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September 18, 2007


Faith #2

I just read Blackbringer. I"m staring at it. I LOVED that book, so it's really cool that I got to read this!
And I just got B1000! I have to save it for my vacation next week.


You know, I picked up Blackbringer at a bookstore the other day, and was very, very tempted. Now I'm definitely going to get it. If for no other reason than that I, too, have always remembered that scene in Back to the Future. (Also I love your hair, Laini, and your book does look fabulous too.)


This was one of the most helpful descriptions of the writing process I've seen! I think because I'm a sentence editor myself and staring a book right between the eyes is a daunting task. Thanks for sharing; it seems a little more do-able now!


Hmm... I'll have to pick up this book. I haven't seen it at borders, so I might have to wait a while. :(

Thanks for the interview!


THANK YOU! Now I will go find that book and I'll have something to read! I also need to order B1000 somehow...


Very cool interview. What I would give to be able to dye my hair pink! Alas, I'm pretty sure that's never to be.
(To the other Gretchen: Love your name!)


I just read the His Dark Materials (Golden Compass) series this past week - amazing! If Laini Taylor liked it then maybe I would love her book too.

Blackbringer is on my list of books to read!


Other than that, very interesting. Except the hair. Remember, Sassy=/=Good!
According to me, anyway. Has too many disrespectful connotations.


I'll have to read this book too! Now I have about four books that I NEED to read (the best problem to have, except that I'm broke at the moment, and my library does NOT have the kind of books that I want to read). I'm reading the Golden Compass now (sorry Dante, but the title says "golden compass"), so if I like it I'll probably like Blackbringer. Thanks for the author interviews Shannon, it gives me lots of book ideas! And I think sassy and pink hair are both good things!

Enna Isilee

*Breaks out to-do list*

Go. Get. Blackbringer.

Okay. All set.


I'm really liking her hair.


I haven't read either Blackbringer or Golden Compass (but have just reserved them at the library).

But I TOTALLY know that scene in Back to the Future!! Yeah, maybe it is a writer thing....


I've looked for her book before but couldn't find it. :( I did request for my library to buy some copies though, so hopefully they will. I love her hair. Very sassy and spunky. Wish I had the guts to do that. Only I'd go for auburn crimson, because it would go well with my eyes.
p.s. Haven't gotten my hands on B1000 yet, and I'm really anxious to read it. Hope everyone is enjoying it!


Once again, thank you. This is fantastic.


Dante--Northern Lights?


Woah. For a sec, I thought that Shannon Hale was wearing a pink wig and I'm like, what the heck? But, wow... pink hair. That's pretty fancy. I don't think I could pull it off, but it looks kinda cool.



Click there and be enlightened,Q.
NORHTERN LIGHTS is the title. Americans seem to require odd marketing and titles. Another example is HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, which is changed to SORCERER'S STONE, even though it is called the Philosopher's Stone in the legend.


Blackbringer is one of my all-time favorite books. Personally I think its as good as His Dark Materials and can't wait to read the next ones!


What country do you live in, Dante?


Dante needs to get a life...


With my Beatrice. Of course. Haven't you read the poem?



That Beatrice?


Dante--are you saying you're in heaven, then?

And I always wanted to slam a book at your head. Putting all those nice guys in Hell. Tsk, tsk.


Yes, that Beatrice.

They're not nice. They're rotten bastards. They are in realms of eternal torment because of their actions. Besides, it's great fun to put contemporary leaders in their rightful place. All in the name of satire. Because it is parody, that means they can't take me to court, either. Besides, we're all dead now.


Ms. Laini Taylor, I'm sure you have the best of intentions but I do believe you are lying. Writers have this like secret club where they all get together and do fun stuff and sit and laugh at all the normal people who... you know...don't have books...

Oh, well. I still love you guys anyways.

PS Some serious love for the hair.

Faith #2

Yes the hair is awesome. Distinctly sassy.
In America philosopher doesn't mean the same thing as it does in England. Or so says my mom.


Dante - it is the American publisher that changed the title of Northern Light to Golden Compass not the people like me that read the book. I don't care about the title - I just loved the book.

For anyone considering reading Northern Lights/Golden Compass be sure to have the other two books ready to read - Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass. NL/GC leaves you hanging at the end. If I didn't have the other two books too, I would have had to make a mad dash for the bookstore or library.


AMBER SPYGLASS ends screwy. Doesn't satisfy.

Yes, it was the publisher. Because they thought Americans wouldn't understand and therefore not purchase it than if it had a more magical connotation in the American mind.


Touche, Dante. I didn't like the ending either.

Enna Isilee

Dante I will ask that you please don't swear.

The only thing I have to say about His Dark Materials (or whatever you call them) is that I cry everytime I see the trailer and I read them in reverse order. The only time I have ever done so.


"Screwy" is cursing? I'd say it is more of a euphemism. Now think about what I could've said.


I think she's referring to your use of the word "bastards". Really though, I would appreciate clean language too.


I agree. I would much rather read my favorite author's blog without having to worry about reading inappropiate language.


Just finished Blackbringer from Shannon’s recommendation. I fell in love with the characters especially the hero Magpie. She is a brilliant combination of Laura Croft (Tomb Raider) and a female Harry Potter; tough and unflinching in the face of danger and wants to help those who need help with no thought of herself and no knowledge of her great powers. I am going to make dragon fly wings and a black bird skirt and go as Magpie for Halloween. Yeah for Dreamdark!!!


I just got this and I'll be reading it soon!

Robin Brande

Boy, did I love this book! Wonderful characters, wonderful magic--plus the illustrations! So beautiful!

I get to meet Laini in just a few days. Now I know to look for the pink hair!


I have finally read this great book! Thank you for the recommendation. When I met you at your book signing in Naperville, IL you mentioned it was excellent. I absolutely agree!

Thanks again for the recommendation! I am just sorry it took me so long to reading it. Keep the book suggestions coming. :)


Just finnished Blackbringer.
I cannot wait until Silksinger's released. I want to see how Magpie and Talon's relationship goes. I am completely in love with this book. I nearly cried when I finished it. It leaves a sense of yearning D:


Silksinger nao? kthx.

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I just read the His Dark Materials (Golden Compass) series this past week - amazing!

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