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June 20, 2007



That's so awesome! I wish I could have been there! It was so cool when I met you too.


Wow. I mean, wow. That's it. WOW! :o) You are SO lucky-- you have such a sweet little girl! And you got to meet Stephenie Meyer. That's a huge plus.

I'm so jealous. Seriously, I'm like, growling with the green-eyed monster right now. JK. I love the pictures! Man oh man I wish I could come to a signing!

Enna Isilee

Yeah ya do. And soon you're going to meet more of them! I know of at least 3 that are coming on Friday!

I really can't think of anything more to say, but I'm sure I'll have plenty by Friday!

Oh and faith about had a heart attack when she came back. Never has LRRH seen such tears.

Enna Isilee

If that was unclear the "3" I was refferring to were 3 of your "coolest fans in the world."


It looks like you had a great time! Maggie is so cute. Faith will be so happy that you mentioned her.

Enna Isilee

And Shannon, what exactly are you doing to Mr. Lewis?


Ah...I so wish I could have been there there. I am so jealous of you, Faith. To meet Shannon and Stephenie. *sighs*

It sounds like a great time. *sighs again*

Ruby Diamond

I knew it! Ok, well I didn't know but I was pretty sure that you'd see Stephenie at your signing -- I remember reading on her site about how excited she was when _you_ came to _her_ signing. It's fun to see two great authors get together!


Wow, three of my absolute favorite people that I've never really met before all in the same picture! I think that just about blew my mind.
As per your fans, we only have the coolest person to be a fan of ever! Woo!


Mom just woke me up from my position unconscious on the ground. JK, but seriously.
I was thrilled to sit by Stephanie. I freaked out. I mean, you were cool too, of course, though. ;) I got a pciture with Stephanie and you! *happy dance*


Can I say again how envious I am of you, Faith? ;)

And Gretchen, you said it perfectly. We do only have the coolest person to be a fan of.


AAAHHHH!!!! I scream for both Maggie AND Stephenie Meyer!!! You're little girl is WONDERFULLY adorable, and I absolutely LOVED reading Twilight and New Moon. How in the world did two of the greatest authors get a picture together, and with such a cutie of a Maggie?? I'm speechless from now on...or not :)


I'm squealing a little bit inside. To be mentioned on Squeetus...such an honor! =D And yes, the day Faith went to Tempe will go down in LRRH history.

Somewhere in Tempe there is a bookseller named Faith now wondering, "Am I NOT cute and young?"


Maggie is so cute. I can't help but admire her amazing cuteness. It must be nice to be a baby...everyone thinks you are cute!

I haven't read Twilight. Maybe now I will. I have decided that one of my favorite books of all time is (drumroll, please) THE LOST ART OF KEEPING SECRETS! It doesn't get much better than that. I it so much. It's so very I Capture the Castle in the way it's written.

Sorry for rambling. Have I mentioned it's a bad habit of mine?


P.S.-Lieselotte, I'm determined to figure out how it is pronounced. I read it in "A Song for Summer" and now it's driving me insane! But I will figure it out. I MUST.


I wish I was there, but I don't live in Arizona.


Hey, I just finished New Moon, too. And yes, I also liked Jacob. [SPOILER DELETED]
Cute photos!


And I hope you realize this post is OUR textual proof of coolness (i.e. have met shannon-ness).


And sorry for the double posting, but calandria, PLEASE watch your spoilers! I haven't read New Moon yet...

shannon hale

Ack! You're right, cuileann, it did sound that way. In fact, the bookseller Faith was gorgeous and young and wonderful, in a different way that other Faith. She told me there's a Hope working at the bookstore as well, so they've declared that the owner isn't allowed to hire anyone named Charity.


You're welcome Shannon; I think Max liked the Merry-go-Round a lot! (And I taught him a new word... "camel")
I know you're terribly busy and have 450 unanswered emails in your inbox, Shanon, but I did send you pictures from the San Fransisco signing, if you're wanting them. :)


Heheheh...well, I was just teasing, of course. That's funny. I envy you meeting all these booksellers and all these booksellers meeting all these authors...


charity? Well in my family we have Faith Mercy Hope and Grace.


Ohemgee! I'm on Shannon's blog!


maggie is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!


oh no! I'm blushing about the spoiler. Sorry, guys. I didn't consider it a spoiler but I can see how it could be.


VICTORY! After a trying journey, I've figured out how to pronounce Liesolotte. It is pronounced Lee-suhl-oat. Like Liesel from The Sound of Music with an "oat" at the end. HOORAY!


