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February 01, 2009



Hahaha. This was hilarious. <3

I'm going to have to read his books now. :)

R.J. Anderson

This is possibly the greatest interview I have ever read in my life.

And I am not even related to M.T. Anderson (despite any appearance to the contrary), so I can say that with perfect objectivity.

I want a robotic dessert cart for my birthday.

Scarlet Knight

Hee hee hee. That was my favorite interview to read...Ever!

hee hee, can't stop laughing.


Best interview ever. That was really fun.


I'm decidedly weirded out.

But at least I enjoyed myself in the process!

And I can't seem to get enough of those dystopian novels. I'm guessing "Feed" will be moving up to my list of "Books I'm going to buy, despite the fact I have no money."

Nathan Hale

AT ALA last year, you introduced me to Mr Anderson. You said "Here's my friend M.T. Anderson, you've read Octavian Nothing, right?" and I said, (slight pause) "YES, I read that book. Of course I did."

It was an astoundingly obvious lie, so bad that I actually got the giggles. I haven't told that particular brand of lie since the 3rd grade, when everyone was talking about how great the new movie Back To The Future was. "Um, yeah. I've seen that movie, of course I have."

So here's to you M. T. Anderson--you made me lie like a 3rd grader, I wanted to impress you that much!

I've now had time to read Octavian Nothing, right?

"Um yeah. I totally did. I read that book."


That's sooo funny, it made me crack up.


I loved reading that. You guys have great chemistry.


I have that shirt!

Laura Z M

Great interview!

Whales on Stilts! splashed into our home on Christmas morning. I haven't read it yet, though. I need to wrestle it away from my daughter...

I've contemplated making a T-shirt like that. But mine would probably say "Shannon Hale inspires my ongoing efforts to rise above the minutia of daily life and do something approaching cool."


Those mad skillz in Photoshop are way cool!

He is such a fun interview, isn't he?


Brilliant(ly funny). I really out to read his books...


That was wicked! :D Very funny.


That was the best author interview I've ever read! AND it made me want to check out his books.

Are you selling those shirts? ;)

Ruby Diamond

This had me in stitches. :D


this interview is hilarious! i couldn't stop smiling. :D

Kristi Stevens

Ah! M.T. Anderson is my favorite, (aside from you Shannon). He is brilliant. I bow before him. And now I have a serious case of the giggles at that photoshopped image. Love the gold bracelet. Dean Hale is my new favorite graphic guy. Hilarious.


This is the funniest interview I've ever read. Ever.

And I have to say, do you have any of those T-shirts I could borrow? Actually, scratch that. *clears throat*

Do you have any of those T-shirts I could BUY?

Vicarious Reader

That is a beautiful and engaging interview. I re-read it six times! Thank You, M.T. Anderson, being a writer so that we could read this interview and being a very fabulous photo-shoppe and Ms. Hale for interviewing said gentleman!

Janette Rallison

Hey, I was wondering who stole my T-shirt--and now I know!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

I laughed so hard, I started to cry. Absolutely hilarious. You know the funny thing?
One day I was on the playground. A redheaded fourth grader was butting me on the slide, keeping me from going on it at all. Over, and over again. So I got MAD. I went up to the boy. I'm a year or so older than him. I say, "You know what? I'm bigger than you, and stronger than you, and I will ride this slide if I want to!" Yeah. No kidding. So you see, this interview totally hit home.


Anderson! The next cake I'm sending your wife will have a pny with a very unfortunate face making rude gestures at grade-schoolers!

And, AND! it'll be mango flavored!

MILT BARREGA! (and NOT) a poorly spelling Marcus Aurelius, as you might have suspected. No.)

Pooh. I meant to write "pony", there. Now the impact is just kinda ruined...

This is why I never win National Book awards.


Such funny post! I love the non-PhotoShop picture. LOL, I'm still grinning!

Miss Erin

I LOVED THIS. So so genius and funny. :D

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