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February 28, 2009



Loved that short story.

And Shannon? Did you know I adore you? You're hilarious.

Amanda Norr

I love the way you interview. I am excited for Brandon's new book. I have really enjoyed this series. I didn't know there was going to be a fifth. I am beginning to dislike series, I am tired of waiting to finish the stories. I love your Bayern books, because they are stories of themselves. So I am dying for the next one, just excited and will read it as soon as it is available.


Ha! I love it. And that pic of you? Priceless.


Aw, that picture reminds me of all the times I've done that to YOU, Shannon... I mean... wait... ;)

Very fun, and my poor husband kept having bits of the interview read out loud to him. :)


I loved this. You are both so great and two of my favorite authors!!

L.T. Elliot

Shannon, you're the best host I've ever read! When I'm famous, I demand that you interview me.

Brandon--That was FRICKIN' HILARIOUS!!!! I read it aloud to my husband and he and I just cracked up! Thanks for the great time! (And congrats on the book soon-to-be-released!)




Not sure which is more amusing, the story or Shannon as Stalker.

I very much have to catch up on the Fablehavens; I am behind by one... and soon two, it looks like. Well done, Mr. Mull.


I love Fablehaven!

My two favorite authors in one place, I would have loved to be there.

Shannon, are you going to be at the Fablehaven 4 launch party? Because then there will be even more motivation to go!

Where does he live? I know it's in highland, and I live just one city away from there.

Miss Erin

Haha! The story and the picture are both the best. *loves*


You are so freaking funny! Your interviews are the best! And that story had me laughing out loud. What a riot.


That was tons of fun to read. The picture is hilarious too!


This is one of my favorite interviews ever. Mull is awesome, just like you, Hale!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Wow, that guy has talent. And Shannon, dear, could you stalk my house instead, and leave signed books behind to prove you've been there?

... I'm waiting.


Your interviews always capture something different than other peoples'. I wonder what it is about them?
; P


Awesome short! Loved it. I want to hear more!


Hi Shannon! I was just wondering if you were ever going to post any books up on a Goodreads account. I know you're a very busy lady, but I would love to know what you're reading now and then. Thanks!


Shannon, Shannon, Shannon . . . you never fail to amuse me. Now I know what really happened to Humpty (the Reader's Digest condensed version left out way too many details!)

The stalker picture is priceless and I want it blown up and hung on my wall!!!

Love you!

shannon hale

Cate--if I knew how to delete my account on goodreads, I would. After signing up, I decided not to use it. I post here periodically about what I'm reading. Sorry!

Amy Standage

I just have to say I am a HUGE fan of both yours and Brandon's. I got him to sign some of my Fablehaven books when Rise of the Evening Star came out.
You're hilarious! I had no idea. I'm looking forward to your next blog entries and hope and pray that someday I'll be as good of a writer as Brandon! Oh, and you. :)
By the way... Austenland rocked.

Jennifer Jenkins

Two of my favorite authors! Thanks for another inventive interview.


I love all your interviews. So funny and awesome.

This one was especially great since I know and love Brandon's books.

Plus that Humpty Dumpty tale-awesome.



And that picture gave me a good laugh, of course.


I love all your interviews. They are all so funny, but this one was especially great because I know and love Brandon's books.

That Humpty Dumpty tale-awesome.

And of course, the picture gave me a good laugh.

melissa the librarian

What an insightful interview! I feel as though I know Brandon personally. Maybe I'll drop by his house sometime too!


YES! Humpty Dumpty is now the story of a two-timer who's jaded ex catches up with him. I'll never be able to read it to the daycare kids the same way (perhaps I'll just read them Brandon's).

Fablehaven sounds good though... I'll have to check it out! :D

Lilly Dideno

Ha ha ha ha... I love the twisted up tales! Brandon's ditty made my day. Thanks for having such a great Blog!
Shannon, any input on how to write great- maybe even just decent - dialogue? Beyond the basics of not stating something obvious - like Humpty never said "if I fall, I'll crack" - and the pace, - belaboring a point, any tips?
Much appreciated!


Wow! I have that same picture of you! Except that it's from behind some bushes and I see a lot more of the scene. Who, me? A stalker?

Well, maybe... :D

I've been telling you people, always add weapons to them old nursery rhymes, and you get an instant bestseller. Tried and true formula. Zombies will also suffice quite well.


That was hilarious!
I'm very sick right now and that just made my day!

go brandon and all his fablehaven books and HUMPTY DUMPTY!

that was also an awesome interview,
very interesting.


Keys to the Demon Prison??
I'll remember that!


This post seriously cracked me up! I especially love that picture of you peeking. I love your author interviews...

Karey Shane

What a hilarious interview. Where has this blog been all my life? Ummm, wait. Where have I been?

Hello to Brandon who I met at the Bookwise convention where you spoke two October's ago. I'm sure you remember me. Just like you remember every single person you've ever met when you travel and speak.

Emma Sorenson

That was awsome Brandon Mull you rock!! Keepon writing and i'll keep on reading!!! Ijust finished the 4th book so cool!!!! Everyone in my family is reading it. It was so good that i couldn'tput it down!! Can't wait for the 5th book!!!1


What! 2010! Brandon Mull, can't you pretty please release your book before then? I'm dying to know what happens! Please, pretty please!

*gasp, gag* please *cough* I'm dying! The only thing that can save my life is your book!


Okay how in the possible earth did I ever miss this post?? That short story was HYSTERICAL!!!!


I am a big fan of both of you as authors and for the wit you bring to us behind the scenes! Reading this was a highlight of my day today! Thanks for the clever interview questions and answers!

Whey Protein

One of the best writer i ever seen. excellent interview. Humpty Dumpty tale is always my favorite.

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