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October 13, 2008




Also, I love that you used the word fantabulous!


Oh my... Well, tell the story you need to tell ;)


Awesome! I love hearing his thoughts on Rapunzel's Revenge and Calamity Jack. And I do love the name. It's brilliant.


2013 does sound alien, but 2000 would've looked weird too, back in 1996...Entertaining interview! Makes me want to go and read Asterix.
Looking forward to more books!


I checked out Rapunzel's Revenge from the library today and it was sitting on my shelf. Until I decided to check out your blog. I'm glad I stopped to read it. It was so much fun! I look forward to when Calamity Jack comes out.
My sister's studying to be an illustrator. I wonder what great things she (and perhaps I as well) will come up with.

Miss Erin

Yay Nate!
Really funny, great interview. :)

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

An english teacher of mine read us Yellowbelly and mentioned RR to us a while back. Actually, she's the sister of the author of Dragon Slippers... So I'm pretty jealous of all you people in the book business, but I'm so excited for Calamity JacK! I love RR so much! And does the third one have to come out so late? Ah, well. The more to look forward to. You guys rock my soul ;) No. Seriously.


Dear Lord, this man's hilarious! I'll be waiting for Goldilocks, Shannon Hale and Nathan Hale No-Relation.

And Shannon, would it be possible to give Mr. Nathan complete, total, and absolute creative licence for elaboration on the first part of Rapunzel? I would like to see it Manga-style with the 24vol. for that part only.

Anyways, I have to say that my favorite part was also the boar chase. Something about it made me love it. Just like the rest of the book!


The part I'm really curious about in this relationship (writer and illustrator of graphic novels) is how much you and Dean spell out what Nate does. Do you specify what you want in every panel, most panels, some panels, or just a few key illustrations, like a picture book writer would? Could you post an example of what a page of a graphic novel manuscript would look like? I'm just so curious!


Wait! I'm a quick one! You already have all this in the Rapunzel's Revenge section! Next time I will be smarter and check the FAQs before I complain to the management.

My apologies! And thanks for the cool interview with Nate!

Nathan Hale

Thanks for the interview Shannon--and all the nice comments, everybody. I'm a regular Squeetus blog reader (btw, who is this Stephanie Meyer person everyone talks about? I can't seem to find any info about her on the internet) but I only seem to comment when the blog post is about me. Some readers may remember I once promised a comic about Dean and a merangue pie...geez, how DO you spell merangue, murangue, merange. (?)

Anyway, I want to change one answer. Who is my favorite character to draw In Calamity Jack?

I said Jack, but that's not true. However, I don't want to spoil anything in the book. So I'll throw out some multiple choices. Only ONE of these is actually in the book. You'll have to wait until the book comes out to find out.

My favorite character to draw in Calamity Jack is:

A. Rapunzel's evil twin "Terrorpunzel"
B. The new "evolved" Goldy, who is big enough to ride (think Chocobo, video game fans.)
C. The Giant, Mutant, Killer Ants
D. Zombie Mother Gothel (she claws her way out of that tree)
E. The Goose Girl, who makes a cameo appearance

Cheers everybody! Meringue? That's it!

--Nate (goes back to inking Jack's hair.)

shannon hale

Awesome! I want all the choices to be true! However, the real answer is so awesome, I have no complaints. Calamity Jack kicks major patootie.


That was amazing :) I'm so excited for CJ!



I have been lurking around your blog for a while, but just never left a comment. I just bought AUSTENLAND today and then I started reading it, and I didn't get up until I had finished it - I am not exaggerating, promise, no bathroom breaks or fooding breaks, both of which top my list of must-haves in life. Anyways, I just wanted to say, thank you for such an enjoyable read (which I will need to go back to so that I can appreciate the finer details). I hope it was as much a pleasure (and fun!) to write it as it was for me to read it =).

(I have also read BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS, PRINCESS ACADEMY, and THE GOOSE GIRL; BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS is my favorite so far. I thought the languid pace you chose for that book blended so well - in a lovely, painful way - with the lonely life of being shut up in a tower.)



P.S. I hope it's not too inappropriate to add that you are my favorite author crush. Impertinent Jane probably would, so why not? =)


Nathan Hale named his son Ulysses? Friggin' AWESOME.

But sorry -- it really isn't scientifically possible to produce a song cooler than "Golden Years." It's, like, Newton's 7th Law or something. Nice try, though.


Great interview, Nate and Shannon!--very funny, and I also liked your comment, Nate.
@Brooke: Ulysses is a cool name, isn't it? We once had these two 13-year-olds who mowed our lawn. Their names were Xavier and Ulysses, and they called themselves "The Brothers Landscaping." One of them would sit on the porch calling out orders, while the other one mowed the lawn or trimmed, and then they'd switch places. They totally weed whacked the bark off our baby tree (which is now dying because of it), but they were hilarious, and mostly because they had such great names.


Will Rapunzel get her hair back for Calamity Jack????

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