wait!


HeY Shannon it's Lilly you signed my book today at kings english, I was there with my friends Erika and Eliza and we thought your side show was hilarious!! I am already 130 pages through the book and I just wanted to tell you that it's so amazing so I an gonna go back to reading! Thank you!


Thank you so much for Forest Born. I got it yesterday at your book signing and am already half way through it, because I'm sick today. I swear, it's saving me from raving craziness. So thank you a ton. And did I mention that the book is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING??? I love it, and I already can't wait for the next one (I hope there is a next one...)
*ahem* FINN


my mom ordered forest born on amazon.AWESOME!

Desire Lane

the first time i read one of your books was in grade 9 during a literature circle assignment and i was reading The Goose Girl. i loved the book so much i finished it before all of my group and i got in trouble, but i didnt care it was such a good book.now i own The Goose Girl, Enna Burning, River Secrets and hopefully Forest Born :) so far i have read all three books three time, finished River Secrets Yesterday :):)

Sondra Eklund

Here's my review:

I never doubted that I would love it. Beautiful!


Before reading it: thanks for your imagination, i love your books!!!
Wish Austenland comes to Spain ;)

Sara W.

beutiful poem! so delightful to read about nature!


Yesterday I got Forest Born at around 3 PM. Excluding a short break for dinner and company around 6, I had finished it by 11 that night (and stayed up much too late, resulting in a very tired but satisfied Jenn at 5:30 in the morning getting ready for school). I loved it! I'm about to start reading it again, this time for more of the details (I'm a story person-I zip through a book first, devouring all the juicy plot points, then re-read, enjoing all the literary elements that make a book really special). I think it fit perfectly into the other Bayern books while at the same time being just a bit different, which still made for a really good book. The thing that awes me everytime I read your books is how well you capture the emotions-there is never a moment when I cannot completly believe in every aspect of your tales. Every feeling any of your carachters and I have shared is captured exactly as I remember it, and you always seem to explain that feeling in your stomach just the right way. It's not something that can be said about just any author.
I sincerly hope that the future brings another Bayern book, as long as it feels right for you to write. Perhaps a Finn, or maybe one about a love-intrest for Rinna?

And the Kellish tale about the king, the poet, and cleric-it made me think about what the wolf was. I think I've got two good answers for it, one a profession and one an emotion-am I allowed to post it here? Would that be too much of a spoiler?

Shannon Stinson

Shannon, I am just now catching up on some of your posts...haven't been to your site in quite a while! So I'm going to add some comments here pertaining to your earlier posts. I, too, am on our school's library committee and have chaired the committee more times than I'd like (due to lack of volunteers!) If you ever need ideas for your library, I'd love to share ideas for.....decorating (we've got a huge spider web in one corner of the library, complete with "SOME PIG" spelled out in the middle)...fund raising (our small magnet school has one of the most profitable per-capita book fairs in the state)...grants (we just requested and received a matching $90,000 grant for our elementary library, just 4 years after we opened)... or any other library related topic! I LOVE THE LIBRARY! (Almost as much as I love books!)

Top books to add to an elementary school library? Most people who commented hit on the classics, I definitely agree with all those recommendations, but here are a few newer books/series that you may not have discovered yet:

1)The Underneath (my favorite children's book of the year so far)

2)The Skippy Jon Jones books - utterly hilarious, especially for oral reading - have to add the Spanish accent for full effect!

3) The Penderwicks - delightful, wholesome and so entertaining...reminds me of the sweet Hayley Mills Disney movies when I was a kid

4) The Mistmantle Chronicles - fantasy with animals for lead characters...kind of like the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques, but not quite so violent.

5) Savvy - very fun coming of age story - with a little magic thrown in - always makes it better!

And it goes without saying, your books are a MUST for any reputable library!! As a life-long bookworm, who is raising my own little bookworms, who have read almost everything our local library holds and then some...you are hands-down our favorite children's author! Just ordered Forest Born...can't wait for it to get here!!


I begged my mom to take me to b&n the day Forest Born came out but i had to do chores, same the day after. Last Thursday i fianlly got it and when i got home i was jumping all over the place.

It is utterly your fault i have stayed up until 11 every night since to read it. It was toatlly worth it though :) I loved it along with all the rest of your books.

I finished it last night and i did not want it to end.

Please, please write another book of Bayern. Mabie one about Dasha, Finn, or another about Ani... PLEASE!!! I am begging.


I finished The Actor and the Housewife recently.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!! Really. Every page!

Thank you!


Congrats on award, Shannon!

I meant to go to bed at eleven last night but stayed up till almost one finishing "The Actor and the Housewife." There was Kleenex involved. I'm still mulling over the ending (any chance of a sequel?).

Lovely, lovely writing, as always.


Katie Rose

I am in a state of bliss, having just finished Forest Born and absolutely loving it.

Claire Saunders

I'm reading Forest Born. I savor it like I savor my favorite candy. I could read it one day but then it would be gone. I would have nothing to enjoy-stolen afternoons when kids are at school and hubby's at work. Yes savoring everything in life gives me the simplicity I'm always searching for.


Okay Shannon, here's what I love about your books, including Forest Born, which I just finished: They all have heroines who DO stuff, they balance negative things with positive ones, and although they have a tendency to save worlds and kingdoms, they are the kind of people you'd love to have for friends as well. (As opposed to the I-hate-relationships-so-stay-away-from-me-so-I-can-be-strong-and-absolutely-alone kind, or the I-casually-kill-people kind, or the let's-eradicate-men kind. (For the record, I dislike books about eradicating women just as much.)

Also, it's obvious that you know brothers and sisters and toddlers and husbands and friends, because all of them--even the baby who can't speak clearly yet--have fully formed personalities. (Although thing I dislike is the overly cutesy or alternately blob-personality baby in a book. If you're going to stick one in, they'd better ring true!)

It might have been a hard book to write, but Forest Born worked really, really well!


I loved Forest Born!!! I think Tusken is ADORABLE!! My cousin and I where wondering if you plan to continue with the books of bayern or are you done? If you do write another we really want to know what happens with Rin and Wilem. Also Dasha and Razo, Enna and Finn, and Isi, Geric and Tusken! We love your stories and how the make you feel like you are that person! You are so awsome!

Kristen Ahrens

Ah, Forest Born! I read it just yeasterday, and I must admit... I have loved all the Books of Bayern, but to me, they have been primarily different ways of looking at Ani/Isi. I didn't think it was possible to be so completely in love with a character that wasn't Sam Gamgee. As for that certain catlike character... wow. Can't say I was expecting to see her again.

Kristen Ahrens

P.S. As for Razo... Ani's still my favorite, but Razo is proably the most hilarious character in all of literature!


I've read the books of Bayern and the Actor and the Housewife. I love Felix!

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