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September 04, 2007


Enna Isilee

Aw. So sweet.

I've read The Westing Game many times (and I cry each time) I've also read the first three Charlie Bone books.

And I find that some of the wisest people are between the ages of 8-12.


Wow. I agree, Gabe is so sweet. He kind of reminds me of my ten-year-old brother.

Enna Isilee: The book makes you cry? I love Westing Game and I've reread it many times, but it's never made me cry. What part does it?


Aww...that's so sweet. :D

I love The Westing Game. Otherwise, I haven't read any of those, except for course, Bayern and Princess Academy. ;)

And I agree, Enna Isilee. 8-12 year olds can be incredibly wise.


Thank you ever so much for all the reccomendations. (and author interviews!) I am endlessly in search of readable material.


Wow...your nephew is incredible. He's gonna be like a rocket scientist or something, he's such a genius.
As I promised, (from last post---I'm the one raving about Austenland), i've finished it, after three days (considering all the reading I have to do for school, that's pretty good, i think). All I can say is this: It's going on my shelves. It was A M A Z I N G. omgsh i wish i was as hilarious as you. I just recently read Pride and Prejudice and watched the BBC adaption (for the first time---ahh, I have been missing out!) and so I knew what you were referring to in the book at times, and it was SO FUNNY! you are a genius. Yours was the first book ever to make me cry with laughter (W. Goldman's Princess Bride is a runner up, but not as hilarious are Austenland, lol, that's saying something).
Keep writing! (can't wait for B1000)
a fellow writer,
<3/ Jillian


perfect post - perfect timing! thanks, gabe!


I've listened to a Charlie Bones book in the car when we were on vacation. It had a lot of elements that reminded me of Harry Potter.

That's cool that your nephew likes your books, Shannon. :D


That boy has seriously good taste : )


Those are some sweet recommendations (and I'm in my mid-20s....-cough-). For the lazybutts among us--next time, Amazon links, please? -goes off to manage the wishlist-


None of my mom's nephews like books! You're lucky, Shannon.

I loved the Charlie Bone series! Very Harry Potter, but different.

Kimberley Little

I've been a lurker on your blog, Shannon for about a year. (I'm LDS, too.) And I just finished reading AUSTENLAND yesterday! LOVED it, girl! So fresh and funny - and man, I want to go to Austenland, too - although I don't want to be a married Miss Charming with *the boys*. Yuck. I'm happily married, thank you very much. Hey, hey, maybe there should be an Austenland for married people to go play dress up. Is there a real one somewhere in England? Please say yes. ;-)
I had to jump into the mix with boy books because that's what I publish, my last one with Knopf called THE LAST SNAKE RUNNER. Time travel historical. A 3 day war. A girl from the past. Dancing with rattlesnakes, running, danger, swords, cannons, trying to get back home before you're killed . . .
One of my all-time favorites is THE WESTING GAME, too. You have excellent taste, Gabe! Keep on reading.


Your nephew has excellent taste! I recently turned several of my fello (and fully grown-up) booksellers on to the Percy Jackson books.


Your nephew is the wisest 9 year old boy I have ever heard of. It'samazing that he likes to read that much. Most kids of that age just like to play videogames. I need to read The Lightning Thief. I've been trying to get my hands on it for a while now but I still haven't. I might also read the Charlie Bones series now that I know what they're about.

Enna Isilee

Katee, I don't quite feel comfortable telling exactly what part made me cry in The Westing Game. But I will say that it's the last few pages. The Epilouge.

Oh. I'm such a bawl-baby for that book. Even though I've read it SO many times.

I love Turtle. She's freakin' sassy.


Yeah, he's got seriously good taste in books. And for a nine-year-old boy, it's a miracle in itself that he's reading at all. :) I just read the first Charlie Bone book (started the second but didn't get too far--life's just been too crazy!!) and I've read Lightning Thief, and The Westing Game (a few years ago, but I remember it was good). All those other books sound really interesting, too. Hmm...

I'll recommend the Akiko books by Mark Crilley, which my younger brothers love.

Oh, yes, I finally got a copy of Princess Academy! (I'm very excited about this, you see.) Now all that's left is Austenland.:)


Uhhhmmmm, not that I want to be trying to make corrections... but for those looking for Of Mice and Magic by "Dave Wolverton" they should be sure and look under "David Farland". That's the name he's using for the Ravenspell series. We're still planning on bringing chocolate to an upcoming event. (Just my two cents-the books are great suggestions-sounds like this nephew somewhat resembles Benjamin from the Geronimo Stilton books-smart, understanding & kind.)

shannon hale

Whoops--thanks, Jean! You're right. Correction made.


