Books: palace of stone
  We went through A LOT of title ideas. This represents a list of pretty much every title my editor Victoria, my husband Dean, and I proposed. I starred the ones that at one point I thought would be the final title. Some are, of course, a joke.

Ladies of the Princess
*Lady of the Princess
The Princess's Lady
The Princess's Friend
Miri and the Princess
*Lady Miri
*Queen's Castle
Queen Academy
Royal Academy
*The Robber Princess
Princess of Thieves
The Girl in the Princess's Dress
The Girl in the Princess Gown
A Most Loyal Friend
The Most True Friend
A Most True Friend
*Crown Breaker
Traitor to the Princess
Close to Traitor
Miri of the Mountain, Miri of the Town
Mountain Girl, City Girl
Honor to the Princess
Dishonorable Princess
No Princess of Ours
To Befriend a Princess
Friend to the Princess
A Royal Friendship
Best Friend to the Princess
Loyal to the Princess
The Princess and the Goat Girl
Goat Girl in the Castle
Girl in the City
oat Girl in the City
Open Sky Girl
Mountain Girl
Mountain Girl in the City
Agent of Change
Revenge of the Mountain Goats
Mountain Girl
Miri's Revolution
Secrets in Stone
*Palace of Stone
*Miri of Mount Eskel
Miri of the Mountain
Princess Proletariat
Princess Revolutionary
Princess Academic
Revolution Academy
The Party Princess (trick em! They'll think you mean fun, but you're really talking Marx)
Poise and Power
Poise and Freedom
A Flower in Asland
Revolution's Flower
Lessons in Treason
Friendship and Treason
And inevitably, Frenemy of the State

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