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September 08, 2007



brief and laugh-inducing.

I am so excited about B1000! I am now off to see whether it has its own page yet...


Hurrah! there is indeed! I am very glad that you are writing such a wide range of books (not that I dislike the Bayern books in any way- good heavens no!) because A)I like reading a great many different things and you are helping to sate my appetite (actually, you probably just make me want to read MORE!) and B) I find it very inspiring that an author can write diverse books-as I want to!

and now- the one question that is sure to put me in your favor.
How are Max and Maggie?


still have to read those books...


I agree - National Shannon Hale Day.

I love Stephanie Meyer. I was on her website the other day and she had a quote that went something like this: "High School is not meant to be enjoyed, it is to be endured."

Her adjectives reminded me of it. And being a high schooler myself, it gives hope that life won't always be this...well, sucky.


I ADORE you and Stephenie Meyer! Anyone who hasn't read a single one of your books or the twilight series hasn't lived...will you both me MY best friends?

Ruby Diamond

Wow, I'm impressed that you even got to do that much of an interview with her! You're both really busy author-moms. It's fun to read what both of you have to say, so the two of you in one place is fantastic!


Upon seeing that your interview was with Stephenie this week, I was overcome with sheer giddiness. Shannon and Stephenie in a squeetus blog once more? Could it be? And it was true!
Anyhow, that made me happy.
Ladies, I love you both beyond words. I just wanted you to know that. Once.

Enna Isilee

Steph. You are so cool. Serious. Just as funny online as you are in person (and that's a talent). That was a great blog entry.

National Shannon Hale Day? We shall all dress up in Regency dress and Deels. I'm excited. Are you excited? Ooh. Or I could make one of my Bayern shirts. Ah! The choices the choices!


I love that!

And I will celebrate National Shannon Hale Day once we have a date. ;)


Way way awesome. I'm severely bummed that my dad can't take me to Stephenie's signing. :(

And I'd so totally celebrate "National Shannon Hale Day".


I just finished Twilight and liked it a lot. It was so intruiging, and was a real page turner. I marveled at how realistic the character of Bella was (Edward, not so realistic, but we love him anyway.) I plan on reading New Moon sometime, but the wait at my local library is a few months!!!
Glad to see a squeetus exclusive about Stephenie!


Thank you so much for the interview! Stephenie Meyer is one of my favorite authors!

And I would totally go for a National Shannon Hale Day. :)


How do these "author/mom"'s do it? I don't know but I'm just glad they mangage it! I tore through all three books in the Twilight series in just 5 days and now I'm just itching for the next one! I went to a Stephenie Meyer book signing in Phoenix and I made a point to thank her *for her writing* because I really appreciate that she must be giving some things up in order to share her gift with us.
So thanks to you too, Shannon, for your wonderful writing! I am really looking forward to Book of a Thousand Days, and yet your blog here doesn't mention it very much.... Hmmmm.... I guess I'm hoping for tantalizing tidbits to rev up the anticipation.


Funny, I came here just after leaving Stephenie's site, because she doesn't have a comment section--my one and only complaint about her. Anyway, here I am reading about her amazing series...again. I'm personally amazed at how sucked into her books I became. The honesty of her characters, made such a mythical pretense seem so real. Sorry to contradict what others have said, but I found Edward to be extremely realistic, making the whole premise so much more honest. And her ability to write sensuality and keep it so squeaky clean...WOW! That's a gift.

I've been listening to one of Stephani's favorite bands, The Muse. I can't help but think that their song "Invisible" could be Bella and Edward's song. And I'm wondering if perhaps the song didn't play a role in inspiring the story? I'm hoping that, Stephenie, herself will maybe read this (yeah right, like she's not one of the busiest people on the planet) but if not, perhaps others might have something to say about it...or not. Whatever.

I just want to say "KUDOS" to both Shannon and Stephenie for writing such high-quality stuff for our youth--and their moms ;-)--to read!

Thank you!


Shannon you are the coolest person on the planet! What a great surprise! My two favorite authors chatting!

This has absolutely made my day!

I am all for celebrating Shannon Hale Day!


I keep meaning to read Twilight, but my library doesn't have it. :( National Shannon Hale day would be awesome. I would so celebrate it.


Humph. Not the best. If you had some sort of death portal thing, you could interview the late Madeline L'Engle. Ach, the good ones die old with honour. Perhaps Ursula K. LeGuin?
Of course, we need not stick to the fantasy genre. Except that would be too long a list.

Faith #2

A Shannon Hale day would be awesome. And Stephenie is the nicest lady- she was so sweet when I met her. Awesome lady.
Subway. Definitely.
And yes, I wish we'd gotten to interview Madeline L'Engle. She wrote wonderful stuff. I was so sad that she died.


This has nothing to do with the interview., I read book of a thousand days and it was awesome!


i LOVE Stephenie Meyer!
she's super cool
oh, and, Jacob Black is MINE!!!!

