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June 08, 2007



Of course you're going to look great in the regency dress!! I would love to try one on myself! I loved the limericks, too :p
--I absolutely LOVED (and will always LOVE) AUSTENLAND (formerly Ostensibly Jane) :p


Oops, sorry for the redundancy (of the "love"s and stuff...) :p

Enna Isilee

I will so totally be there! Though not dressed up. The LittleRed shirts were supposed to be done today but we haven't gotten them yet. We may get them tomorrow morning and then all will be well.

Ah! So excited!

Man that was the bestest (tee hee) limerick I have ever read.

I'm going to buy Austenland there (since I have been unable to attain it yet grr).

I really want to keep typing but I am out of things to say, I guess I'll say them in person tomorrow. Boy are you going to see more of me then you would like this summer.

See ya tomorrow! (Cameras are ready!)


Man, I really wish I could come down from school for this, but it just didn't work out. Anyhow, I hope you all attending will have an incredible time. Shannon, if I were going this is what I would say to you: "Um, so you seriously rock. You have no idea. Austenland was amazing; I devoured it right up. Jane was perfectly sassy and conflicted and just awesome in general. Did I mention you and your husband and children and squeetus rock? Because you do."
But I sadly will not be able to say that in person, so there you have it.
I *loved* the limericks.

Lauren A.

Those limericks were jolly good fun. Yay, tour is starting! Have fun @ the party! (Force Shannon to sing "Wind beneath my wings", guys/gals. Just do it!)


i wish i could come!!!
i love the limerick. (squee!)


Have a fantastic time! Can't wait to see pictures too...though do promise you wont force adorable little Maggie into that get-up. ;^)


This must be the thousandth time that I wished I lived in Utah. :-)

Sounds like a great time, and the limerick was excellent. :-)


i know it was on the last post, but...

thanks everyone, for your well-wishes!! we love our little guy so much, he already completely rules our home. but i guess that's what happens, right? :)

i'm really looking forward to reading austenland. not sure how much reading i'm going to be able to do the next few weeks/months/years ...but that's okay. i'll get to the books i want to read, it just may not be exactly *when* i want. :)

have fun in beautiful dresses!!


I WISH I could come, but it's too far away! It sounds like so much fun. Do scaryoke *cough* I mean KARAOKE and have a blast in your dresses!


How fun! Regency dresses and karaoke (randomest combination ever.) I wish I could go. But have fun all you happy Utah-ians! And dress up, you never know, it could be great fun.


Oh I wish I could come!!! I love that limerick!!!
Oh-and I saw Austenland at Barnes and Nobles yesterday! I'm so spyched to read it!




Once again, I am left to be jealous!


I want pictures from the release party!

Padfoot's girl

I live about 20 minutes away and I can't come. I came so close to buying the book yesterday but it was too much for my small amount of money that I had with me. I did read the prologue of the book while at Barns and Noble and I just about died. I cannot wait to cheek it out from the library and read it! Rock on Shannon! ~Padfoot's Girl

Padfoot's girl

Oops! I put cheek instead of check! My bad! I can't wait! Whoo!


It was so much fun Shannon, and I had a great time! I loved your dress!!! I also loved the collin firth cutout! It was hilarious!! I hope that I can see you again soon!


The party was awesome. Seeing you in person... I thought I was going to faint! And you looked awesome in your dress. Can't wait to read more of Austenland... I'm trying so hard not to read it all at once.


I say ARG! for two reasons. First, becuase you Utah-ians are so darn lucky to go to the release partay. (I hope you all have fun, especially with the karaoke!) Secondly, because Austenland is not available for me until JUNE 28TH. JUNE 28TH!! I don't know if i can wait that long, knowing how awesome it's going to be!

Alright, now that I'm done with that... a fact that has nothing to do with the blog but I must say it. I read and finished Gone With The Wind! I hate to say it, but there is an incredible feeling that comes with finishing a book that long, and I was glad that it was actually REALLY good.

