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May 07, 2007



Congratulations on winning! That's such a cute way to tell you you won! I hope you can find a picture to post! (sorry that was way too many exclamation points)

Enna Isilee

I feel like crying. Seriously! I always get so happy for you Shannon! Yay!


that's wonderful!


See, it all depends on if you're a Good Public Cryer or an Ugly Public Cryer.

I am the latter. I try to avoid it at all costs.


Don't worry about crying. I cry all the time when I read sad books, and often I am reading in a public place. People are pretty used to it now. The worst was when I started sobbing in class. Anyway, congrats on the book! Princess Academy is one of the best books ever. I even named my rabbit after one of the characters. Sadly, the rabbit died. (And, no, I'm not crying about that.)


Awww, that's so sweet/wonderful. I would have cried for you, had I been there.

Congrats on PA's amazing success. You probably get tired of hearing this, but it really is an amazing book!


that's great! i love the burger king hats, that's a really sweet gesture. congrats on winning, that's a huge honor, and princess academy deserves it one hundred percent!


Wow! That is so sweet that everyone would do that! Princess Academy is a great book!! I love it!!

Katie M.

That's sweet! I voted for you.


Awesome way to win! Your book deserves it.


That is so very, very cool. I'm so happy for you! The crowns idea is genius. Were they the regular crowns, or like the Shrek Burger King Crowns? :) Pictures, please!

xuchele (your fan in australia)

oh my goodness! i wasn't prepared to get teary eyed myself shannon! congratulations! the book and the author deserve to win! :) hugs your way...

Callie the Strongbad Fan

How wonderful that is to win. Go Shannon! Congratulations!

Callie the Strongbad Fan

How wonderful that is to win. Go Shannon! Congratulations!


Thats great Shannon!! Out of all your books, I'd have to say it is my favourite.


why are you so surprised? of course they'd love it!


Congrats! I would have voted for you if I lived in Utah... but alas I do not. I think it is very sweet that you cried. I cry all the time, when I'm sad, when I'm happy... and I love to read about a person who crys in public- especially when it's my favorite author!


That is so awesome! You totally deserve it.


congratulations shannon!! how fun that they did that for you. :)

by the way, it was apparently false labor...the contractions completely stopped at about two this morning. it's so weird to not have contractions after nine solid weeks!! but i'm due five weeks from today, so it won't be long now. yay!!!


I'm not going to lie.

That's AWESOME! :o)



though *ahem* someone won't read PA that we all know....

and it's not me.


Wow! That's great Shannon. I would definitly vote for your books :D It's okay to cry in public, especially in your situation and I'm sure anyone else would feel the same way. It's so cool that you brought Maggie, too!


p.s. PA is one of my fav books EVER!!! thought you just might want to know...


Who among us won't read Princess Academy? They are seriously missing out. It is AMAZING! Whoever you are, it's your loss...your HUGE loss.

Heather Zundel

That is so wonderful Shannon. I am so happy for you. Princess Academy certainly deserved it. I have not been so attatched to such endearing and realistic characters in a long time. Again, kudos to you!

Alyssa Goodnight

Congratulations! I actually bought The Princess Academy at my 1st grade son's book fair to read myself. It's still on my stack, but I'm very much looking forward to it.


And who *ahem* won't read PA?


And who *ahem* won't read PA?


That's so GRANDTASTIC!!!!! PA definitely deserves it. It really is one of my favorite books. I'd say my VERY favorite, but I don't think that's very fair. I've read so many wonderful books... ANYWAY!!! I'll stop my ramblings. And I know exactly what you mean about the crying thing. It brings back memories... (I'm a very loud crier, and I ALWAYS cry in public!)

Your MOM! (Hahaahaha)

Rock on Shannon! All of my English teachers at my school have said that they love your books! Especially, PA and Enna! You're amazing! Congrats! /YM!


*claps loudly* Shannon, that brought me to tears. No joke.


I'm a librarian and I was actually there that night. I was a little confused when they handed us our crowns when we came in but it turned out great and I was so thrilled that you won and that I got to hear you speak.


The Burger King crowns are really sweet! I would have cried too and wore the crown proudly if I had been there. I'm a vegetarian and strongly disapproves burger joints but I love Miri with all my heart. Thank you for introducing her to us Shannon!


I volunteer in the media center at my chidren's Elementary School. All library books were due today. I shelved 4 copies of Princess Academy! I pestered the librarian earlier this year to get PA in our library. I didn't realize we had 4 copies! I've never seen more than one copy on the shelf, so that means people have been reading them! Yea!!!


Congratulations^^ Personally, my favorite book of yours was Goose Girl... there was something about it that was simply enchanting (please ignore the pun)
It remains one of my favorite books.
The Princess Academy was also impressive, and I really grew to love Miri- so far I've yet to read River of Secrets


That's awesome! Princess Academy totally deserves it.


Congrats! Can't help but wonder what they'll put on their heads when B1000 wins...

Dante (A.)

I suppose congratulations, although Burger King crowns are rather cheesy. Nevertheless, you should be proud. Did you get to win a coronet or something? Cry as much as you wish. Laureate authors get to do that.


Do you have to be so very pessimistic, Dante? You totally just killed the moment. Completely. Cheesy, maybe. Touching, yes!

Emily M.

Hey, Shannon, did you know that the Wall Street Journal listed Austenland as a book to look for this summer? They didn't do a full profile on it, sadly, but it was on their list of books to watch out for. (It's on my list too :-) )


Ha...it's on their "books to watch otu for list." It sounds like "Watch out, this book is armed and dangerous. This murderous book escaped from Alcatrez two weeks ago...so be on your guard, lock your doors at night, and never go out alone (especially to a bookstore)."


nice, Burning. Congrats, Shannon!


Congrats on winning! Thats so awsome that Princess Acadamy won! But I'm not surprised, its a princess book with a kick.


Congrats on winning! Thats so awsome that Princess Acadamy won! But I'm not surprised, its a princess book with a kick.


Congratulations! Princess Academy is on the Young Readers Choice Award list for next year in the Pacific Northwest--I've stocked up on copies and have already had several eager awards-readers checking it out, including some boys.


I'm sure Maggie was rejoicing silently with you too! That was super sweet...


I just wanted to say that PA was very well-deserving for that award! No one had read PA before in the school at which I had student taught, so I'm excited to hear it'll most likely be more available in schools now!

Anyhoo, the real reason of this comment. I read PA to my second graders, and they were enthralled. ESPECIALLY the boys (which bewildered me to no end as well). I was estatic each day when they cried for more reading (because obviously, I'd stop at a pinnacle point). They loved it so much I could hear a caterpillar move when I read to them. It was wonderful. :) Of course, it boosts my oh-so-swelling book-choosing teacher confidence that kids will like what I already love. haha

Congrats! Looking forward to Austenland coming out next week.

Best wishes,
Chelsea :)


Aww, that's kinda cute... And cool at the same time.....
And a bit mental....
I didn't know there were SO MANY crazy people in Utah, I thought I was one of the only silly/crazy/mental ones here!
Of course, all us readers are like that.

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