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July 10, 2007



Never before have I seen anyone described as "unpretentious" and "multitasking" in the same sentence. Congratulations!


Awesome interviews, Shannon, and I already know what book gets my vote for the Teens' Top Ten. ;)


We didn't make it to any of the local sightings-I know, our loss. We'll try to be there in the fall for the next release. Is Maggie letting you eat chocolate yet? If so, we'll bring chocolate. (C.Kay Cummings fine candies is close to our home-yum!) Thank you for even attempting to keep up on the blog-I know I'll keep checking as long as there is something new at least once a month. Thank you also for the recommendations. I finished Austenland and enjoyed it and Jessica is really looking forward to Rapunzel's Revenge.


Sorry, second post. Cute pictures in the interviews and the chocolate chips in a mug-I'll take that as an answer to my question. I also enjoyed that Austenland utilized innuendoes in areas. Oh, I recommended Austenland for a library reader's choice book but I don't know if it's made the cut yet.


Yay! Thank you for the book suggestions! And that picture of you and your children in the first interview... it was simply adorable :)


I loved all of the interviews Shannon! Thank you for the recomendations! I've been looking for new things to read.


I think that all of the interviews were found by Little Redders before you posted them here. We're all so stalker-ish over at the forum... does it ever freak you out? ;)


Shannon, just curious because this is all the rage right now, but what is your take on the Harry Potter fandom. Are you a fan of the books, have you seen any of the movies? I'm curious because I love hearing your opinions on many subjects including good books, like this post.


I was wondering the same thing, Marie.


Thank you for the suggestions, once my summer semester ends in about a week, I'll finally have time to read for pleasure again! Woohoo!!!
Fun interviews, by the way. I still have no idea how you manage to do it all.


My books-to-read list stretches out before me... Thanks for additions!
I loved those pictures of you on the Deseret articles! So pretty!

Faith #2

Maybe my baby sister will like Yellowbelly and Plum. a birthday plan is forming...

and yes, I think we found every single interview before this... seriously scary.


I just had a lot of fun reading Austenland. You don't really dislike Northanger Abbey, do you? I own it. Next to Pride and Prejudice, it's my favorite of Austen's books. I love how she makes fun of her main character, as well as the popular writers and readers of her day, herself included. In fact, I believe Austenland has more in common with Northanger Abbey than any of Austen's other novels.


Those were all good interviews/articles - and good pictures!
So do you read Harry Potter? I know it would probably be terrible etiquette to post criticisms on the books, and lame to devote an entry to their praises, but...
Also, I really liked what you said about not putting bad content in your books, and how swearing is a cop-out, etc.


That rocks I haven't got a chance to read it yet but I am totally looking forward to it!!! It's really awesome that Austenland will be in Glamour magazine :) you're soooo cool! =D

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