P.S. I loved those creative limericks! And orangedragonfly, bunches of blessings and congats to you! Keep us posted on him!


If only I had "my own" AUSTENLAND somewhere...I can't get over the book. It. Was. [And. Still. Is.] An. Amazing. Book.
Oh, MAYday, I KNOW the wait for the book will be worth it, because the book is absolutely fabulous!! You will love it, I guarentee you!

Well, I do believe that "my" beloved Austenland is waiting for me..
And as Miss Charming would say...

"Tallyho!" or

"What, what"

They have nothing to do with much anything, whatsoever :p


Uh, sorry, I meant guarantee instead of guarentee :}

Undercover Princess

Singing karaoke in a regency dress???? Why, oh why do I have to live in California????


Okay, so I just went on little red reading hood for the first time. And it is so hard to post anything there! Why can't it just be as simple as it is here? Could someone please explain how that website works?


UnderCover Princess-Because that is your hand as dealt by Fate. Nyah.

Regency dress will be very uncomfortable and make you look soakingly cold. Still, enjoy yourselves and look snappy. The shelves have eyes, you know...


Leanna, you need to be registered to post comments on the LittleRed site. Click on the word "register" near the top of the page (just below the logo), enter a username and the other requrired information, and then click on the link in the verification email message you receive. You should then be able to post comments on the site. Hope to see you there soon!

Faith #2

Leanna, I was confused too, but I got the hang of it.
did you register? :) and there's a section where you can ask for help, too.
I REALLY wanted to go to the party, but I live a few states away so oh well. I did complain in the car while shopping, though. "MOM, the party's going on now! I'm not there. *sniffles*

Faith #2

oops, simul post.

Enna Isilee

Well I have a little something for y'all that didn't get to go.


Now Shannon, don't shoot me (at least not until you sign the rest of my books).

It truly was a marvelous party. Lots of talking (and unfortunately making Enna Isilee look like a fool), and meeting new people that weren't exactly new.

I wish you all would have come. If you want more accounts there are a few in the "Austenland" section of LRRH.

shannon hale

Oh. My. Word. K, I had no idea I was being video taped or I never would've sung into the mic. Holy cow. That'll do, pig. That'll do.

By the way, the Regency beauty singing beside me was my sister Jessica. She looked FAB. I think she belongs in that era.


OMG. Enna Isilee, that was seriously the cutest thing ever. I loved the way you edited it... it was perfect!

Shannon- you have nothing to be ashamed of. That was adorable. What a great keepsake, huh? When Maggie's a few years older, maybe you can hop on youtube and show her your singing "You make me feel like a natural woman." Soooo cute!

Enna Isilee

Yeah, I was sure to bring a video camera. Tee hee.

(Did you just call me pig? ;) )

And don't be ashamed of anything, you're not a bad singer at all. I didn't know your sister's name or I would have put her in the credits.

You looked pretty "FAB" too. I espcially loved the pearly thing in your hair.

Can't wait for the 22!


It truly is an excellent video, Enna Isilee. :-) Thanks for making it so that all us poor unfortunate non-Utahians could at least feel like we were kind of at the party. :-)


Hope you post more pictures Shannon!


Yeah, thanks Enna Isilee!! It was a totally awesome, fantabulous video.


You all looked so beautiful in the Regency dresses! (Or, the few of you that dressed in this manner looked absolutely stunning!) I'm sure you all enjoyed yourselves immensely. And you're right Shannon, your sister could be Jane Bennet. I mean, Mrs. Charles Bingley.


You looked...[comment deleted for being just plain rude. Come on, now, play nice.]


That's SO mean.


Anidori Isilee--Just because some of us live in Utah does not make it possible for us to go to the party...


And oh, my gosh, that movie was pretty amazing, Enna Isilee. You rock!

Shannon, thanks for singing your heart out to all of us who were not lucky enough to get to the party (even though you were unaware of it at the time!)


Loved the limericks! They're so clever.

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