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September 21, 2007


Ruby Diamond

Hoorah for looking back and, with that 20/20 hindsight, seeing something good! See you at the party tomorrow!


I love hearing these sort of writerly things. And about how you have to write a book for yourself!! Have fun at the party, wish I could be there...


Hey! I finished Book of a Thousand Days last week, and I just wanted to say that I really liked it. I was a bit worried at first, but by the end of it I stayed up super late to see how it ended. And, I think I read it in a day. I have no idea how I had it so far before release date, but I enjoyed reading it! I still have to read River Secrets and Princess Academy, hopefully I will fit them in soon! Thanks for an enjoyable book. :)


I can't wait for the party tomorrow! I'll see you there! And I sure hope it doesn't rain.

Anyway, they have full cast audios? Cool! I can't to listen to one of them.


I think one of the reasons I like reading your books so much is that the characters are such real, funny people. And I love that you are still real enough to be unable to "process" all your awards. I am truly looking forward to your new book. (Although, having read Kailana's comment, I am a little concerned since I have stayed up late reading in order to finish in the same day I started it every single other book you've written.)


Thanks for the PA history. I wish I could go to the party. But I live no where near enough. :( But have fun. Oh, and if Enna Isilee comes to the party wish her a Happy Birthday. Yes, it's her birthday tomorrow. 22 is a lucky number. :)


That's so great to hear that you struggled with PA and it turned out so well. You're amazing.


"My new favorite scene I think is the conversation between Miri and Peder at the Spring Festival."
Dang. There goes your trivia contest, Little Red. ;)

I'm really glad you didn't trash Princess Academy, and not just because it's brought you fame, or the fine print under your name that declares *Newbery-Honor winning author of Princess Academy*... but I'm glad because this is a book I love and am able to share with others. My mom has read it. My friends have read it. It's truly a magical thing to be able to share something like that with someone else, not just the author sharing the story, but the readers passing it along too.
I can't wait to hear the audio for PA. The Goose Girl from Full Cast Audio was marvelous... especially Enna and Isi.


Under? I thought the LDS were monotheists, you among them.

Third person singular pronoun posessives do not get apostrophes. Hers, His, ITS, etc. *cough*

As you have said before, there will always be problems with published works, but they ARE published, and it is pointless to either find issue with them or to nipick about their greatness.

Enna Isilee

If you've read Book of a Thousand Days Dante you'd understand.

I'm so excited for the party! Not only is it going to be wicked sweet but it's my birthday!


Enna Isilee

Oh. And cool footnote.


I think you're brilliant Shannon. And nice. Even though I haven't ever had the opportunity to meet you. :) Have a nice time at the party.


Happy Birthday Enna Isilee! I wish I was where you are now!


As the mother of the actress who played Miri, I can relate so well to the statement "I was able to just listen and be taken away in the story." I didn't hear my daughter in the story - instead, it was the character who took shape in my mind's eye. Every single voice helped build the world of Mount Eskel, stone by stone and scene by scene.

I am an avid reader and like nothing better in the world than to curl up with a good book. Forget parties, travel, even movies - give me a book every time. But Full Cast Audio has created something that is one step better than the written word - they create a world of sound and sense that is as close to total immersion as I've yet experienced.

I'm glad you feel they did justice to "Princess Academy" - it's a glorious story and I found myself tearing up time and time again as I listened. My daughter was so proud of the opportunity she was given to bring Miri to life, and I know your words mean more to her than a thousand good reviews. Thank you.


Wow, that's cool.


Just finished reading Book of a Thousand Days. It was better than I was expecting, and I had high expectations.

Wow. It was so good--Shannon you're amazing.

(click on my name for my review)


B1000 is great so far! I haven't finished it yet. The party was so great today Shannon! It was great to see you. :)


Princess Academy is my favourite! I am going on a mad adventurous quest for Book of a Thousand days tomorrow. I shall bring chocolate bar provisions, and do furious battle with my local bookstores. What fun!


This makes me want to listen to both audio books! I can't IMAGINE what it would be like, hearing actors speak my words. Hurray for you -- and for all these well-deserved awesome experiences. I would never have guessed that Princess Academy was a struggle for you -- it has such a smooth and natural (I would say effortless, ha!) flow to it!


I've listened to a couple of samples from The Goose Girl full cast audio books and it was amazing!

Jas fr Aus

irrelevant, but has anyone else noted that meringue is still a "dessert plasma" on wikipedia? haha


:o) This post made me happy. I don't really know why, but it did. :o)

shannon hale

Linda, how great to meet you virtually! I thought your daughter was AMAZING, saying that both as the author and a former actress. She delivered her performance with wit, intelligence, humor, and real feeling. I can't wait to see where she goes from here.


I LOVE Book of a Thousand Days!!! Shannon, did you drew the illustrations too? The drawings just added to the charm of the book!

And Happy Birthday Enna Isilee!!!


>And you cannot find a story right away--you have to work for it, fight for it, earn it.