Burning-good for you. now may I have my name back please? JK
Wow. It must be so cool to be an author and, like meet other authors and stuff and have adoring fans running after you...heheh. Once again I am TOTALLY jealous.
anyway...have not read any of the books you mentioned so I better get to the library.


Never! Never will I release your name.

Just kidding!

It was bothering me so much that I didn't know how to say it. But now I know it, and I'm completely satisfied. I'm too curious for my own good...if there is a door labeled "Do not enter" I want to know why. So I usually open it. Nothing bad has happeneed. Yet.





Hmm. I didn't like Twilight or New Moon. But Stephenie Meyer looks exactly like someone I know, which is a little scary. :)

Maggie is the cutest!


I terribly wish I could've been at that signing.

You are right Shannon. Maggie is soooooooooooooo cute. I haven't read twilight. Maybe now I will. It hadn't really caught my attention before.

P.S. Liesolotte, I love that name. It has a certain ring to it that makes me always remember it.

P.S.S. Burning thanks for finding out the pronounciation of Liesolotte's name.

Enna Isilee

Celes: I know isn't it wicked schweet? You are coming tomorrow Celes right? Right? And hwalk will be there and... *squee*


Now, Shannon, don't forget those other adoring fans that have met you before but haven't yet this year because you haven't come to their state! Adoring fans like, *cough*, a gorgeous girl named MAYday, by chance? And I know you remember her like it was yesterday, not 10 months ago, right? I'm sure you do, because she does. And what else does a famous author and mother have to think about besides her long-since-seen fans?

Now, that aside -- I love the pictures, especially the one with Miss Maggie perfecto! Meeting great authors like Stephanie! You are SUCH a lucky duck.


Sorry for double-posting, but I HAVE to ask this.

Ellenboro used P.S.S in her post, and I've always wondered -- is it P.S.S or P.P.S.?


P.S.=post script

So, I'm guessing the right way would be P.P.S.=post post script.

Otherwise it would be post script script which makes absolutely no sense. But either way, people pretty much get what you're saying.

operaghost's bff

OMG!!!! You met Stephenie Meyer!!!!!!!!!! If I didn't love your books so much, I might hate you right now! JK. I met her once, too. She's too cool. I lovey Jacob Black as well, but I love Edward more ^^

Callie the Strongbad Fan

Goodness, J.S. Lewis! I once saw that guy doing a book tour, visiting an elementary school where I work. I love that picture of Maggie, so cute. And in only a few days you'll come to Oregon, oh, I'm so excited!


wow!!! that's so neat! and i can't belive shannon knows who i am! you met me brefily and i wasn't a member! wow again! my 2 favorite authors together! i'm very jealous!


Horay! I'm so glad you like Jacob Black too :) He needs more fans hahaha.

You look great Shannon! Maggie is so cute :) And Stephenie looks good too. I love you both!


Oh Shannon. I'm totally am going to rip my hair out now. ARRR!!! I want to meet Stephenie Meyer so very badly.

Arrrrr...I would buy the book but it's always sold out and I'd read it but someone else always has it. I wanna read that book, dang it!

You look so cute in that photo and so does little Miss Maggie. /Me


I can't believe you remembered meeting me! I am absolutely honored. My favorite part of the day (other than meeting you and posing with Mr. Darcy) was reading Maggie "Olivia." She seemed to like it and it made me feel so cool. I love children with chubby cheeks, and she was especially chubby!


Did you know you've said uber a lot?


kadfalkyewj STEPHENIE MEYER??


Maggie is very cute too!


all I've got to say is: thank you. Thank you so much for that comment about Jacob Black! I am so sick of hearing everyone say they don't like Jacob and could care less what happens to him. NO! no, no, no! Anyway, it's good to know that theres another Jacob Black supporter out there that just happens to be one of my favorite authors and also just happens to know another one of my favorite authors!


I can't belive it! You and Stephenie Meyer are like my favorite authors ever and it was totally cool to see you in a picture together. Write fast! I can't wait for your next book! p.s. Is there going to be a sequel for Princess Academy?
another p.s.- your baby is really cute!

Anne Marie

You got to meet stephenie meyer?! cool I've been wanting to meet you and her for awhile. Twilight and New moon are awesome. I love jacob too, but edward more.. :)


Me too!


*is suddenly inexplicably fearful because*


I have your haircut. I didn't mean to, but I got your hair cut. I a

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