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June 18, 2008


Suzanne Campbell

This was one of my favorite books ever the lessons are amazing. i have read all of your books and can't wait for the new Bayern book. I am in awe of your talent thank you Suzanne


And you handled with absolute grace and precision (no doubt thanks to all those rewrites you always adovcate for).

As hard as it is, sometimes stretching to something we think is stupid to say the least, impossible seems more fitting, that is usually when something extraordinary happens, either in us or in our writing. Often both. Trying new ways of telling stories is difficult, but often extremely rewarding. Book of a Thousand Days is a perfect example. Now, time to skip off to the library to reserve my copy. I am very excited to hear this one. Full Cast does do an amazing job.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

It is one of my favorite books that you have written Shannon. The first person effect is wonderful, and I can't even imagine the struggle it took for you to write it. Fantastical... imagination weaves throughout it the entire time. Amazing.

Tina Lee

It was a lovely book and now I can't wait to hear it. Part of what makes it so lovely is the time spent with Dashti in the tower and her chores. I think it is amazing when you run across a book that allows us to spend that kind of real time with characters--especially in a world so removed from the hard work. Thank you for writing it.


Can't wait to listen to this one...I'll be getting it soon!! (I've loved all the full cast audio productions of your books!)


You should be inordinately pleased, Shannon! As for the risk of locking her up, I guess it goes to show how well you carried it out that I never once thought, "Hm, well, that's not a very promising beginning...here's hoping the author can handle it!"

I do hope my library gets this! Soon!


You know how much I love this book. I think I may get this audio book, it sounds amazing.

Shayla Smoot

YAH for you Miss Shannon! I am so excited to read book of a thousand days. Or listen to it. Book of a thousand days is the only book I have not read of yours besides Austinland. But now that it is on audio it will want me to read or listen to it more. In an audio it feels like it is a lot more real. I love it. And here is something you might want to hear too just for your happiness. I went to check out the book at the library and there was a waiting list for it. They had two or three copies and they were all checked out. That is a great accomplish Miss Shannon. Thanks for your writing. -Shayla S

P.S i am still waiting for the fourth bayern book. i am anxiously waiting!! :)



Cool, a new audiobook!

Laura Z M

I didn't drive with Dashti. Instead, she accompanied me on a day of laundry and cleaning. She's a hard working gal. It was tough keeping up.

This is a fabulous recording of an amazing book. I loved it. Even those who don't think they like audio books should give it a try.

Try it! Try it! And you may.
Try it and you may, I say.


Some people say that it's the stupid ideas that turn out to be the best!


i cant wait for forestborn i hope it is about finn and enna also every character in the bayern books besides Rin


Your comments about "a Creative Writing 101 no-no" made me think of Joss Whedon and some of my favorite episodes of Buffy. IIRC, you love Buffy, so you'll know what I'm talking about. Listening to his commentaries, I think he said some of the episodes that terrified him were "Hush," the dream-sequences episode (I forget the name), and "Once More with Feeling." And he said it was good he was terrified, because it meant he was stretching himself, and doing something new. Try to do an episode almost entirely without talking? Crazy, right? But that kind of crazy stuff can lead to some amazing art. Maybe it's a no-no for novices and amateurs -- but we all know that doesn't describe you! =)


I've been soo excited for the 4th Bayern book! :] I know you've been very busy with your kids (I have two baby brothers!) and all, but I was wondering which character's point-of-view the book will be from?
(The goose girl-ani,enna burning-enna,river secrets-razo)


Karina- Shannon has mentioned a couple times that the fourth Bayern book will be about Razo's younger sister, Rin, but she hasn't mentioned anything about a pov, IIRC.


Book of a Thousand Days is one of my two favorite Hale books, the other being River Secrets.
Wait, make that three books. Princess Academy is the other one.
I'm very happy to hear that it was made into an audio book and they did such a great job with it. And the girl SANG! I'm 'gonna love her forever for that. Ha ha ha.


And I am semi-patiently waiting for Rin's tale. I want to know what she's like! And if she's like Razo with the pranks and the jokes. I NEED to know!
Oops. I guess I'm impatient.
But with good reason.


I would love a book starring Batu. He was my favorite minor character in Book of a Thousand Days.
I can understand how this fairy tale haunted Shannon. I read the book for the first time last week and enjoyed it, but then I couldn't stop thinking about it. I read it a second time last night and wept. What a wonderful story!


I am a young reader, and I LOVE Book of a Thousand Days. I have not yet listened to the audio, but I am sure it would be interesting.I LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS!


That is my FAVORITE book of yours, along with Goose Girl. I am actually rereading it at the moment & I just love it. You are my favorite author by the way; I just love the way you write! :)


Wow wow wow, I read this book for my choice summer reading book and I loved it! You are awesome please never stop writing ever!

Jessica Workman

I just finished Book of a Thousand Days and loved it. I especially enjoyed all the Mongolian references since I served there. Your dad was my mission president. It ended just the way I wanted even though I didn't know how it could. Thanks for sharing your talent. -Jessica

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