I'm in the midst of doing just this, so thanks for putting it into words.

I'm looking forward to 1000 Days!


Just a question, Dante-
Why do you feel the need to criticize in every single one of your comments?

Enna Isilee

Ah. The party was amazing Shannon. Thank you so much for making my birthday absolutely amazing. (Except I will have to find some way to get back at you for making people sing to me. Ooh. I have an idea. How about a certain video I have of you talking about "Milk vs. Water" and the tangent thereafter? Eh? Fitting punishment?
No worries. I don't think I'll go THAT far.)

And that dress you were wearing was absolutely gorgeous. Ah! Love it so much. That's what I'm going to be for Halloween.


I loved B1000, I finished it like 2 weeks ago. My bookstore got it early. (Yay.)


Read BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS. [spoiler deleted] Not fair, I'd say.

What's next?


I loved reading this blog! It brought back so many good memories from when I first read PA. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my hands on B100 yet. ARGH! I've looked at every bookstore within an hour and a half radius and no one is carrying it yet! Hopefully i can get it soon or someone might just lose a head...


I kind of liked the ending. [spoiler deleted]

Dante-Can we please try to keep all of our comments positive?

Faith #2

It would be great if we could focus a bit on the brighter side, please, Dante.


Doesn't anyone besides me see the humor in Dante's comments--not so much in this blog as in the last one and some of the others? He's very comment provoking, spices things up.

I haven't been able to get my hands on B1000 yet, but I loved PA. You were right about the title creating false expectations though. I almost left it on the shelf at the library, but I'd read GG and EB and liked them. It wasn't disappointing. Thanks for writing!


"Book of a thousand days" reminds me Humor authors like Jonathan Swift."Book of a thousand days" has given lot of symbolic hidden meanings. I enjoyed in reading this book.


Dante's criticisms about Shannon and other commenters are not amusing, thank you very much.

Marcus Aurelius

I was so sad I couldn't show up. I wound up breaking myself playing ultimate Frisbee Saturday morning. I missed the Reptile Expo, MountainCon and the B1000 party.

I'm not sure exactly why fate despises me so.

I hope the party went well. And maybe I can send out one of my siblings to get me a copy of B1000 to read wilst I recupe.


almost done with 'thousand days' and i'm lovin' it! wasn't sure if i would be into it after reading the jacket (7 years in a tower? how boring is THAT?) but it's completely not what i expected - in a good way. Thanks!


Hey, I wrote in big letters at the top of my last comment that there'd be spoilers. Never mind.

With this, I depart, per request. About three months, I think, since I began posting here.


No one's asking you to leave. Your comments are interesting, they just tend to be too malicious.


Dante, I'm not asking you to leave. We appreciate people commenting politely about Shannon's posts here. That's pretty much the rule that I see, politeness. Some comments that you've made might be a bit critical, and maybe you should put those comments on your own blog. We still would enjoy to hear *kind* thoughts about Shannon's posts. Some of your comments have been very nice.
I'm sure that we'll miss you Dante, even if you're a bit different than the average squeetuser.


I've finished B1000! It was great Shannon, I loved it! It's one of my favorites. :)


So far, Shannon, I have enjoyed all your books. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite authors - not an easy feat! With each book that you publish, I get excited all over again for the chance at a delightful read and am happily pleased. On principle, I judge a book on its own marits, not simply because I am a fan of the author. But as I said, I enjoy all of your books! They are each so different that I don't feel like I'm reading the same story reworked. It also thrills me to be able to share my newly found treasures with each of my sistters. Nothing better than passing on a favorite book and having them enjoy it too! Thanks for writing and keeping me on the edge of my seat for whatever new work you will be publishing!


Wow! I finished B1000 about a week ago, and I had no idea what to expect. Well, it was wonderful!! I simply couldn't put it down. :) specially the setting; it is very interesting that it is set in the steppes. I gradually caught on throughout the book that this is where it is set. lol. Anyways, i loved it!


thankyou so much for B1000 Shannon! i can't wait to read it again!!! C:


re: princess academy -almost didn't buy it because I was afraid it would be all "disn*y princess" but am so happy I did. I can't wait to read it with my daughter. I LOVE a female heroine. I've been giving the book to all my friends to read.

I'm so happy to see more books about strong young women trying to find and then finding their way. Awesome.

Not to mention the stories all just rock.


re: princess academy -almost didn't buy it because I was afraid it would be all "disn*y princess" but am so happy I did. I can't wait to read it with my daughter. I LOVE a female heroine. I've been giving the book to all my friends to read.

I'm so happy to see more books about strong young women trying to find and then finding their way. Awesome.

Not to mention the stories all just rock.


re: princess academy -almost didn't buy it because I was afraid it would be all "disn*y princess" but am so happy I did. I can't wait to read it with my daughter. I LOVE a female heroine. I've been giving the book to all my friends to read.

I'm so happy to see more books about strong young women trying to find and then finding their way. Awesome.

Not to mention the stories all just rock.


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