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July 22, 2009



I agree with writing the scene as opposed to just a note for substance. This applies to journal writing as well. Often a note doesn't provide enough to jog my memory but a "scene" even if it's a quick jotting of essentials provides me with enough info to flesh out the entry at a later time.

Thank you so much to you and Dean for signing Rapunzel's Revenge for Jessica (and Amy for getting it for her!-it's the only book of yours we didn't have)-and I did love the ARC of The Actor and the Housewife.


I can't BELIEVE I'm missing out on another of your signings. And I live so close to Comic-Con San Diego, too!!

I see what you mean by getting other, bigger ideas by writing. But this is such a great tip for me--writing scenes to capture the essence of it. Thank you! :D

Shannon M.

I don't think I'll see you at Comic-Con (I could only snag Sunday passes, and I think you'll be gone by then...*tear*). But I'll keep an eye out just in case...

Thanks for the writing tip. I started doing the same thing a few months ago, so now I feel like I'm doing something right--though I wish I could write linearly on my drafts, like you. I jump all over the place...which means I'm probably doing five times the work...but I can't seem to make my brain stay in one place. That's why I have the beginning and the end of my draft almost right, and some great stuff in the middle, and a whole bunch of nothing connecting them. *sighs*

Anyway, have fun at Comic Con. I'll be rooting for Rapunzel.


Oh Comic Con. I blurted it out today when I saw a friend was going and hubby turned to me and said, "Since when do you care about Comic Con?" There always seems to be interesting stuff going on there.

Speaking of which I heard something interesting from a friend who went last year. She said it was smelly. I have a guess as to why but now you're gonna be aware of it huh? :) Seriously though have a good time and take a few pics to share (or hand your camera to someone to take pics for you--wish I could be that person).

I love that tidbit of writing in scenes!


BRILLIANT! Writing the essence of a scene out is what I need to start doing. I jot down too many dizzying notes and then I have to piece it all together. Sometimes it's sort of similar to translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. I knew there was a trick out there, but seriously you just made it so simple, I feel sheepish. I'll have to apply you little tidbit. Thanks!


Have fun at Comic-con! That's a great idea to write out the scene. When I first started writing my novel, it all came to me so quickly that I did as many scenes like that as I could. You can always go back to fill things out and revise eight times or whatever. I imagine that sketching out future scenes like that can also help you recover some passion for the project when you are at a seeming dead end.


I completely agree with the writing in scenes thing. I have found random little notes in my notebooks before and been sooo mad I couldn't remember what the heck was going on through my head! Writing a scene does help, and that's been what I'm doing lately, especially, like Shannon M. said, I tend to skip around with my writing a lot.

L.T. Elliot

What a brilliant idea! I never thought about it like that before, as a way to keep the idea alive and brimming with potential! Me thinks I will have to steal your shortcut. =]


I remember scenes so do what ever works for you. have fun at comic-con.

Julia Slaughter

For those of us at Comic-con, will you be somewhere for book signing? I brought my Book of a Thousand Days with me all the way from Mobile on the off chance there is!


Awesome! Good luck, Shannon!

Holly Thatcher

This is unrelated to your recent post, but I just wanted to tell you I read The Actor and The Housewife and I wanted to tell you why I loved it.
1. I laughed.
2. I cried.
3. I read it all in one day. (I haven't done that since Twilight.)
4. I couldn't stop thinking about it after I finished.
5. I had a dream about the characters.
6. I am still thinking about it.
6. It has inspired me to take one of the story ideas that has been bouncing around in my head and actually write it down.

Thank You Shannon!

Je Reve


Have fun in San Deigo! It's hot north of there, so Rapunzel might need a new get-up....

Shannon M.

So sad! Rapunzel didn't win. :-(

Well...I still think you deserved it.

Amy Lynn

Comic-con seems to be the happening place to be this weekend. I only wish I could go and see you and all the other cool celebrities.

Thanks for sharing the tip about writing in scenes. A friend and I were talking about how that seems to be a good way to keep ideas straight, and it's heartening to hear from a successful author that we're on the right track.

Olivia T.

Thanks so much for the short-cut advice Miss Shannon! =]
Also, I just wanted to let you know that I replied to your email. I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply!

stephanie m.

I was at Comic-Con yesterday but couldn't find any sign of you, Shannon. I asked all around but no one knew anything about your being there. And your publisher was apparently not represented at any of the booths. Where were you?

Marcus Aurelius


Kim Harris Thacker

Thanks for the great tip, Shannon. I was working on a revision of my novel today and had an idea for a scene in another novel, and I just jotted down a few words. Now I'll go back and flesh out the scene a little so I don't forget.

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