Ack! There's still no event schedule for the release of B1000!


He has good taste. I still love the books I read when I was nine and ten...

And gyah! Is Austenland only out in the US? Because I'm in Ireland and I can't find a copy in a SINGLE BOOKSHOP IN DUBLIN. And I know where all of those are, believe me (at least, the good ones). Anyway, I really want to read it, it's really annoying me.


Must. Buy. More. Books.

Thanks, Gabe!

(And Shannon.)

Enna Isilee

Ditto Laura. Ditto.

And Q- The Kings English has posted the party as September 22 at 4:00pm. Though I believe that this is still tentative and may change.

(But I hope it doesn't. That's my birthday. Squee!)


Enna Isilee: Hmm, okay. And yeah, Turtle's awesome.


wow thanks for that. my son has been getting restless for more books to read!


Wow what a sweet nephew you have... and he has such good taste! I love the Westing Game. It's a really intruiging read!

Faith #2

Your nephew should be my little brother. I need someone like him to read with!

Enna Isilee

SQUEE! SQUEE SQUEE! For all of you non-LittleReders the B1000 info is up along with fall tour dates.

Isn't the cover beautiful?



How do you get onto Little Red Reading Hood? I made an account, but it's one of those weird forums that, like, don't activate accounts or something (not the forum itself, the model it was made by you know). Anyway, I have an account but I can't use it. Sorry, wouldn't ask here, but don't know any other way.

Enna Isilee

Oh, well yes you do have to activate your account so it it crucial that you give a REAL e-mail adress. A link will be sent to your e-mail and you click on it. You will be able to begin posting immediately though you can't do certain things until about a week after you activate.

Does that make sense?


I'd just like to say that I love The Lightning Thief also. My little brother loves the books of bayern too. After, I forced him to read them...he loved them. Even though, he didn't expect them to be good. :)


Of course boys can read "girly" books. I myself have read all of Shannon's books, including AUSTENLAND, as a male. I have also read all of the Princess Diaries Books, the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book, along with other chick lit. There is far more literature for females than us.


That was a really wonderful post. I've popped over from Red Garnier's blog, where she was raving about 'Austenland.' I love how you captured your nephew's reviews, especially that they all basically started with 'Oh,' and a ringing endorsement. I wish your nephew all the best reading in the world.

Callie the Strongbad Fan

Thank you again for the recommendations! Cool. Those books all sound cool. I've been wanting to read Of Mice and Magic.


That's a really great nephew of yours... books are my life, books are my passion, books are my heart.


The only one of those that I've read is The Westing Game, and I know I loved it. It was a great mystery!

I'm really excited about Book of a Thousand Days! Of course I was really excited about River Secrets too and got it as soon as it came out and I still haven't had time to read it! It's killing me to see it sitting there!


Eh. Nothing particularly good except THE WESTING GAME and the Perseus Jackson book. There's more of those, you know. SEA OF MONSTERS and THE TITAN'S CURSE are subsequent novels in that series. Not bad, although it's not exactly Edith Hamilton.


Geez, I've missed Squeetus a lot. Hello, Squeet-y (?) people! I missed you too.

Love the book lists. I've read most of them. And The Westing Game is pure genius. AND I CRIED TOO! (The first three times only.)

Turtle rocks. Isn't she, too, between the ages of 8-12?

The wisest person I know is six.

Enna Isilee

I thought I was over the crying thing, and then I read it again earlier this year and bawled.


Okay, I'm a tad late for this and I feel terrible but I have to post this up. I've read well over half of the books on Gabe's list and I must say - he is very astute. all the ones he has mentioned are absolutely WONDERFUL reads, but I must point out Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney. This was the first "scary" book I have read in a long time, as in, the writing actually gave me the quivers. I listened to this on audiobook first and I would highly highly recommend it! I am terribly picky about audio readings and this one had me floored! This was the first time ever I stayed after hours on my telecommunting job, just so I could keep listening to Christopher Evan Welch's narration of it. Please go out and read/listen to it - you won't be disappointed! Thank you Shannon for putting this list up, and thank Gabe too for his insightful choices.


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