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June 04, 2007



so much fun in one post! lucky you - thanks for sharing! my daughter and i are going to try and come to one of these signings soon!


Oh wow! It seems so fun... And I would've come to every book signing if I could! "When will another mad scientist appear and develop a teleportor so I can go to Shannon Hale and get my books signed?!" I frequently think to myself. If I could, I would probably bore her to death will me talking nonsense and blabbering on and on. Like in this comment.
I had just recently ordered Austenland online and I am just jittery thinking about reading it!


I'm not jittery about thinking about reading Austenland. I am thrilled, excited, and am hyperventilating at this moment. I just love these books... WONDERFUL! Need I say more?


OK, I promise this is the last posting for me (on this blog):
I just wish I could go to one of your signings or anything! Or even glimpse Shannon Hale on the street. That would be purely amazing if I could, for she'd be so crowded with fans (such as me) that I would probably only see the top of her head : )


Sounds like fun. Wish I had remembered to remind my parents to drive me there. :-)

So everyone dies in The Sweet Far Thing. Can't say I expected that. :-)

Faith #2

completly not fair. I wish I ahd a tongue like that. I can barely touch my nose.
and MAggie's so cute! Thanks for the pcitures!


How fun! I'm reading In the Serpent's Coils right now--so far, so good. :)


awesome!!! i love pics. :D

the PA placement thing is rather amusing... but cool nonetheless.

Enna Isilee

I really have never laughed like I have right now. My excitement for the Austenland party just went way up and my nervousness went way down. And I just sent in the order for the LitteRed-ers T-shirts today!

Hey here's something! At least you can say you know me when I come to a signing. Well... does me commenting on your blog count as "knowing"? If I introduce myself as "Enna Isilee" and you get a blank stare I won't be upset.

Ah! Only 5 days!

I feel sick when I think of you all alone at a signing. If I was there I would have stood up and said, "C'mon people! Don't you know who this is?!" If you ever need a bodyguard/cheerleader/other-helpful person you give me a call. I have cameras and will travel. (Tee hee)


Quote:"The actress Julianne Moore has a picture book coming out and she was signing at Bloomsbury just before me, and she was loving on Maggie, holding and kissing her and exclaiming at her beauty and perfection. Julianne Moore clearly has excellent taste."

Now when Maggie's older she can tell everyone she was kissed by a famous actress. :D


Oh and you're hilarious Shannon. :D Truly.


I just read Austenland! I read it all in one night because there is no way I was going to stop in the middle! It was WONDERFUL!!! *sigh* I am a huge fan of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, so this book hit home for me. Glad you had such a great trip. And way to go on avoiding disaster with Max! :)


Fun, fun, fun! It all sounds really (guess!) fun! Too many exclamations....sorry. Austenland was *amazing*, but don't hyperventilate. That could be bad.

Congratulations to Mike, who gets to experience some pretty amazing books. And Princess Academy was PERFECTLY placed---I was just telling my brother how much he'd adore it. He said something about how he was too busy learning poise....hmm.

Sorry for rambling. Repeatedly. But what can you expect from a hyperbolic rambler?


I wish I could come to a book signing where no one came about me and Shannon and I could just talk for hours.

*sigh and dreaming expression*


Ok, Ok, I just can't help it: I have to comment once more.
Caroline, I envy you, for I just ordered Austenland and I CANNOT wait till I read it!! I read the excerpt of it, and I was so disappointed that there wasn't a mistake that had the whole story on there for everyone to see (like me, of course!). I am so giddy right now!! Oh, books. How can people NOT love then?? No, really?


GAH! I'm so excited for the Austenland party! *squee* I just can't believe I get to meet you, Shannon! I promise to be the horrible fangirl you always dreamed about. ;) And I can't wait to read Austeland. Can't. Wait.


very fun post, Shannon. I love the photos of you with Barry and Pearson. i love the one of you hearing the spoiler too. merciful heavens girl, your eyes are ginormous!

Lauren A.

I have one thing to say:
You are one lucky woman! :)


Wow! This post totally made my day! You seem like you had so much fun. I am so jealous-- especially since you met Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH! :o) I actually have a poster up above my bed of Princess Academy and Peter and the Shadow Theives, so, yeah, I'm a big fan. (more info on the pics can be found here: http://www.littleredreadinghood.com/viewtopic.php?t=1069 ) :o)

Enna Isilee

Celes, we can be crazy fan girls together. I've been practicing my squealing, giggling and fainting.

Enna Isilee

Celes, we can be crazy fan girls together. I've been practicing my squealing, giggling and fainting.


Oh, can I join in the crazy fan girl fun?
I'm afraid I can't make it to the Austenland party at the King's English, but I certainly am coming to a signing--even though I may have to ride a bike or walk several miles (most likely getting lost in the process) to get to it! :D
Jessica--I know the feeling. Someday I will get one of the geniuses I know to invent a teleporter. Any volunteers?

T.L. Trent

It is to squee. It was so awesome to see you!


