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  Choosing a title

This book's title was a real bugger to pin down. My publisher wasn't excited about my original title, City of Rivers, and suggested I think of a new one, which I was willing to do, of course, because titles are so important and you want just the right one. Well, it was quite a process. Here's a list of some of the titles we brainstormed. Some were jokes, some were too ridiculous to even consider, but many we rolled across our tongues again and again for months. I put asteriks next to the ones I took most seriously.

*City of Seven Rivers
A Spy in the City of Rivers
The Mystery of the Bodies Burned
*River Spy
Razo's Story
Spy in the City
Fire, Water, and Razo
Ambassador Spy
*The Captain's Spy
War Scout, Peace Spy
Spying on Tira
The Murderer and the Spy
The Spy and the River Girl
Razo and the River Girl
Spy with a Sling
*Slinger Spy
Spy in the South
*Tree Rat
Jester, Slinger, Soldier, Spy
Spy Me A River
To Spy A Shadow In The Sun (MacBeth)
The Perfect Spy of the Time (MacBeth)
Upon This City As A Spy (Tempest)
Forest's Son, City's Spy
*Bayern's Own
Razo's Own
Agent of The Crown
Southern Spy
*Uncertain Spy
Spy Havoc!, And let slip the Squirrels of War
A Single Spy
Spying Far from Home
Spying for Fire
A Handful of Stones
Secret Spy
A Stone's Throw
Rivers and Fire
*The Powerless Spy (this one was suggested by a student in the UK)
The Unexpected Spy
*Spying Fire (eventually, this became my second runner up and is echoed in the opening poem)
*River Secrets
*Water Secrets
Northern Spy
The Sling and the Sword
*Unlikely Spy
*A Slinger and a Spy

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