Enna Isilee

My vote is for January 26th. ;-)

gabrielle linnell

WAAAH!!! stephenie meyer!!!
its so crazy that 2 of my fav authors are like good friends!! or maybe not, since they're both talented, gorgeous, in tune with the teen world and have kids.

still, it's way cool.

Ruby Diamond

FYI: The Twilight Lexicon (THE big Stephenie Meyer site with message boards etc. www.twilightlexicon.com) has posted a link to the interview. People are saying nice things about Shannon over there.


Haha, I love Stephenie Meyer too! I'm just about finished Eclipse, this is really awesome. And saying jake would fall for you is high praise, because Jacob totally just ROCKS too.


hehehe!! Nice :D


that is a great interview. nice and brief.

Ruby Diamond

Subway or Taco Bell... it's like the Lady or the Tiger.


Wow, that was great.

I read the "Stephenie Meyer" title and gasped. Great interview.

There should totally be a National Shannon Hale Day.


I'm really excited, I get to go to Stephenie Meyer's book signing on Wednesday! YAY! :o)

Hmmm, yes... I can see it now, National Shannon Hale day. Would I get off from school? I'll read all day, I swear!!!


PS-- Jacob Black is an insensitive jerk who just wants Bella to be his. But I still love him! :o) Only I love Edward more, so....


Let's lobby for Shannon Hale Day.

P.S. Edward is arrogant but VERY attractive. Jacob is self-centered but sweet. Jasper is the greatest.


Let's lobby for Shannon Hale Day.

P.S. Edward is arrogant but VERY attractive. Jacob is self-centered but sweet. Jasper is the greatest.


Mads- I think Jacob Black's only problem is that he is a teenager lol. It's funny, because when I first finished Twilight, I didn't loooooooooove it, but in the weeks following, I find myself thinking about the story a lot, wanting to reread it, and read the following books.


Arg! If I hear one more person say the words "Twilight," or "Edward" I think I will hit someone. Stephenie Meyer's taking over the world! lol


Is that a problem, Kate? ;)


Hilarious! Shannon, I really hope you continue with the interviews. And I'm so excited Thousand Days is coming out in a week!!!!!

Enna Isilee

Kate, it's so true.
So true.


Faith #2

Ohmy. In Forks there IS Stephenie Meyer day.


So cool, luved it :) National Shannon Hale day... hmm, sounds promising!!


I really have to read those books. Oh!- How I love late-night page turning books. Yet I loathe them down to every word stem because then I fall asleep in math class(which I don't like very well), or science(which I love it's just that the teacher last year and this year have such lulling voices...), and/or French(which, along with English, is my favorite class; it just happens to be my first period!)
This is my dilemma.
I cannot wait for Book of a Thousand Days! I read the first chapter some days ago and I NEED TO READ THE REST!!!!! It's just so interesting. Oh, by the way Shannon, I think you've done an excellent job on the diary format.
And I think a National Shannon Day would be an excellent holiday...


Oh! Ruby Diamond- I've read The Lady or the Tiger and we're reading in my English class sometime soon.


both of you guys are AMAZING! I really love your writing! Edward is mine.. FYI, and so is Peder! I love Princess Academy! I want to Read book of a thousand days so much! I want to meet both of you! (Actually, i met SM.. i was the one with the shirt that said "While SOME girls wanted to be ballerinas, I kind of wanted to be a vampie." I will send you a pic of it SM! You rock! = )


That was totally awesome. makes me wanna go out and find out exacty who shannon and colin are! LOL.
anyone care to share?
Thanks for writing my favorite books, Ms. Meyer!


Stephani I ADORE your books. I cannot wait unrtil the sequal. My mom and I are both bid readers and when i started reading them she got caught too! by the time she started i was on Eclipse and she had to wait forever to get the books beacause the librar was ALWAYS out. I absolutely adore your books. I can not wait for the SEQUAL!


OH MY GOSH!!! You two wonderful, gorgeous, witty, fabulous ladies are my very favorite authors! It made my day to read your conversation. Keep on rockin' ladies! :-)


I love you, stephanie meyer! The Twilight series are spectacular! Also, it looks like BooksOnBoard is giving
away the Breaking Dawn ebook for free at www.booksonboard.com ... I've already pre-ordered my
copy!!! I'm so excited about Breaking Dawn... I love Edward!!!!! :)

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

Shannon, please encourage Stephenie to finish MIDNIGHT SUN.

I have loved all of her books, and I was excited to realize, as I read BREAKING DAWN, that Bella is as selfless in her way as Wanda is in THE HOST (which I read before I read BREAKING DAWN). Somehow, I didn't pick up on that until after reading THE HOST.

But Edward picks up on it right away in MIDNIGHT SUN. We really need to hear his side of that story--it clarifies so much of how he thinks and how he reacts to Bella, and I think that's important for the readers to experience.

Please tell her that her fans will welcome a chance to read more of Edward's story. We love what she is doing and want her to keep doing it.

You and Stephenie are both such great storytellers. We need more of both of your books. PLEASE?


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