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June 07, 2008



Shannon, you are a funny, funny lady. You keep on toppin' those charts, Rapunzel! Put those Grimm Brothers in their place!



Oh my crap, I'm dying here! How'd you get so funny? Oh yeah, you're fawesome, that's how. ^_^

Supah excited about RR as it is! Now, more so! Can I help with getting you to #1? *grabs a pitchfork and chases Strawberry Shortcake* Creepy little chick...


Cannibalisn is bad.

I can't wait for R.R.

Are there really that many Rapunzel-themed books?


Oh, congratulations, Shannon! It really is beautiful.

And don't go all Dreadcrumbs on us, please. It's good in its place, but here...isn't exactly the place. :)


And I never knew Dean fought crime. Honestly, I thought he might be on the OTHER side of the law--as in, one of those diabolocal geniuses who have that nasty habit of taking over the world now and then.


I LOVED the book! And I also laughed out loud, quite loudly, after reading your rant against cannibalistic Strawberry Shortcake. :)

Jillian Newell

Congrats, Shannon! That is SO cool! I can't wait for RR!


Yeah for Rapunzel's Revenge! Being #4 is awesome! I'm really excited to read it. Take that, Strawberry Shortcake, Shannon is going to take over the world!(Flying Monkey Publicists? Where do you get those? I want one!)


That is one feisty cover!! You must be Peacock Proud, Shannon!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Naughty, naughty Shannon!! But I suppose the cannibalistic Strawberry Shortcake had it comin to her. Wow... Rapunzel's Revenge sounds incredible. Congrats Shannon! Congrats.
P.S. Congrats to Dean and Nate too. You guys just make the world so much more interesting.


This looks wonderful! I can't wait.
And I have to say, Shannon, I honestly did not know graphic novels existed before I heard that you were writing one. RR just may prove to be my 'gateway book' into that genre.

Fly on with your host of fiendish publicist monkeys. I like when you go self-promotional. No false modesty allowed! :-)

Maribeth Kayla

I'm was really really really LOL-ing as I read this.

Olivia T.

Rapunzel's Revenge is SO beautiful, Miss Shannon!!! Oh my goodness, you have truly given me goose bumps from seeing its sheer gloriousness! And you've given me the giggles, too...the Rapunzel Gauntlet has offically been thrown! Strawberry Shortcake is so going down! :)


Shannon's Army of Flying Monkey Publicists? Wait, you mean the LRRHers?


I must say, I think the world is a safer place with SS knocked down a few pegs. Thank God for the Hale trio!


So excited! I even saw a copy of it from across the room . . .


Oh ha ha! Ha HA ha!
I can't stop laughing!
Give me a moment....

Ok, I'm all right. Wow, I haven't laughed like that in such a long time. I never liked Strawberry Shortcake, not the girl and not the sweets. But I've never thought something as funny and, in a strange, strange way, as true as the whole cannibalism thing! Or maybe I can just see eye to eye with that because I dislike her so much. I'm not sure.... But I do know I'll never forget this. I'll remember her forevermore as the Cannibal Strawberry.

Anyway, I can't wait to read Rapunzel's Revenge. I love the cover. It looks exciting and that's just what I need to break the tension of getting ready for high school. I went there everyday this past school year and in 7th grade, but this will be my first time being there full time. Is anyone else out there going through such a big change?! I'm excited but so... hesitant, too? I'm not sure! It's crazy!
But yeah, I am dying to read RR.
It looks great!

Shayla Smoot

LOL!! HAHAHA!!! You made me laugh out loud. Seriously. You are so funny. Right now I am a little nervous about the flying monkey bit. I better get on your good side huh? And Miss Shannon we were trying to keep this problem of Stawberry Shortcake's a secret Miss Shannon. :) Ha Ha! Keep up the good work!

Shayla Smoot (A shannon hale wanttobe)

Shayla Smoot

And Ellenboro, I am going through a change like yours but not as bad. I am going to 7th grade this next fall. I am so excited!!!!


I agree with Miss Erin's "Squee!"
I am so excited!!! I have never really read a graphic novel but i have a feeling rapunzel's revenge is going to be the end of that.
In your face strawberry Shortcake!


Strawberry Shortcake a cannibal..... that just made my day!
Congratulations on your new book, Shannon!

Miss Erin

YOU ARE HILARIOUS. And you always seem able to make my day. Thanks for the link, and I have to say, I don't think I've been more excited about any of your upcoming releases before, either. (Even though I've already read it!) It's just SO GOOD and I want the whole world to know about it! It is tied with...well, all the rest of your books...for my favorite. :)


Ellenboro, I am also starting high school this year and I am a little nervous. Our middle school splits up, with half of the kids going to one high school, and half going to the other. You're right, Rapunzel's Revenge is exactly what I need to relieve my stress.


Well, where I live I just got out of jr. high. But the thing is, it's not just the 9th graders that are moving on to high school. The 8th graders are, too.
The whole system is changing.
Instead of five jr. highs there's going to be five middle schools so you can imagine the amount of students there will be in high school next year. PHS already has like 1000 students. Probably more.
I'm not so sure how we're going to deal with so many kids!


:) SO looking forward to it! ^^

Strawberry Shortcake, a ruthless cannibal? I'd believe it. :D


I can't wait for RR! I have one question though, are you going to make a fourth book for The Goose Girl, Enna Burning, and River Secrets? Just wondering.

Manelle Oliphant

I am laughing right out loud. If I were in an office people in the next cubicle would be wondering what it up but I am not. (in an office I mean)
I am very excited to see this book, and then buy it, and then have all the people involved sign it! Yea fun!


Shannon, you are very funny.

So THAT's why Strawberry Shortcake has always creeped me out... her teeth ARE a little too big....



LOL! That was so funny! I never realized the secret purpose of desert scented dolls. I'm excited to read Rapunzels Revenge. Looks great! Also, go for Bayren #4! YAY ISI!


I love the way you put twists on fairy tales and make them so unpredictable! You should read "The Frog Princess."

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