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March 14, 2009



He hasn't written you back? For shame, Colin Firth!


I'm so excited to read this book. I think it's going to be really awesome.

Thanks for sharing the letter!

Miss Erin

I love this.
And I really really can't wait to read the book. :)


Thanks for writing this! I am so excited to read your book!:)

Avery + the delicious Posie Nubbins

Colin doesn't know what he's missing. Honestly. If I had a book dedicated to me (which I don't and never will), I would make the author a cake, and put the lovely little gum paste roses on it, and deliver it to them at an embarassing-but-very-flattering-time.
Thank you for sharing the letter! I can't wait for TAATHW to come out!

L.T. Elliot

I'm surprised Colin hasn't written you back. You're right. He totally should.

That letter was awesome! Ah...to get an ARC.


A dream, eh? Does this mean that there's a stunning plot twist in the middle of the book in which it is revealed that Felix's skin sparkles in the sunshine? :-) Can't wait to read the new book!

Candi Criddle

Hi Shannon, I just got back from the writers conference over the weekend at UVU so I only have one word to say-Scrotum.
Also, Colin Firth is great, you're like David Letterman and Oprah. However I feel compelled to mention two words "Richard Armitage" made famous in the BBC version of Gaskell's "North and South." He is dynamite, and bringing sexy back.


The main reason (I hope) colin is not returning your calls, is maybe because he never has recieved it.
its pretty awkwrd that he hasn't written back.

I might be having a weird kind of imagination but maybe somebody ate the letter you wrote.


The book I'm working on started in a dream, too. I hate telling people that. It's feels so overdone.


Also, IT feels overdone. UGH!


Man, that pie looks so good, I wanna eat it!!


Yeah, Casey, I know how you feel. This one book I'm working on (which evolved into a series) started with a dream. It's one of the many reasons why people think I'm insane. It's just become such a cliche.

But I guess as long as the book is good... :)


The process you described is fascinating to me. After finishing a book that I love...I am almost always left pondering- how did they do that!? I appreciate the glimpse. I will be looking for THE ACTOR AND THE HOUSEWIFE!


I love that spine.


SOOO excited!


That is a gorgeous spine. And gracias for the sneak peek!

Shawna JC Tenney

Hi Shannon, I went to the UVU conference, and I really enjoyed your talk on being a writter mama. I have a blog that I share with some other illustrators called the children's book blog for illustrators. I would like to share the notes I took from your talk, and I wondered if that would be alright? I know you are so totally busy, and if you never get back to me, I totally understand. I just thought it might be good to ask. I would of course say that it was from your talk! I enjoyed the little sneak peek into "An Actor and a House Wife." Thanks!


I didn't get to go to the writer mama session. Mostly because I'll probably never be a mama...you know...since I'm a guy.

But I did enjoy "What I Wish I'd Known" and, of course, your keynote.

Also, I think I ate your fingernail. ;)

Lois Moss

I can totally understand the Colin Firth thing. Mmmm! And then there's reality. But hey, I love the spine! And can't wait to get the book when it comes out. ARC would be fab, but, uh, then there's reality.

Lilly Dideno

My husband grew up with Abba... Abba was huge in the U.S. but in Europe... move over David Hasselhoff! (If you've ever lived in Germany, you know what I'm talking about.) So when Mamma Mia came out in the theaters, my husband --yea, the tough guy--was more excited than I was!
He had no idea how Fortune would smile on him.
It happened when I, with my Colin Firth/Darcy obsession, began screaming during the movie, "NOOOOOOOOOO!" as if it were a bad horror flick. I watched as the once "Smoky Elizabeth Gaze" was turned unexpectantly into something else entirely. I hid my face in my hands, trying to erase the image I just saw, but to no avail. My husband ever so tenderly began laughing his butt off, whispering, "Die Darcy, Die!"
I'm glad I read Austenland BEFORE I saw THAT movie...) Sigh, It's just not the same anymore. That look wasn't supposed to be for just anyone!
Darn it, Dastardly Deeds are done like that... they come out of nowhere --when you least expect it --Dashing your once Divine Darcy Daydreams...
Can't wait to read the new book, but can the supposed "actor" be open to new casting?


Heehee...am I picking up on a stalker vibe here? Well, thanks to you, I am once again camping out in front of the bookstore the night before the release.


Don't post the letter to those thrice accursed and dog lucky readers: POST THE BLOODY BOOK! LOL Sorry, insane fan girl moment. I've been waiting ages for my fav authors to get some new books out, and now that it's finally happening, it's taking WAY too long.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Oh, no... The reason that Colin Firth hasn't written back is because he is reveling in the beauty of Austenland, and can't come up with a decent response. I mean, it must be intimidating to write back to an author who wrote an amazing book, right? He's just so touched, he lets silence speak his amazement instead. :)
BAAAH! I'm so excited for your new book. If I bake you a pie, can I get a copy? If I bake you five pies, can I get a copy?
I'll up the number, if you want.


I completely agree with Sallie N. Smith. Mr. Firth was captivated by Austenland.
The spine for The Actor and the Hosewife looks awesome. Can you also show us what the words on the page look like? Just kidding. :)

Kristin Cooke

About the Colin Firth silence... Jane Austen had the same thing happen to her, did you know? She dedicated "Emma" to the Prince Regent. And though a fine leather bound copy was delivered to him, she never received any thanks or praise. (He was rumored to be a great fan of hers.) Perhaps the great dissapointment contributed to her early death. I'd leave him out of your will, if I were you. :)

Looking forward to your new book!

Amanda Norr

Love the spine and the letter. I am excited for your books this year.

Laura C

Add me to your list of excited fans! I loved Austenland and I can't wait till this one comes out! :D :D

Bonnie Childress

I quite like the pie detail as well. I like the teil on the yellow too. Loved the story about your son too. Kids are great! My daughter, who is 9, told me today I wasn't fat, I was "medium".

Giselle Feddema

Hello Ms Hale,
I recently read Austenland and came to this site to see if I could write to you about the dedication to you know who. I had a Twilight Zone moment when I quickly found the answer to my curiosity. A most disappointing answer as I had imagined Mr Firth replying to your gift in character with humble thanks handwritten on expensive creamy paper...
But I digress.
I did want to add that I enjoy clever or unusual book dedications. This dedication caused me to laugh out loud and startle my husband nearby watching the hockey game. I hadn't even started the story but I had a pleasant anticipation that I was going to love it. I read it straight through in one sitting and laughed several times. I thought this book would make a wonderful film adaptation. Have you been approached for a movie deal?
Thank you for sharing the story.

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