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May 14, 2008



Better go hunt the library!


Can I take Maggie home with me? Just for a little bit? Please?


That was a wonderful interview and I am so glad you had it. It was so fascinating to see the "inside scoop" of Mr. Selznick's masterful work. It has certainly been one of the most talked about books of the year and I love it. That is awesome that he knows you and Maggie (and who couldn't help but love her and want to take her home?).

Marcus Aurelius

This book is seriously kinda awesome. As for the desire to take the Maggles home, I have none.

I love that munchkin and would not wish to see her so traumatized.

And for the edit, if so desired: First line, an extra "I" in "Selznick"

Mrs. Mordecai

I loved The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Thanks for doing this interview!


Most interesting! I loved his book. Being an artist myself, I was drawn to the beautiful illustrations.

I love interviews of this kind!


Coolio. Thanks for the interview! I haven't read this yet myself, but it's only a matter of time before I can get my hands on it...


This was especially cool, having read and loved the book (Shannon's site tipped me off--go figure) and because I'm interested in (eventually) going into illustration, so it's always great to learn more about that.

Okay, I know this is kind of random, but does anyone what the font is that's used on the cover of The Goose Girl and its sequels? Or where I could download it?

Miss Erin

Invention of Hugo Cabret is an AMAZING book, reading it was a surreal experience. I positively squealed when it was announced as the Caldecott winner. Another fab interview, thanks, Shannon!

Julie Campbell

What a great interview! My literate family (ranging from 4 yrs. to 35 yrs.) just finished and LOVED The Invention of Hugo Cabret! I am excited to share it with my older brother--a big silent movie fan. What a great merge, words and illustrations that tell part of the story! Thanks for the great entertainment Brian and to you Shannon for your great writing.


I read this aloud to my 5- and 7-year old and we were all equally captivated. But they wouldn't let me stop reading when I got tired or had something else to do! And then they wanted to read it again. And then they wanted to read more about Georges Melies on the internet. I was amazed and enchanted by the novelty of this book, but what dumbfounded me was it's power. That after reading it, my little kids felt like they could not rest until they knew more about Melies. I've read many, many books to them but none has had the same effect as Hugo Cabret.

Thanks for doing this interview! Fascinating.

shannon hale

Thanks Marcus! Fixed.


Hugo Cabret was so cool and fascinating! I think it's awesome that even though we (as a human race) have been writing books forever, people still find new ways to tell a story.

Shayla S.

I have never read it but I am so excited to! thanks for letting me know about the amazing book.

P.S I will try and do that for the book I am writing!

lots of love Shayla

Shayla S.

okay for the record I am about to die if I don't meet you. I live really close to salt lake and I ABSOLUTLEY ADORE YOUR BOOKS.

All i ask is for you to email me and say you read this. I will seriously die. I am writing a fairy tale too. So far the name is called Princess ME. You insired me to write my book. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

My email is froggy7272@gmail.com

You remember Shannon Hale that you have an amazing talent. You have a gazillion fans out there. Everyone loves you. Don't forget that.

P.S You don't know how cool it would be if you emailed me!!

lots of love Shay Shay


Thanks for the great interview!! He is fabulous.

Newsweek recently had an article on YA books.


Shannon - YOU are part of the golden age of YA literature!! :)


Great interview. I loved the question and answer about the rugby teams. Mr. Selznick makes a great point about the ages of the players on such teams. Perhaps the teams would be evenly matched. Anyway, the Newbery authors should challenge the Caldecott winners to a game of Scrabble. Just be careful, never let the Caldecott winners talk you into a game of Pictionary, instead.


Melissa, that Newsweek article was awesome. Thanks so much for posting it!


Sorry I'm late. English class is KILLING me!

I loved "The Invention of Hugo Cabret." I borrowed it from my school's library. I was the first one to borrow it and when I went to borrow it again I found most kids were daunted by the size of it. (I thought it could have been much longer and I still would've read it.) But when I told them the story was great and what it was about like a gazillion (does that number exist?) kids checked it out! They all liked it. Except this one kid who got to the 20th page and gave up. He NEVER reads! He watches the movies when we have to write book reports. I don't know how he still hasn't gotten an F in class.

Anyway, great interview. Great book. Keep writing 'cus I want more. (Both of you) =D


Very slick. I note a recent theme of illustrators. Why?


I keep hearing about and seeing this book. I guess it's time to go check it out at the library. I have to admit that I wasn't interested in the story content at first because I was so facinated by the drawings. I love Brian Selznick's illustrations! I just read a book he illustrated...Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan. Thumbs up for both the author and illustrator. Just bought Goose Girl this week. First time reading it and first Shannon Hale purchase!


Hee hee. I have the initials of "BS" too. How unfortunate of us!

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