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September 28, 2007



(First post!)

I love these author interviews! They give me something to read!


I read The Thief this summer and really quite enjoyed it. This promises to be a very enjoyable interview through and through!

Enna Isilee

I just got THE KING OF ATTOLIA for my birthday. I read this series and LOVED them SO SO SO much.

Ah! Love the interview! Amazing!

Enna Isilee

oh oh Shannon! you should tell about that one lady and Harry Potter! It totally fits!

I love that story.


Megan Whalen Turner is one of the world's best storytellers. Her writing is spellbinding. Her characters are complex and engaging. Her plot twists give you whiplash. Oh, and she created her very own pantheon of gods. How cool is that?

Shannon, thanks for letting us peek in on this fascinating conversation. Can't wait for part two.


Here, here, Laura! I can't wait for part two either!
I'm definitely going to read her books. After glowing reviews like those, how can I not?
It's really awesome how much the two of you connected. I can see it in the conversation, Newbery-honor author to Newbery-honor author.


And ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh I just got B1000!!! I can't read it quite yet though, because I have to finish hemming something for my sister.


I've really been meaning to read the Attolia books; heard a lot of good things about them; thanks for the reminder! I've got this ginormous list of books to read when we get back home, and now they're going on top. (We're staying in Texas for three weeks, and I'd thought I'd brought enough books...Nope. Finished 'em within the first week.)

More excitement! We stopped at Barnes & Noble yesterday, and I got to hold B1000! :) I very nearly started to squeal, and totally forgot to take a look at the illustrations, except for a glimpse of the map. The lady next to me probably wondered why I kept grinning so psychotically.


Thank you so much for this interview -- Turner is one of my favorites, and yet I hardly ever see interviews with her.

By the way, I bought B1K last week and had to do a reading marathon to finish -- it was simply delightful. Dashti is my favorite out of your protagonists (so far). She's beautiful; keep up the good work!


Oh my goodness! You can't just LEAVE it like that! When do we get the rest of the interview? WHEN?!?

If you're trying to develop your authorial skills in creating cliffhangers... stop. You're doing far too good a job. ;)

Much love for Megan Whalen Turners books. To anyone and everyone reading this that has not yet read them, do yourself a favor. Read them.


I love these author interviews. I was so excited you picked Megan Whalen Turner. When is she going to come out with a new book. I hope you asked her that.


Thanks for letting us listen in. Wow, two of my favorite authors! Can't wait for the next installment!


This is fabulous! Thank you once again for bringing us these interviews Shannon.


Thanks for the interview Shannon! It was great! :)

Kelly Fineman

This interview/conversation is making me all kinds of happy. Thanks so much for sharing it.


I love it when you do author interviews. If the author is someone whose books I like, I like to read them because it gives a sense of closeness to the reader, like you're actually talking to the author. I just said like a lot, didn't I? Anyway, I got B1000 on Saturday and read it yesterday. It was soooo good! Lots of it made me laugh out loud;I love it when a book does that. Keep more coming!!!

Jennifer Holm

You guys are too hilarious! Awesome interview.

Shannon, I've been following your adventures with baby #2, as I had my second baby (a girl!) two weeks before the ALA conference in Washington, D.C. It was the best conference I ever attended. (And, the most painful, as I'd had a c-section! Ouch!)
Keep up the wit and writing!
Your fan,

Ellie L

Oh, my gosh. I read the 3 books a while ago and they have since become my favorite stress and test reliever books. Thanks sooooooo much! They're wonderful! (Write a fourth!!!)
Big fan,


After reading the comments on this interview a week or so ago, i decided to pick up Megan's books...I am soooo glad I did!!! They are amazing and Eugenides is now on my list of favorite heroes! She is a goddess of writing. A must read for everyone.


I loved reading this post and I can't wait to read the next ones...I might space them out so I can savor it all before moving on to the next conversation :D :D But seriously!! I love that two of my favorite authors talk to each other!! I feel like I'm peeping in on a completely separate universe!!

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