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May 28, 2008



So excited to read Rupuzel! Even if you feel small amongst all those other graphic novels, know you have a big army of fans supporting you all the way! So keep rockin' Shannon! xx


Isn't it a boon then, to think that you've already "done it" once, twice, several times, and can do it again?

As my illustration professors used to say "If you like a peice of work too much, tear it up so that you know you can create another masterpiece again without clinging to your "one great work." (In your case, several great works...)

The source from whence the first ideas poured, is the wellspring from whence the next ideas will continue to come.

If you say that the publishing world is overwhemingly innundated with myriad voices, know that what made The Princess Academy resonate with all of us (in the Peanut Gallery) was truth.

Truth in life on a page was what gave me chills as I lay in bed reading in Miri, something that I saw in myself, and wanted to see in myself as Miri grew. Keep it coming, Shannon!

Think on Harper Lee and how simple her story was, and yet how deeply different Atticus's character was from those in other books published then and now. TKAM is incised in all of our souls because deep down we all want to be a better, kinder, stronger, and more true being.

Atticus Finch glowed with integrity and didn't need to elbow his way into the market because his light preceded him, eh. Just keep the quarry-speaking coming and word of mouth will do the rest. After reading Princess Academy, I gave my gift-of-a-copy as a gift to a friend because I couldn't wait for her to feel the same way I felt while reading it. I then e-mailed all of my sisters/sisters-in-law and mother/mother-in-law and highly suggested it.

Like you said, "just tell the story." (And as in The Field of Dreams, "Build it and they will come." Cheesy, but hey, it's one in the morning. AGAIN! I'll finish yapping and go to bed. Goodnight!)

PS What kind of dictionary or thesaurus do you use? Just curious.


Wow - the cover is beautiful!! I can't wait to read it.


NerdyEm - The Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus. It is the best I have ever seen - hands down. It was made specifically with a writer in mind, and its brilliant. I got it for Christmas when it first came out several years ago and I have never looked back. There are a bunch of other little "features"s that are amazingly helpful like word speturms ("good" at one end and "bad" at another and the degrees of words in between). They also have huge lists for things like "birds," "shoes," and "pastries" so you can find just that right word. It is a wonderful book.


That is rather discouraging. Oh well.


Aspiring authors are always complaining about the publishing industry's competitiveness: yet even after publication, it's a zoo to be successful!

I think all the competition, even though it may seem impossible to get the word out about a good book, is really good. It means the best stories, the ones that chill your bones and set you on fire, work to the top. Those are the ones I want to read.

I am never one for graphic novels, but between "American Born Chinese" which was fantastic, and the new Rapunzel book, I think I may have reached a turning point in my reading career.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

It makes me wonder if I can make it. I had this idea for a book a while ago, started it, then inched to a stop. Something didn't work. And now I've worked it out again, and can really get to work in about two days. But then, will anyone ever read it if it gets finished? But perhaps that is part of the reason the whole business sounds so intriguing to me... a constant climb. You know all of those businesses in the world, where once you learn how to do it, it's like you never really have to go through the worst all over again? Writing seems the opposite... just the opposite... by the way, thanks for the advice about reading!! And the thesaurus idea... I'm going to have to get one of those Oxford additions.


I'm so excited to read RR! Especially after having read Miss Erin's review :)


I am so exited for Rupunzels Revenge to come out me and my sister r now counting the days until it arrives!!! Hope its ur best one yet!

Laura Z M

It really helps, of course, if the needle is really sharp.

And in this case it is.

Sharp. And smart. And brilliantly illustrated.

Go Rapunzel!


What I love the most about your books is the growth in the main character, something I am trying to implement in my writing and daily living. I want readers to see a change in my characters as they go through all the troubles and joys in the story. Out of ALL the books I have ever read, no other author has made the changes so realistic and true!!! Thank you so much!
And I am so excited to read Bayern 4!!!! Im jumping up and down!!! Spinning round and round!!


But what an accomplishment it will be when you get the tricky story told. :D Will I be in awe of you then!

Yay, Rapunzel's Revenge! Now I have something to look forward too again (you know, besides vacation and the end of high school forever)!! ;)


Mmm...Oxfords... *drool* I did get a thesaurus for Christmas, but it's nothing fancy--minus the ginormousness.

My sister just finished her second draft of a YA novel (which she wrote in a month, and it's already awesome. I guess she got all the good genes) and we've been trying to convince her to submit it for publishing. I figure--yes, it's a long process, and way too frequently very good books don't get published, at least not at first go. So why not go ahead and start trying as soon as possible? 'Course I don't know much about the publishing process, while she's read a ton about it.

Anyhoo. Soooo excited about Rapunzel's Revenge, and the upcoming 4th Bayern(even if I can't read it till 2012). Between that and the new Howl's Moving Castle sequel in June, I'm about to explode. In a good way. ;)Spontaneous combustion, baby!


I can see the time has come for me to pay you a compliment I've been thinking about for a while.

I work at an independent used bookstore. Well, new/used, now. We still mostly carry used books, but a while back we added new classics to our collection, and then when we moved to a bigger space last year we added a variety of new releases and bestsellers. We don't do nearly the business that a place like Borders can, so, for the most part, we can only carry super super popular stuff. Even when we're buying used books we have to be very selective. The less we have the more the books sell -- within limits, of course.

Anyway -- all that to say -- we carry your books! In spite of how little we can carry (relative to how many books are out there, anyway -- we do have a ton of books), we've got them! For a while we just had Princess Academy (I assume because of the Newbery Honor), but recently I ordered all of your other books for the store. I'm really only in charge of reordering books that have sold, but occasionally I'll order things we haven't carried before, if I really like them (other people are in charge of that whole initial orders thing). I'd been holding off on yours since I figured I'm biased, reading your blog and all, but then a couple co-workers agreed about getting them, so now here they are. Yay! I already put Austenland on my table of picks. Mwahaha, I love getting customers hooked on good books!


All these people that post care about you loads. I, personally, will still think you're awesome if you write a dozen more books, or none at all. You're an amazing writer, and one tough draft isn't going to change that.

And besides. We're not going anywhere.


I didn't even think of all of the competition when I first thought of becoming a writer ( although I have to admit I'm still so early in the stages that I can change my mind at any time)! When I was first reading about how hard it is to get your book noticed, I started to second guess becoming a writer, but honestly, I love writing and making up stories that YOU control. I also love reading other people's stories including yours. I am anxious to read more! :-) So don't worry about your story being one of millions in the world, because to someone, it might mean the world!

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