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May 03, 2007



That's a sweet, fun look at your personality - and your husband's. :o) Have a nice day with your normal pants and great family.


Congrats! Just in time for summer. (Whereas some of us are going to be large and pregnant all summer. Sigh.)




Lol, wow, this entry totally just made my day. :o)




I very much enjoyed this entry! Although, I have never been in that situation.

Enna Isilee

That deserves a chuckle, but why you love him I don't know. ;)

No, actually as... different as Dean is I can see him being lovable no matter what. In a strange way.


Ha ha. That's really funny. I know it must feel great to fit into your smaller size clothing. I tried on my summer clothes...I feel like a sausage. It is not that I'm fat, I'm just fatter than last summer. Sadly, I have no excuse. But your husband sounds incredibly sweet. And your son incredibly cool. Keep dancing!


Hee! Thanks for the laugh, Shannon. Too cute. Also, way to go on the pants! You know what's sad? That summer is the time when we are "supposed" to be all skinny and swimsuit-worthy, but with summer comes ice cream. There's something seriously wrong with that. :)


Ha ha. There IS something wrong with that. And I love the word "swimsuit-worthy." I hope you don't mind if I steal it. Ha ha.


Thats so sweet! "the widest".
I'm glad you're wereing your "normal size pants"!


Shape and form of an individual aren't important. Does being slightly round impede your ability to think or write? If it does not, there is no need to worry.


That's funny.


Awww. You should be proud of little Max... learning so much from Dean. Maybe one day Max'll have his very own blog with Microstory Monday and Friday Fives to brighten up your week. ;)


Yay! I know the feeling. I just lost 15 lbs! *happy dance* It's always lovely to fit into smaller sizes.

And also, this is why we read your blog. You're a normal person whom we're all just a little fan-crazy over. Normal life and everything. You just write books. That we all love. A lot.

Enna Isilee

Ya wanna know something dumb?

I was sitting on the bus and for some odd reason my brain began thinking of how you would put "halespawn" on a lisence plate. (for all of you who don't know the URL for the pictures shannon posts all have "halespawn") So I was thinking up combinations. The first one that came to mind was HALSPWN. But then I though "People would think that that said Heck Spawn" then I had a little "Aha!" moment. That's what it's supposed to be! It's a clever play on words! I even made a little noise of excitement and the people on the bus looked at me like I was crazy. But I was too proud of myself to notice.

Ok, so I am crazy. And slow. But what are ya gonna do?

Sorry, random thought.


Hooray for the pants dance!


Enna Isilee---
Sadly, I know exactly how you feel. But really I quite enjoy my clever stupidity. (ha ha). Stupid moment of the day: Someone said "I cook with my nose." (meaning, "I smell stuff, and if it smells good, I cook with it.") It took me twenty minutes to realize he wasn't talking about physically cooking with his nose. And I was going to skip dinner because all I could think of were little green stuff in my food. When I did realize, though, I just laughed. And then they gave me the Wow!-You've-reached-an-all-new-level-of-idiot look.....


Sorry...that should be a "was", not a "were."

Enna Isilee

I've been there Burning. I've been there.


I was ecstatic when that happened to me too, right around the time my daughter hit five or six months old.

Now, at nine months, she's getting heavy! It's my exercise...

I'm glad you've made it back to your "original size" so quickly. I think it's one of breastfeeding's best side-effects. :)


Burning and Enna Isilee--been there done that. I once told a long joke at a Communicators for Christ conference. It was a really long joke, with two funny parts. It wasn't until about a week after the conference that I finally got the joke. (And it doesn't help the cause any that I'm blond.)
Weeeel, anyway, that is so cute Shannon! And Max and Maggie are so adorable.


it's a wonderful type of wide. :) though *ahem* you really don't know wide until you've seen my friend's mom. twins is really wide. you could wear normal maternity clothes. she couldn't. :) yay! hopefully now pants will be easier to find! ( small hope for anyone in my family. >:( )


Perhaps I was not clear enough the last time. It matters less your physical appearance. Did being a few sizes bigger impede your psyche or creativity? If not, why do you worry so much? Inner beauty is much more important, you need not fear for your silhouette. It seem you are healthy and lissome, and it generally should continue to be that way, although more children will make your body more tired and more difficult to recover.


I have seen Shannon and she is tall and thin. Wide? Ha! Oh happy days.... in thin pants! Congratulations.


Bonnie, you've seen Shannon? Lucky thing.
Shannon, any chance you'll be coming to Southeastern Oklahoma? I didn't think so.

the opera ghost's best friend

Normal Pants!!!!!

Enna Isilee

Shannon has been the first Author I know that lives close by. It's fantastic and has totally spoiled me.


wow, i can't wait until i can wear normal pants again!!! i'm 35 weeks (due june 12) and i think i might be going to the hospital tonight!! my contractions are 3-5 minutes apart. (i've been having preterm labor since 26 weeks, and i just went off my medication for contractions last week...but these contractions are different, very strong.) i can't wait to meet my little boy........!!


Oh my goodness, Orangedragonfly! Good luck! :o)

Alyssa Goodnight

I'd still smack him. ;) And way to go on the pants!! That's big news!

shannon hale

Please tell us the happy news when your little one arrives, orangedragonfly! (dragonflies are my favorite insects)
And to clarify--I don't think there's anything wrong with being wide. My displeasure was not with my body but with not having anything to wear. None of my clothes have fit for so long!


Are you sure Dean wasn't asking, "Who's the wisest?"


that's great, shannon! keep up the dancing!


Smile smile smile smile! That's basically what I did when I read about the pants. I wonder what my mother would do if she overheard me saying something like that...Oops! Not a lovely thought :p


HaHa. Ah, but being wide from pregnancy is a sign of wisdom.;-) lol

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