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June 10, 2007



I'm coming to a signing this week and can't be more excited, Shannon! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Leave your heart in SF. Come back and get it when B1000 comes out! Can't wait to see you.


you make me smile, shannon.

Heather Zundel

That Austenland party was so much fu!. And yes, it really did seem like a party more than anything else. I would have loved to try the karaoke, but I am used to playing a video game called "Karaoke Revolution" and it shows you where your pitch is supposed to be, I was so afraid to try it with only the words. Eh, I should have just winged it and exaggerated everything. My favorite was still when (was it Marcus?) sang Old McDonald. I'm still chuckling just thinking about it. I think the realease was a huge sucess and it was so good to see you again. Have a ton of fun in California! Look at the ocean for me once (my one regret living here in my wonderful Utah).


I saw video from it and it looked like a blast.


Oh! My American name (first name) is Jessica, too!.. that was totally random, I'll admit.
Anyway, I wish and forever will wish that I lived in Utah. The Austenland addiction is getting to me :p


I'm so glad you talk to people at the signings! Believe me, you were worth the wait.


Oh, it sounds like it was a lot of fun!! :o) I can't wait to see the pictures!!!!! :o)


It does sound fun. One day, I will take myself to one of your signings...until then, I must be content with the blogs and videos and pictures posted. But I think you are a very considerate author, to want it to be more of a party then a stand-in-line-for-Shannon festival of boredom. I've been to signings just like that, and the authors all seemed like jerks. You know, they just wanted the publicity and money. I hate that.


I note a theme in destination blog entries, that the title is the verse of a song about the city. Odd. Hope you have a good trip, although it might be good if you left the Regency gowns at home.


Ha ha. You're right, Dante! It is odd, but I guess verses of songs get stuck in your head, and so you write them out. Right now, I have "Hoist the Colours" stuck in my head. "Yo ho..."

P.S.-Liesolotte, is that your real name? Whatever it is, I love it!


ARRGHH!! I am simply OBSESSED with the fact that I can't come to your signings. I mean, how can I when I'm about to move halfway around the world? Oh, woe is me! At least I can take my books (*Austenland being one of them*) with me so I can at least retreat to my private sanctuary..
But I might not even be able to take my books!! Oh, double woe is me!!

Enna Isilee

I wish you well in Cali! I really do. Can't wait for you to come back though. Boy I've never been so grateful for Utah like I have this past week. The grass just got a lot greener in the brown state.

And I think you should take the regency gowns with you. People deserve to see you in your finest.



bohae--What country are you in?


Actually, I live in the States, but I'm GOING to move to a different country. Oh, woe is me triple times!!

Marcus Aurelius

I'm glad you found your camera. I blame Dean.

You threw a fun party, Author Woman. And Laura, that was so boss of you to invite Colin. The awesomeness of his appearance is more than you can believe it. Everybody looked so great. Jessica was about the best darned singing partner a person could ever hope for, but, gun to my head, singing "She Blinded Me With Science" with Maxwell, and "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" with King Carter were really the highlights of my day and somebody please shoot this sentence quick before it takes over the whole internet! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the run-on king: Me.

@Heather: Seriously, the next time silly people try to get you to join in on karaoke, you really should. It's a lesson to be learned from LittleLittleRed.

F'rills! :P


Shannon: More famous than a 13th century pope, certainly. But what about Genghis Khan, huh? What about him? That's one 13th century figure who probably found the sword mightier than... most anything else. But more or less famous, I'm sure YOU throw a better party!

Marcus: Colin was putty in my hands. And when are you and Jessica taking your show on the road? I'll totally sign up as a groupie.


The party sounds so fun! Wished I could have been there.

"Step aside 13th century pope, here I come."

Enna Isilee

Laura put me on that list too will ya?

And Shannon don't worry about the wait for signing. It gives people a chance to talk and when they get their turn it's just all the more memorable.


I would rather wait a (longer) while and get a chance to talk to you than wait a (long) while to just get a book signed.

