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January 01, 2007



she's beautiful! congratulations.


She is perfect! You must love her to death. I am so happy for you and your family!!! How is Max responding to little Maggie? Awwww, she's so cute!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. I love love love love love the name you gave her!!!! So orginal and pretty!


Congratulations Shannon and Dean and Max and new little Magnolia! That looks like a smile in the first photo-it's promising that she's appearing to start the good stuff so soon. You mention chocolates-I've got to get you some that I make! Jessica is currently reading Enna Burning again.


awww...she's lovely!! congratulations!! and her name is perfect, good choice. :)

Enna Isilee

OH my gosh look at that hair! Ha Ha! She's gorgeous! The 30th is my dad's birthday.

We were all freaking out Shannon! Congrats! I'm so excited!

P.S. Magnolia, what a cool name!

Enna Isilee

P.P.S. Now your kids are M&M!

Enna Isilee

P.P.S. Now your kids are M&M!


CONGRATULATIONS! She is such a beautiful, gorgeous baby! I'm so happy for you guys!


Oh, CONGRATULATIONS SHANNON!!!!!:) She's so cute!!! What does Max think?


That's my younger brother's birthday! He was born at 4 a.m,1999. I was think this morning you might name her an M name like Megan or something, I love Magnolia. Definitely out of the ordinary :)
Happy Chocolate Eating, you deserve it.


CONGRATULATIONS! i wish you and magnolia well. and of course max and dean too.
magnolia is a beautiful name.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! She is so cute! Magnolia is such a gorgeous name!


What a doll. She's adorable! I like the name!


Oh, she is really beautiful. Congratulations. Best wishes to you all. Babies are the best!


I'll just say ditto to everyone's entries, because I agree with them all! And thanks much for posting so soon after she was born. Whew! I bet you're real excited being a mom of two, and I'm sure Max completely loves her! BLESSINGS AND CONGRATS!


Congratulations!! She is so cute!!

Enna Isilee

It just seems so strange that a large belly can turn into such a wonderful little girl. Strange in a good way I guess.



some random person

Amazing, you were right about the weight. Enjoy your chocolate and congratulations Mrs. Hale, I am very happy for you :D


oh,P.S., forgot to say that you picked the absolutely perfect name. I thought Magnolia was a kind of flower? Cause she sure is a flower!


Absolutely adorable! And I do have to kind of brag that I almost predicted the time--if only I had said AM instead of PM. ;) Congratulations to you, Dean, and Max. I *love* the name-prefect and sassy!


Faith-Yes, Magnolias are a type of flower, which require relatively warm, moist climates. I hope that the baby blossoms as beautifully as its namesake. As I have remarked before, I think I like Magnolia to Maggie. Nicknames make your real name seem cheap and superflous. The child will choose her preference when she is older. I bet her middle name comes from the author Jane Austen.


Awwwwwwwww!!!!! She is absolutely adorable!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Sam fr Australia

Congratulations Shannon, Dean and Max and welcome to the world Magnolia Jane. I'll bet you'll be a sassy girl for sure! Thank you for sharing the photos :)


O happy day!
Callooh! Callay!

Congratulations to the doting daddy, the magnificent mommy, and the brilliant big brother.

We love you already, Maggie J!


I remember the words of my mother where it tried explains with love the first days of my life… "I'll never forget the moment you were born. Out pushed your head covered with wet and shiny hair... Everyone was so happy and so excited to meet you at last !"
Congratulation! To write does a novel and to put at the world a child… Exist other thing of more marvellous on ground?

Elizabeth Dulemba

What a Sweetie!! Congratulations!!


She is so sweet! I love the name Maggie! And I like that it's a nickname. She and Max are pretty close in age, or aren't they? Two of my cousins (and two of my sisters) were born close to 18 months apart from each other and have been great buddies for each other, so that would be good. But then again, they were the same gender. I hope she likes having a big brother. I have sometimes wished for one.


