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August 31, 2009



Awesome-lishioush! How exciting-- two contests! Have fun, ya'll who are doing 'em! (;
Yep, that's how it goes; all 'spoilers' are different-- like how those people who read the ending of the books (I do it so I never truly really poor my eyes out when I reading in public and someone dies!) won't be really surprised when someone dies, because they know they'll only read the back first. :P Amazing. And some people might consider finding out wheat the middle of the book is 'bout, because they wanted to read it on their own. :) Great observation!

Je Reve

I posted my entry for Rapunzel on June 6th, and am utterly relieved that Marcus isn't entered. I had lost hope. But now...
My video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Oa11OBIjXI
Or to see all the other awesome entries (2 at the moment, I think, just search Rapunzel's Revenge on youtube. Also, feel welcome to comment. Thanks for the post, Shannon!
Je reve des livres


Our book club may have to break our time honored tradtion and do a grown-up book for a change.

Kudos for the Sutton thing.

Tia Juana

Why can I not get your books on Kindle???

Shannon M.

Did you know your blog was also referenced in the Twitterverse?

@barrygoldblatt tweeted a link to your post along with a link to John Green's response so I'm sure that got even more people reading it (he has 783 followers after all)

I don't think you do twitter (think carefully before you start--it's INSANELY addictive) so I thought I would mention it in case you didn't know. (And yes, in case you're wondering I'm a total twitter nerd.)


Aw, I'd love to make a trailer, but I don't really know how... But still--contests!! :D


Does my book group get a prize for already discussing The Actor and the Housewife? We had about 10 of us get together at the beginning of August to discuss it.


Ooooh. I will do the first one, and I will crack the whip on my husband, who has been wanting to do the second.


When will The Actor and the Houswife come out in paperback? And I know the hardcover of Forest Born isn't even out yet, but when will that come out?


i'll have to do the actor and housewife once I get the book...but I'm up for the challenge.

Kelly Bryson

Shannon, I just stopped in to tell you that I just read the "Book of a Thousand Days" and it was wonderful. I am working on my own novel (who isn't, right?) and for several reasons appreciate your work. First, I can lose myself in your language, without going into editing mode. Second, it's helpful to see the example of moms who put their kids first, but don't quit dreaming. Thanks for the wonderful stories! -Kelly


I just finished reading A&H and LOVED it (I read Austenland again too, I'm Shannon Hale binging!). The dialog was fantastic! I laughed out loud over and over again and also cried a ton. What a great book. I'm talking to our book group leader about maybe reading it for our group...we'll see what happens. I thought it would make for a great discussion if we also read that article on spiritual fidelity that was in the Ensign this month. That would definitely get the opinions flowing!


These contests sound great. It reminds me of Julia Golding's(british author) website, she worte many great books (like you) and had a contest (like you)-- except that it was about writing a poem describing one of her main character's adventures, and the wittiest one would get a signed copy of one of her books. It was really fun. I know I'm blabbing on but here's her website if your curious:


Alas, I am bookclub-less, but I read A&H on my own and enjoyed it tremendously, just as I did Princess Academy. I'm requesting Austenland from the library today! Thanks for the great reads.

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Our book club may have to break our time honored tradtion and do a grown-up book for a change.

Kudos for the Sutton thing.


For the Actor and and Houswife report, do we email that to you? Should I write an essay about it or just a few paragraphs? I've read The Actor and the Housewife 6 times...It is one of the best books I've ever read! I want to participate in the costest, but I don't know where to submit my report. -Ruth


I don't have a book club either...but I can read it again with a book club if that counts.




When is the report due?

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