Heather Zundel

So true. That was one of the most relaxing (and rather animated I must admit) signings I have ever been to. Also, sign me up as a groupie - I might even try back up singer too.


*groans* I wish I wish I WISH I could go to ANY of your signings... Maybe someday if I have the chance I'll go to Utah and spot you at the store or driving in the car, picking up Max or Maggie from school...


It doesn't take much to be more popular than the pope, depending on the time period. Also, stop harrying people about their locations. Do we need to know where you live,too?

Janette Rallison

I can hardly wait to get a copy of Austenland, and yeah, I'd take you over a 13th century pope any day!

-a thirteenth century pope-

Ahh...have 13th century popes ever been that popular? If you can name one off the top of your head, I'd be pretty amazed! And is it really such a big compliment, "You're more popular than a 13th century pope!" Why not, "You're more popular than the Sultan of (insert country here)? Or at least something slightly more encouraging.

So we need to know where anyone here lives? If I guessed where I lived (and didn't know), I would guess that I lived in the Vatcian City. Or something like that. (Peru, anyone?)

Faith #2

you mean DARKEST peru? :D I've been reading Paddington bear, yes.
and I'm so excited! I' mmeeting you in *gasp* six days!!


It took me a couple of days to recover from the party. Who'd have know karaoke could be so fun. I was so shocked when in the middle of a duet with Jessica, Shannon ran in to help sing Total Eclipse of The Heart. You go girl! I've got the pictures to prove Shannon is the queen of Karaoke. Let's do it again soon!


*sigh* wish I could have been there. If just so I would have an excuse to wear Regency attire! Better post those photos soon Shannon, I'm dying to see them. I think you may be more popular than a lot of authors just because you seem so nice and funny and approachable and rockin' awesome. Oh, and Burning-nope, not my real name. Still it's pretty awesome huh? I'm still not quite sure how to pronounce it.


It's freaking amazing.
If I knew how to pronounce it, I'd steal it.

Ms Regency

I had a fabulous time at the Regency party. Shannon you are a riot. I didn't realize you do stand up comedy as well as writing "mindless froth that Austen Addics will love"

Other notes I took include:
Go find the robot suit in Austenland.
Bosoms must always be brought up at Regency events.
Oh yes and thanks for supplying that 15% of satisfaction my husband can't provide because he's no Mr. Darcy.

Enna Isilee

Ya know I never did see the robot suit. I think I need to pay closer attention to what I read.


Yea, you do.

Enna Isilee

Thanks burning.


I was kidding!

Enna Isilee

I know, s'all good.


Just read Austenland!!! Abslutely loved it!!! Very Fabulous. Goose Girl will always be my favorite, but that is because it's the first one i read!! But definite props for Austenland!!!


Austenland is Fabulous and Wonderful and Amazing, I agree with you January.

Goose Girl was also GREAT, I couldn't put it down, or else my eyes would rip off and stick to the pages.

Three thumbs up to Shannon Hale!



Dante-- I'm not harrying people about where they live, or at least, I'm not trying to... I was just curious, as bohae kept complaining that s/he could never come to a signing.

Comment to anyone and everyone: If anything I say/ask/do offends any of you, remember that my opinion means nothing and ignore me. If you like what I say/ask/do, respond to my commentary and remember that my opinion is all-important and essential. Just kidding about the all-important and essential parts.


Okay! Question for all the writers out there. What do you do when you're writing and you want to get past a certain scene but you have total writer's block. Like majorly bad?! ahhhh. HELP


My advice (because I'm totally a professional author *sarcastic voice*) is to skip the scene and come back to it, or just write it without caring how it sounds and come back to it and revise later.


January: try to plan things out. Base your scene on the scene(s) before. You could do a flashback, or maybe describe something that leads back into the story. So if there was some abrupt character that you put in your story earlier, you might want to explain the character (unless you want the person to be mysterious :)

Just Trying to Help

Skip it. Watch inspiring movies. It helps. Live through the scene through each of the characters' eyes. Don't worry about it, it's just your own version of flailing. Everyone gets it. Do things you wouldn't do with it, and all will be well.

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