You got to meet Dave Barry! And scold him! Did you get to hear his band The Rock Bottom Remainders play? Great pictures.

But of course, Maggie's fabulosity outshines theirs by a mile. Sorry, Dave.


Ally, I strongly disagree with your opinion. Maggie outshines them by lightyears, etcetera. Of course, she evens outshines lightyears!! :o)
Giggle. Giggle.


Eh, not bad. I probably would've enjoyed it. Places where people gather in large groups to discuss or aruge about books and writing are blessed.


Oh, yes, I forgot. Maggie is the most adorablist little baby chubbeh girl! I should pair her up with my adorable little baby chubbeh nephew... ;)


i loved the photos shannon! you look like you're having so much fun!
good on you!


I would go to one of your book signings!


That must have been so much fun!
I'm going to have to write a book now. ;)

Undercover Princess

I would have been a nervous wreck will all those celebrities!
But I think the free books and Maggie would make me feel better.
I love Shannon's and Libba Bray's pictures! Their wackiness makes me love their books even more.
And I am jealous of Mads, those posters are cool!


I am so entirely jealous of all those lucky people who got to gush over your books in your presence! I will, someday join their number!


I am so entirely jealous of all those lucky people who got to gush over your books in your presence! I will, someday join their number!


Dante---Why wouldn't you enjoy it?
I might enjoy it a little bit, solely because I love books. But, I hate introductions and awkward conversations. I'm way too shy to be an even vaguely social person.


I said I would've enjoyed, a contraction meaning " I would have", speaking hypothetically, as in if I had been there, I would have enjoyed it. As I said, blessed be places where there is a gathering to discuss or argue about books and writing.


Sorry...I could've sworn it said wouldn't. And sorry about the thing on the last blog, you can go back and read my full sentiments there. Ha. Umm...so...as I said before, I hate awkward conversations, so it wouldn't have been so enjoyable to me. There are few people with whom I can immediately dive into a conversation with. But anyway, I've posted way too much.


Actually, Burning, you haven't posted way too much. have you seen how many postings I've put just on this blog alone?? And ditto to your comment about how some people you can just click with in conversation... and not so much with others :o) But when someone talks about books, I'm all for it...

tonia conger

Shannon, how is it that we live 2 miles apart and still don't see each other? Could it be because you are an aclaimed writer who has the perfect little family? Or is it because I have a miserable little job that drives me into dark depression? Either way, we should do something together soon. Like, soon!


Oh Shannon! If I lived in America at all I would have gone to every one of your book signings! What I wouldn't give to be the lucky lady who got to talk to you for 20 minutes! But I would have bought a book ;)

Heather Zundel

That is so sad about your signing. I knew those things happened to new writers, but not Acclaimed, highly-established, Newberry Honor Winning Authors. The funny thin is, maybe she thought she was being nice by talking to the "poor author" bUt other than that, it sounds like an amazing time! And I am so glad you got to bring your family along, that would make it so much better, even to bring Maggie to your booth - awesome (and yes, she is the image of perfection). Now, what is this editor's name of yours that is a professional cook? - dang, you are lucky.


I just cannot hold it in... AUSTENLAND has been finally delivered to me!! I am going to read it right after I finish typing... I AM SO EXCITED!!!


It's not too bad. It happens to all writers, great and new. You won't hit the bullseye every time. If writers were wimpy people who cried every time they were disappointed in this manner, none of them would have become writers. Writing requires patient courage and hope, since most authors have enough rejection letters to wallpaper their house.


Ahhh...I had a very strange dream last night:

I was at a book signing at the local hospital, and Shannon was there. I went to get stuffed animals out of a claw machine for my little siblings, but when Shannon saw them she told me she needed them to change Maggie's diaper. So she took them, and I was really upset that I didn't have the little monkey, tiger, and zebra. I left the hospital book signing without having anything signed. When I got home, there was a humongous package stuffed into the mailbox. The stuffed animals, a Miri doll, a clean diaper, and all Shannon's books (including the unfinished Forest Born) were all inside. On the return address it said "The Hale Family."



That is weird, Burning!!! How wierd-ish...


That sounds like so much fun! I would have loved to be there because all those fantastic authors were there. I am so jealous. By the way, I loved Austenland!!!!


Jessica: At last, someone who posts as much as me! Hooray! And, yes, it was weird.


Oh! I started and finished Austenland today, and it was AWESOME!! I wish it would never end... I think it influenced me alot, because I started speaking and acting like I was in 19th century England. My family thought (and forever thinks) I'm crazy...:o)

A RedHead

Burning and Jessica, do you know about www.littleredreadinghood.com?
(Sorry LR, I'm recruiting for you.) YOu can post all you like there and don't have to be ashamed. :)


Jessica and Burning: Don't worry, posting is good. If she did not want posts her blog would just be something to read and not comment on.


It's really early in the morning, and you still cracked me up with the Dave Barry pictures. Well done! My wife, mother, and mother-in-law adore you and your books. We may all see you at the Texas Book Festival (cross your fingers that both moms can come).

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