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June 18, 2007



Well... I finished Austenland this weekend and simply adored it. There were some hidden goodies in there, like the bit about the robot suit and Jane wishing she could speak bird. Don't give up hope! You'll find that camera! I'll send you some SF signing/afternoon photos so your book tour is documented.
:) Lauren.


Who says there aren't Shannon Hale shrines? *coughcough*

I hope you find your camera! My friend lost her camera when we went to DC. It was horrible, so many good photos lost.


I really liked Austenland. It was a nice, light, entertaining read, perfect for a car ride.

Good luck finding your camera! And I wish I lived in AZ.

Felicity's shrine...*laughs*


i'm SO hoping my husband's not mad at me for keeping him awake this weekend reading in bed. could i help the giggling? no. i could not.

(seriously, loved it - such a fun read - and i kept thinking what a great movie it would make!)


I thought your book was funny enough to wake up my husband to read him the part I was giggling over. And, he thought it was funny enough he wasn't even that grumpy about being woken up!


I have deemed this an appropriate time to resurrect myself. Without further ado...
And? Are you fishing for compliments here? So what? Not everyone can write a perfect bestseller every time. There will always be someone who doesn't like your work. Deal with it and use it to improve yourself. Nobody's perfect.


I definitely couldn't put Austenland down, and I laughed A LOT. Usually books don't make me do that (I guess I am a one person 'tough crowd').

I'm a Jane Austen fan (Pride and Prejudice was great!), but I didn't see anything wrong with Austenland. It was absolutely scrumptous! I'm such a bookworm: all great books, look out!


kirsten- I kept thinking the same thing about Austenland... it would be a perfect candidate for a movie adaptation... Imagine if Colin Firth played Mr. Nobley! And then could play the song "Real Men" in it... "...now and then we wonder who the real men are..." :)


Okay... I can't post. This is a test. :o( I bet you anything it will work!

Enna Isilee

My mom actually asked me, "You know that you're giggling, right?" as we were driving home from the party. Yeah, Austenland's not for everyone. But I think your humor is funny (hence me sticking around for a year).

*Psst* Celes, I think we'd better give it back. The fire from your candles hasn't burned the memory card has it?



Austenland would make a good movie.


Shannon, you have such a great attitude about everything.


I think the critics should read it twice before they post. Why do I always love a book 200 times more when I read it the second time?!


I agree. Austenland would make an *amazing* movie. I'm a huge Austen fan and I absolutely love Austenland. I'd like to read more adult books by you! :)


Well, I was able to get Austenland at the King's English Bookstore on the day of the party, but I wasn't able to stay for the party. *sniff* But... I LOVED AUSTENLAND! It was great! Since I finished, I haven't had it back! Everyone here has been borrowing it to read, and they, too, love it. Wonderful work, Shannon!


humph. I havne't read it, but I bet Austenland was good. Ask the people here- they seemed to like it! I mean, not that I can read it for three years, but it's good. ;)

an WOW I'm seeing you tomorrow. *gasps*


i don't care what anyone says shannon, you always make me laugh.


I had fun reading Austenland. I read it on the plane in one go. I, too, disturbed my husband at the funny parts. Shannon, I love your writing, and what I loved most about Austenland was how different it was from your usual writing style. It is good for readers to see that an author can have more than one voice. I do prefer the other (Bayern books and Princess Academy) style though, only because it resonates more with my love of poetic descriptions. Nevertheless, I am a versatile reader adn enjoy many styles and so was still thoroughly pleased with Austenland.

beauty is a thought; not a state

I have not had the chance to read Austenland yet but I am dying to! I very much look forward to reading it because your writing style,Shannon, is different- and I Love Jane Austen!!! Pride and Prejudice is my favorite. I've read it about ten times in the past two and a half years. Shannon, I am sure I will love Austenland. I always love the little jokes you sneak in your books. The Austenland humor will just make me giggle all the more.


Shannon, you must come to West Virginia one day for a signing. Or at least a neighboring state. Like Ohio or Pennsylvania. Preferably at those two states. You could come to Columbus, Ohio or Pittsburg, P.A. You would make a lot of people happy Shannon.


Shannon, just because I have a Shannon Hale shrine with a doll that looks like you (dressed in a regency gown I might add), doesn't mean you should be creeped out or anything. The doctor says I should be cured of my strange problem soon (Shan-itus I think it's called)-- a few more years of therapy and I will be fine. So technically I'm not supposed to go on this blog anymore, but I thought I'd risk it. AHH! There's my mom! *runs away*

:o) Just kidding.


darn, you found me out. Send me signed copies of all your books and maybe you'll get your camera back. :)JK
shannon shrines aside, we do flatter you way too much.


I can't wait to read Austenland!!! Mi madre is driving me CRAZY by making me wait for a trip to the bookstore . . .


There's no way Shannon is fishing for compliments. She's far to humble for that ;)! Ok, so she still gets go brag about her sassiness and the fact that she's an amazing author (which is true), but really, if we were all like that, wouldn't we want to gloat even just a bit? Thank you for being wonderful Shannon (and thats sincere. I'm not just saying that to make you 'feel better')! btw,I'm about half way through Austenland. Simply lovely!


I just finished Austenland and really enjoyed it. I'm a huge Austen fan. I have a daughter named Jane and my girlfriends and I all just got back from our own P&P tour in England. So, this book was pure Heaven for me!!!

I think you're fab.

No matter what critics say, cool diaper-changing Collin Firth-obessesed moms love it!

faith who is

that was so cool! I Met you! And shannon, your dedication to Colin Firth in austenland made my mom laugh for a full minute. I can not wait to be able to read it in a few years. you are hilarious. I just have one small question: "What would you do if Colin Firth showed up to an Austenland Party or saw the picture of you and your sister with his cutout picture? ;) It was awesome seeing you.

PS My friend and mom said I cried on the way home, though I fervently denied it. I mean, I met you and sat right next to Stephanie Meyer. Why should I cry?

Fine. I admit it. I cried. a BIT. not much. really. though sorry, I dont' think I'll start a shrine. :D


I listened to the audio version of Austenland this past week. I reviewed it on my blog. Now I want to read the book again myself which is something I never do after I've listened to a book. I thought it was great fun and enjoyed it so much. It is our secret dream to glide around in elegant dresses for just a little while.


YAY! I just bought Austenland! I can't wait to dig in...Regency here we come!!
Sylvia x


Cam't wait to start reading it!!


I suppose there's nothing like informing your fans in order to get praise.


Aw Dante/Anon/Inferno, you are a barrel of fun. Thanks for the laughs.

Enna Isilee

There's nothing wrong with fishing for praise (even though I don't believe that's Shannon's goal). Sometimes you need a pick-me-up and if you have to get it like then then you do. If you deserve compliments you will get them, if you don't you won't. If you don't want to bit Dante then don't.


Dante--blogs were made for praise-fishing. :)

operaghost's bff

i loved Austenland.


This book was GREAT! I laughed so much throughout the story and my mom looked at me like I was crazy. Bravo! I must admit, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and other Austen books have probably ruined my future relationships as well. I wish there was such a place...maybe. (And this would make a great movie.)


I just finished Austenland- I was attracted to it at the bookstore because the cover and title are perfect! Then I read the inside flyleaf and was hooked. It was a great read! Perfect for staying up half the night while husband is out of town. ANYONE (including all the females in my extended family) who has ever been obsessed with the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice and Colin Firth will love this book, especially the line about the wet shirt; I've actually had that exact discussion with other women. Thanks for writing a clean, fun, funny and entertaining book that would definitely make a fun movie!

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