Oh my goodness!
She is so perfect and beautiful!
I think she is winking in ont of those pics. ^^
I love the name you gave her, I think it suits her wonderfully!
Congrats again Shannon!


Aww! Shannon, she is SOOO CUTE!!! Magnolia is a great name; it's so original, and Maggie is going to be a perfect nickname!!!

GO CHOCOLATE! Eat as much as you want!


What a beautiful baby girl! And such a lovely name too! Oh my! I'm so very happy for you all! I'm sure she has many adventures ahead of her.
Lots of love to you both!


Oh, what a little baby beauty! Congrats, Shannon!


What a cutie! And she's got quite a head of hair, too. (more than my nephew, I'll tell you that much!)
Hmm...Magnolia. It's kind of exotic, almost, like Jasmine. Pretty. :)


Beautiful baby, beautiful name, beautiful mama. Congratulations, and don't hold back on the chocolate. You deserve it!


Congrats Shannon!! She truly is gorgeous! (And is it just me, or does she look a bit sassy? =) I'm in love with that name... Magnolia! It's beautiful! Once again, congrats!


This is wondeful! Congrats. She is adorable.

How's Max liking her?


She's beautiful! Congratulations! And she was born on time for tax deductions! I was a few days late and missed it and my dad still goes on about it every now and then, but I do share my birthday with Tolkien. May this new blessing bring you happiness for many years to come!


Another "congratulations" is coming your way! The name Magnolia Jane beautifully fits such a gorgeous child. Hugs and joy to you and your family.


congratulations! I'm sure Max is soooo excited to be a big brother, and I LOVE the name!!!! Well, get your rest and congrats again!

Anne Marie

that's so exciting! Cool name; not too common. Have lots of fun with your new baby!


Oh, Shannon, what a beautiful baby - just like her mama! I am so happy for you. Magnolia is such a pretty name, too, and I love it! She looks so alert & happy, and look at that gorgeous head of hair! Get plenty of rest and don't hold back on the chocolates!! :)


About chocolate-Do you want Queen of Sheba cake, Chocolate Log, fudge, chocolate creme pie, or cookies? Or something else chocolate? I will find your name in the Salt Lake City Phonebook or elsewhere and send it to you. Might be rather stale by the end of the journey. I might send it express mail, though. Just remembered to ask.


Yes! I will help. If you don't want help I will send her chocolates myself. Or I mat send you a ton of chocolate, Shannon. Odds are that some of it will still taste good. And a question- is Magnolia sassy? And does max like her? Of course he does, forget that. You have to love any baby called Magnolia. The hair is perfect. My sister begged to see the pictures of her, and my mom said she was a cutie. And is she ever!


AW!!! she is so cute! Corgratz Shannon! wow im sooooo exited! Im sure Max luvs her. I know all of us a sqeetus love her (even if we havent met her!). What a pretty name too. How did you choose? well it doesnt matter how because i think its perfect! Once again congratz!!!!


That is one cute baby! I think that the name is a little weird, but then it is your baby.


She's adorible!!! I bet you're so proud.
I like the name Magnolia. I think its a good deal more interesting than somthing like Kate or Anne or Megan. (that one always bugs me....)

GOod to see she's doing well!! and dig into the chocolates!!! You deserve it,.

Lauren A.

Congrats on the beautiful baby girl... love the name. Indulge in chocolates and enjoy this little bundle of joy (sorry for the cliche, everyone...) :)


Melody-I'm glad someone else noticed the tax deduction like I mentioned in the last blog. I was hoping Shannon and Dean would get that added bonus.

I'm envious of all that hair on Magnolia. My children never had that much at the start plus she's got such a cute little face and those adorable bright eyes! (Shannon, are they blue or brown eyes? Jessica started out with brown but the other two started out with blue and then they changed.)

Of course, we'd all think Shannon's baby was cute no matter what she looked like but it's wonderful that everyone is finding great things to talk about.


Congratulations! She's absolutely gorgeous!

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