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I received a call from the UK branch of my book publisher, asking me to come to the UK to promote princess academy. Very cool. Part of the conversation went something like this:

UK publicist: "We thought we might do a princess party and send out the invitations as though inviting the guests to attend the princess academy. But would you feel comfortable wearing a tiara to the party?"

Me: "Would I feel comfortable wearing a tiara to the party? When wouldn't I feel comfortable wearing a tiara?"

She also wondered if I could write some tips on becoming a princess, based on the story in the book. They made postcards with these tips on them, which some of you may have seen:

How to Be a Princess

  • Learn to walk with a boot on your head
  • Put on your favorite dress
  • Read books after everyone else has gone to bed
  • Memorize all the rules
  • Break the rules
  • Save your friends from uncertain danger
  • And, most importantly, just be a girl

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